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  1. I love Narnia- and I have to admit, until recently I never noticed the Christian influence until much later in my childhood. This is especially terrible coming from a raised-catholic child. But I'm an atheist now and I still love it. Also my favourite Narnia story was the Horse and his Boy.

  2. This is a really long opinion.Okay,this is me speaking from my own experience only having read and seen the movie for The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. I read the book and I still a nerdy kid but found it too confusing to decide to read the other books and thus never really interested in to taking the time to see the movies without having read the books, so I don't thing I've seen enough to say I'm a huge Narnia fan, because Ive barely seen any Narnia.Maybe I should read them now? Anyway, I think this is overall the best adaptation of a book I've seen so far. I never realized why I had such an attraction to all the weird craziness but seriousness of the characters until now. It's because it has the great setting,great characters with a a good story with all the unusualness of Alice in Wonderland.I actually think that's the main reason ,that's what I always wanted Alice in Wonderland to have, a good story with a good moral. Also,it has what I overall look for in a movie and not simple.It's perfectly complicated without being confusing. And everything that happens in the film is exactly how I imagined it in my head. Peter struggles but is still what you expect in a good leader.Susan is smart and sensible and at times annoying, but she means well.Edmund is a clever, sometimes mean and decieving, trickster, but in the end learns lessons and throughout they show the possibility of a good heart, so you know why you aren't rooting for him to be punished. And Lucy is Lucy.Sweet,Smart, and Innocent, but not Naive or overall stupid. Ok, that was just as long as I promised.Please keep the comments positive and opinion based.

  3. Think you can do a review for Voyage of the Dawn Treader? Sure its not Disney but its still part of the series.

  4. FUN FACT at 5th I actually read the book and watch the movie also. Did you guys also watch it at school too?

  5. Oh, so that's why Aslan "left and will some day return."
    Honestly, I didn't think much about that, only his crucifixion.

  6. "It made sense to go to a story that was also a bit more kid-oriented"

    Huge Bloody-Ass Battle in the background

  7. Wow… a series inspired by religious text by a deeply devout Christian references the Bible…

    Who'd'a thunk it? lol – not trying to be rude or snotty. Just… duh? I mean, if you go into this expecting all the biblical overtones to have been removed… just… wow lol

  8. Tilda Swinton knocked it out of the park as the White Witch. I think my favourite scene from her is when she stabs Edmund. She didn't need to say a word. Just look at her expression and you'll know what pure, unrestrained hatred looks like.

    Plus, I noticed that Doug didn't bash Liam Neeson in this movie. I've never had a problem with Liam Neeson but normally Doug complains that he has a monotone voice. I don't know if Doug is even aware that Liam voiced Aslan or if he didn't want to admit that Liam did a great job since he bashes him so often but either way, it's nice that he didn't use the opportunity to make another jab.

  9. This was my favorite movie as a child and I have to say every time I hear that music especially while watching the finale battle I get this swell of happiness that just comes over me and makes me beyond happy

  10. Damn this movie was HUGE, I couldnt go anywhere without seeing something related to this damn series after this movie appeared, I also got really sick of hearing the movie brought up in Church, as a kid the allegory was obvious, now that I am older (And no longer religious) the allegory is honestly kind of obnoxious.

  11. To me the thing that made this film was the soundtrack. It hits on so many levels and really turns what is a rather average film into a great 1. I could listen to it for hours.

  12. While I did prefer the books I still loved this and Prince Caspian as they were both really good adaptations. I was really disappointed with Voyage of the Dawn Tredder though, that changed too much and just made a mess.

    I still wish they had made the other books into movies though.

  13. "If you thought the religious symbolism in LOTR was over the top"?
    It's funny because Tolkien wrote LOTR intending /not/ to include religious symbolism. All of it was actually on accident.

  14. The first was one of the best adaptations I've ever seen. The second was alright, not great, but not bad. (Gave too much time to non-existent romances and The White Witch.) The third can fuck off and die.

  15. They really should've done the movies in the original order of the books, with The Magician's Nephew first. Seeing the creation of Narnia and the Witch's home plane would've been awesome, and of course they could've set up a major plot point with The Deplorable Word.

  16. Saw it 4 times all 3 of the movies. I just love Narnia so much. Prince Caspian I signed a tad in the castle scene but that's just me. The Voyage at first I was put off by it but when I went back and re-read the book I realized that book couldn't be a movie if it was done as a purist version. It didn't have enough of an overarching story to be a movie so I was able to forgive Walden Media's changes. I felt like the movies kept the heart and spirit of the books I was very impressed. Can't wait to see Silver Chair (one of my favourites) now that the moratorium is done and Lewis Estate is finishing up pre-production…probably just 1 more year tongo

  17. Can anyone explain what religious symbolism was in the Lord of the Rings? If you read Tolkien’s creation myth, it’s obvious he derived a lot of it from the Hebrew creation myth, especially Catholic interpretations and additions to it. I just don’t see much of that in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

  18. I adore this movie. As for your criticism of Peter's arc, it's actually done correctly. Not being sure of yourself at first is to be expected (it happened in Prince Capian too). He does eventually lead the Narnian army in battle, and has a lot of success, despite the terrible opposition.

  19. I grew up reading the Narnia books (ironically not noticing the religious symbolism for many, many years), but was frankly always disappointed in the movies (not helped by the fact the remaining films seem to be in eternal development hell). Not quite as disappointing as some of the Harry Potter films if you're a book fan, but still pretty subpar compared to the original material. That being said, it's not really fair to call Peter bland in the movie considering… he's pretty bland in the books too. If anything, the movies tried to make him at least a little more interesting.

  20. My single issue with the first one was the sense of scale was wrong. Narnia wasn't a huge realm, but the portrayal of it in the film made it seem smaller than my hometown of Pemberton, NJ. For instance, it took HOURS for Edmund to get to the Witch's castle, and the castle could not be seen so easily from anywhere near the Beavers' home.

    But then came "Prince Caspian"… the changes they made were stupid. In fact, they actually did something (attacking Miraz' castle) which Peter SPECIFICALLY avoided doing in the book when the suggestion was made because he knew there was no way it would work and would be a disaster… which is what happened in the film. Wow. Way to go movie. And they had Aslan kill some people. Nope. He only ever killed the Witch in the books. Totally ruined not only the symbolism, but the character overall.

  21. I went through a phase of being obsessed with this movie. Every now and then I'll still say "I can't" in Peter's British accent hehe

  22. Don't forget the amazing score by Harry Gregson-Williams. Incredibly beautiful and epic, still listen to it today.

  23. I read all the books (I have to re-read them because I was 4) but this is one of favorite movie.

  24. I say you should do a nostalgia critic review on this movie Doug. Would love to see your view on this underrated fantasy classic

  25. This improved on the book in several ways.

    1) Edmund. The conflict with Peter is laid out at the start. With their father away at war, Peter thinks he had to be the man of the house, and Edmund doesn't like that he's replacing their dad and bossing him about. It makes the betrayal more believable, and the reconcilliation more heartwarming. Compare that to the book where Edmund is a jerk mostly for the sake of it, except for some off-hand comment about him going to a boarding school which had made him go bad.

    2) The Beavers – Dear god, Ray Winstone and Dawn French knock it out of the park. They turn what were basically walking pieces of exposition into real characters.

    3) The red fox replacing the tea party. In the book, Santa Claus gifts a group of talking animals gifts, and they have a tea party. Jadis finds them, with Edmiund in tow, and in a fit of rage at the fact that Santa has been there (showing her spell is breaking) turns them to stone. Nothing more is said about them, except mention that they will stay there until their faces wear away. It's a random piece of cruelty that just exists and is never resolved.

    In the movie, this narrative slot is taken up by the fox, who is doing the secret agent shtick for Aslan. In this case, he's used as leverage to get Edmund to spill important information, and at the end, we see he's been restored. It actually becomes plot relevant, rather than just a way of showing Jadis is the bad guy.

  26. Fun Fact: According to CS Lewis himself, TLWW was not supposed to be an allegory of Christian beliefs. It was supposed to be a "What would God do in a different universe if sin took place there?"

    Yea, sorry Jack, an allegory is easier for us to wrap our heads around.

  27. Ill never forget that I watched the animated version of this as a kid. The scene where Aslan is killed gave me nightmares for WEEKS. I was watching it late one night and ran into my moms room in tears because of it. Love these movies though 🙂

  28. I personally didnt like the movie that much but i think its because i got spoiled with too many great books/shows with complicated plots and also i was older than the age demographic when i first saw it

  29. I'm not willing to listen to the opinions of a guy who doesn't get the basics of storytelling that are instinctive even to children.

  30. Was anyone else forced to watch this movie in church as a kid? No? Okay, I guess my childhood sucked.

  31. Anyone wishes disney did the sylmarillion? (or the children of hurin, I haven't read that book, but if it's anything like the chapter about turin the sylmarillion, I'd love it)

  32. Instead of Hollywood pointlessly “remaking” all these Disney Classics (ie. fixing what isn't broken) , what about dedicating time, money, energy, & effort to make the rest of the NARNIA books into movies? 😮❓📚

  33. Tilda Swinton as The White Witch was fucking great. James McAvoy as Mr Tumnus is great. And of course Liam Neeson as Aslan is awesome.

  34. I remember this movie when I was in elementary school, it was a big deal. I learned about it at school, saw an animated movie in class and read some of the books, my class even offered a weekend field trip to see the movie. I didn’t see the movie til it came to dvd but I can’t for the life of me remember what the movie was about

  35. This movie plays a big part of my childhood. Growing up i always wanted to be like peter. Strong, but kind to those around him. Determined, but not arrogant. And always wanting to do what's right.

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