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CHRONICLES OF NARNIA Fan Film (English Subtitles, In Spanish)

CHRONICLES OF NARNIA Fan Film (English Subtitles, In Spanish)

“We all have our own unique hero’s journey ahead of us”
– Joseph Campbell The Chronicles of Narnia “The Queen and the Tower of Time” Once upon a time there was a girl who entered
into a wondrous story. It all started in a house. Inside a room. Until she magically ventured into a new world. And she journeyed on and on and on Through distant lands and epic adventure Until she safely made it to our Camp. – Princess, welcome at last! Your majesty! Princess, you must now face
The Tower of Time! And now, get ready! Way to go, Princess! Friends, the time has come to crown a young girl who has successfully met the challenges of her early years with skill, courage and much love Today enlightened by experience, love
and new interests she is ready to take the next step. Queen Paloma! We salute you! Happy Birthday! (The Star) (The Producer) (The Director) The End

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