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Clean Scratched Otterbox Defender Plastic with Meguiars Plastx

Clean Scratched Otterbox Defender Plastic with Meguiars Plastx

So I bought this stuff called PlastX. I saw some guy on YouTube cleaning a boat window with it, and I bought it for my boat, but at the same time I have a this iPhone I’m using here, It’s got an Otterbox on it, and the plastic was really scratched up on that. So I thought I’ll try a little bit on that, and it worked quite well. It’ll get me another two or three months or maybe even longer if I do it more often on this Otterbox, which, the rest of it was not too bad, so there’s just too many scratches from being in the pocket. What it did was, it didn’t remove the scratches but it took the dirt out of them, so you can see it a little better. So now I’m going to try it on my iPad mini Otterbox cover, which is also full of dirt and scratches, and not very clear. You can see that. So we’ll see what it’s like. So I put a little dab of it onto paper towel here, and I rubbed it in, and it took quite a bit of dirt off. You can see there, the dirt. And I’ve got a masking tape on here so I’m not really sure if it’ll show how different the cleaning is on this, but you can see, it’s quite a bit sharper there. It’s still got the nicks in it. I’ll just take that out, So what we’ll do is we’ll turn it on I guess, over in the shade here. and see if it looks better. You can’t see anything there, You can’t see a real difference, but it does fix it up a little bit, and oh, I’ve got my screen turned way down. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

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