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Coach Moose And His Hockey Team Need Help! | Cartoon For Kids

Coach Moose And His Hockey Team Need Help! | Cartoon For Kids

(xylophone music) (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Mr. Monkey, monkey mechanic, was ironing his favorite banana
shirt, when all of a sudden, the garage bell rang.
(bell rings) Who could it be? It’s Coach Moose and his hockey
team, the Junior Rangers. – Hey there, Mr. Monkey,
how you doin’ today? – Just fine, how are you? – Pretty good, pretty good. Well actually, we were
rarin’ to go until we ran into a bit of a problem, aye. – Oh no, what happened? – Well, we were in town
to play a big hockey game down at the lake. It’s frozen, you know. But wouldn’t you know it,
it’s the darnedest thing. The ice is too darn bumpy to skate on. My Junior Rangers were
trippin’ all over the place. Can ya fix it? – Gee, I’m, I’m sorry, Coach Moose, but I’m not sure I can. I’m a mechanic, I fix vehicles, not ice. – Ah, there’s gotta be somethin’
you can do, Mr. Monkey. It just break their little
hearts if they can’t play. I mean, just look at ’em. They just love hockey so darn much. – [Narrator] Hmm, how can
Mr. Monkey fix the ice? Off to his work bench. Let’s see. The Junior Rangers were trying
to skate on a frozen lake but the ice was too bumpy to skate on. They want the ice to be smooth, so they can skate on it without tripping. Mr. Monkey needs to figure out how to make the ice less bumpy. What’s another word for bumpy? I know, wrinkly. When a shirt is wrinkly,
an iron uses heat and steam to smooth it out. Mr. Monkey has an idea, but
he’ll need some supplies. He needs five tea kettles,
one folding table, a bunch of nuts and bolts, and of course, his trusty monkey wrench. First, Mr. Monkey fills
the tea kettles with water, then he heats up the water. – Ooh, some hot tea sure would
be lovely right about now. Sure is cold out there, Mr. Monkey. – [Narrator] Mr. Monkey
flips the folding table over, then he bends the legs. – Not ready yet. – [Narrator] Mr. Monkey bolts
the table to the snowmobile. (kettles whistling) Then Mr. Monkey fastens the
steam kettles to the table. – So, that’s a no on the tea then, eh? Ooh, thank you. – [Narrator] All done. – Oh wow, gee, look at
that there, Mr. Monkey, um, what, what is it? – Come on, I’ll show you. – So you want me to drive
out there on the lake? – It’s completely frozen. That flag means it’s
okay to go on the ice. – Alrighty then, let’s see if this works. How’s she lookin’ back there, Mr. Monkey? – Smooth, it’s smoothing
out all the bumps, just like an iron smooths out wrinkles. – Oh boy, that is just so darn fantastic. Okay there, Junior Rangers,
I want a nice, clean game. No bitin’, lookin’ at you, Billy. No elbow throwin’, that’s you, Sally. Get out there and hit the ice. Wow, look at ’em go. The ice is so smooth! They’re not trippin’ or
wipin’ out or nothin’. Thank you so much for
your help, Mr. Monkey. You saved the game. – [Narrator] Another satisfied customer. And with that, it’s time for
Mr. Monkey to get back to, it’s time for Mr. Monkey to have some fun! Game on! (upbeat music) – [Child] Woo!

6 thoughts on “Coach Moose And His Hockey Team Need Help! | Cartoon For Kids”

  1. As a Canadian, I must object to this devastatingly accurate portrayal of the Canadian accent on the grounds that it hits a little too close to home.

    We'll be lodging a formal complaint.

  2. Coach Moose And His Hockey Team: It looks like Coach Moose and his hockey team need help. They drop into Mr. Monkey’s garage with a problem – they’re in town for a big hockey game but they can’t skate on the lake. Mr Monkey doesn’t fix ice. Mr Monkey to the rescue! (2 ep 4)

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