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Cosplay Diaries Entry #1 Dennis Castor

Cosplay Diaries Entry #1 Dennis Castor

Music Hello, Good Morning, I am Dennis Castor From Samal, Bataan, 43 (years old) I am a cosplayer, artist, painter, sculptor, sketch artist. Dennis joined as Necromorph in Ozine (cosplay) competition in SM Megamall Where he won as the first prize Dennis: Actually I was just expecting a consolation prize So I can just get an extra money for the entrance fee. I was really suprised I got picked first prize I did not expect that because I say their skits and they were all great. Dennis crafts his costumes by himself. Dennis mostly uses “scrap materials” in making his costumes. Just like his Necromorph costume from the game Dead Space. The mechanics, I made by trial and error, which if does work I do again. Or I’ll make a template first and try it out if it doesn’t work I do it again. So, that is why it took two months for me to finish it. I didn’t really know what I was doing.It’s like I am guessing? But it works! Yet, despite being happy with what he does as an artist. He admits that he often feel depressed. Sometimes I experience depression when I am not able to create something great. or there are failures either about job and school before. In my observation, my depression doesn’t really need a trigger Sometimes it automatically visits me on times I wasn’t expecting. You’re having a really good day then around afternoon I start getting depressed for no reason. I live with my mother So, most days i spent only at home. I don’t get to hangout with friends much However, Dennis deals with his depression by expressing himself through art. The only way that I found effective coping mechanism is when I keep making things, like, costumes, artworks, sketches or or anything that can take my mind off depression. I need my mind to be active that there is no way for depression to sink in. Dennis also said that going to cosplay
conventions make him so happy. One way that lessen my depression is when I make friends/ new friends… and the best way to do that is to go to convention what I like about conventions is you get to meet new people, you get to meet old friends you met in cosplay community as well. what people does is usually they take pictures of you and they like my costume. Add me up on facebook/ then on next conventions we get to meet again So its actually a fun way to make new friends and broaden your network on social media at socializing. Aside from cosplaying and making arts there is also one thing that makes him happy. This is by teaching me and my friends from guhit pinas in Bataan if you are going to ask me what is in it for me when I teach. Why do I do it?It’s because I experienced in elementary and high school. I have tried looking for book/references, mentors I have nothing Internet was not a thing during that time. There are no resources for information about art. So I thought since I wasn’t able to get a mentor before and now that I know things.I might as well give back to the community.

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