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Creepy Invader Zim Theories That Change Everything

Creepy Invader Zim Theories That Change Everything

5 CREEPY Invader Zim Theories
Since Invader Zim debuted on Nickelodeon in 2001, the show has garnered rave reviews and
immense popularity for its unconventional storyline and treatment of the extraterrestrial
in modern television. Despite its early cancellation (which, by
the way, was not well-received by its multitude of worldwide fans), the show was recognized
for its great production, actually receiving an Emmy Award, an Annie Award, and was nominated
for several other prestigious awards. Although the show had only aired for two seasons
(or more like one-and-a half seasons, given that the second one was marked by controversy
since it was uncompleted), the show has been considered one of the leading cult classics
of 21st century television shows. As to whether the show’s creator Johnen Vasquez
expected that it would have gained such a steady following even after its serendipitous
cancellation, that, like a lot of the series content, remains shrouded in mystery. What Vasquez definitely knew was that his
show would have turned a lot of heads, most of which wouldn’t be for the right reason. The show got criticized for some of the dark
and almost evil-like content it portrayed. After all, you can imagine that a story about
an extraterrestrial wanting to take over Earth wouldn’t augur well with most. Because of the show’s morbid and spooky content,
many theories have surfaced over the years which give a frightening feel to an already
scary-enough show. I’m Kyle with WickedBinge. And these are our 5 CREEPY Invader Zim Theories. Dr. Membrane Experimented On His Children
It’s undeniable that Dib is leagues ahead of most of his colleagues at school. He’s extremely intelligent, a wiz with computers,
and gets nearly perfect scores in all of his tests. How exactly does one adolescent boy become
so smart, especially given that hardly anyone in his age group can barely be compared to
him intellectually? And what’s up with Gaz’s almost robotic behavior? From this logic, the school of thought was
born that Dib’s father, Dr. Membrane, experimented on his two children Dib and Gaz, scientifically
enhancing specific aspects of them which make them, in a sense, superhuman. To explain, it’s not exactly a far-fetched
idea that Dr. Membrane may have scientifically improved Dib. The chief reason is that Dib, as mentioned
before, is incredibly intelligent. Dr. Membrane is an extremely proud man: he
considers himself to be one of the most important people on Earth. As a result, it would make sense that his
son should live up to the Membrane’s family legacy, something which the Dr. has stated
in one of the show’s episodes. Consequently, Dr. Membrane operating on his
son to make him smarter starts to be believable. Gaz isn’t exactly the most normal of children
either. She has absolutely no empathy, is extremely
adept at repairing extraterrestrial ships, and religiously follows all orders issued
by her father. Could Gaz have been modified by her father
to be a walking robot? Seems possible, don’t you think? Irkens Are Controlled By Their PAKS
Apart from their almost innate desire to conquer the galaxy, not much is known about Irken
lifeforms, let alone how they operate. We do know, however, that PAKS are crucial,
integral parts of Irken creatures, so much so that some have been led to believe that
the PAKS actually control the Irken race. Ok, hold your horses: we know it can be a
little too much to swallow at first, but hear us out. Maybe, just maybe, PAKS were forcefully introduced
upon the Irkens at some point in the past in order to control them, turning them into
mindless beings. We know that PAKS have the power to control
an Irken’s entire existence: just look at when Zim’s PAKS were reconfigured, turning
him into a fry cook. The devices are managed remotely by a central
artificial intelligence. Maybe it was another extraterrestrial race
which developed this technology and gave it to the Irkens in order to enslave them. Who knows? We definitely will never know considering
that it’s been years since the show’s been cancelled. Irkens Reproduce Orally
Probably one of the more bizarre (and quite frankly, grossest) theories out there about
this show is that Irkens procreate through their mouths. We really hope that you weren’t eating anything
while you heard that. We’ll give you time to go vomit your life
out and join us again. Seriously, there is some merit to this theory. Irkens at present, are creatures made, shaped,
and formed from technology. However, prior to the advent of technology
in the Irken world, they had to have reproduced biologically. This is assuming that Irkens aren’t created
by some other freak alien-species which ws too shy for whichever reason to make an appearance
on the show. The creator of the show stated that Irkens
did not have reproductive organs, something which is compounded upon in the short (but
sweet) episodes in the series. That said, because the squeedily spooch is
a super-organ, it has various functions. One of those functions is believed to be for
procreation. How does this tie into the Irken’s mouth? The only accessible point to the squeedily
spooch is the mouth. There you have it folks: a who, a what, a
why, and a How gross! Professor Membrane Is An Irken
Given that Professor Membrane’s character is constantly shrouded in mystery and eeriness,
it will come as no surprise that he’s the subject of many speculative theories. The most alarming of these theories is that
he’s actually an Irken. Ok, maybe it’s not that alarming: we are dealing
with a pretty weird show as it is already. Still, how do some come up with something
like that? Pretty simple, actually. Firstly, the theory that he’s plain and outright
not human is because the Dr. is extremely intelligent. Now would be a fitting time to say that Earthlings
did not fully know the true extent of intelligence until they met Professor Membrane. Even the scientists with whom he works can’t
hold a candle to this man’s sheer brilliant brain. Someone who is so smart clearly has to be
from another world, in this case, literally. Furthermore, the fact that his getup isn’t
exactly the most revealing raises a lot of eyebrows. I mean for Christ’s sake, the man wears a
coat with a collar so high that even he’s in his own world. The high collar can also conveniently cover
him not having a nose or ears. He’s got to be an Irken, right? I think that’s something that we may never,
ever know. Johnny C. Is Dead
Let’s face it folks: Johnny C. is probably long gone. Now, we know that the show is set only 20
minutes into the future from the series in which Johhny C. appears, but his absence is
felt and rather suspicious given that it’s only twenty minutes into the future. That said, we know that Johnny wasn’t the
healthiest of men, neither physically, or mentally. Only God, or probably in this case, Jhonen
Vasquez, really knows what happened to him. Most, however, have a strong hunch that Johnny
just couldn’t handle life. He probably broke down from mental anxiety
or something similar and decided that enough was enough. Maybe he took his own life. Maybe he got some help from Dr. Membrane to
take him over to the other side. What’s for certain, his unceremonious absence
from the show is noted. Irkens Possess Keen Metabolisms But Are Stunted
In Their Growth Due To Their Horrific Diets Just when you thought you’ve heard it all,
boom: this comes along. Now wait, before you start to roll your eyes
in disbelief (or maybe you already have), just hear us out. Irkens are a short humanoid race. Ok, let’s rephrase that: Irkens are a really
short humanoid race. Hardly any of them grow past 4 feet. They are also extremely thin. As we all know, one’s physical appearance
is shaped largely by one’s diet. Irkens aren’t exactly known for having neither
the most diverse, nor the healthiest diet. For some odd reason, Irkens seemingly idolize
snacks. Not even real food, but snacks. Snacks are universally known to not only be
low in nutritional content in most cases, but also to barely be a source of nourishment. This probably explains why Irkens don’t grow:
because their diet is as comprehensive as the most basic math sum that you can create. Sizz-Lorr is one of the few Irkens who is
reasonably tall, and he probably got his height because he eats a lot of fried food since
he’s the fry cook. Are Irkens just naturally that short, or is
it because of poor dieting? We’ll never have all the answers, although some are hell-bent
on trying to prove that they do. We may never know the truths behind the show,
but we are thankful that it came into our lives and touched so many of us. Invader Zim, we won’t ever forget you!

100 thoughts on “Creepy Invader Zim Theories That Change Everything”

  1. The more organs the more👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽

  2. 🤖 Gir:
    I'm gonna sing the Doom Song now. Doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom Doom doom doom doom doomy doomy doom doomy doom doom doom doom doom doom doom.

  3. I thought membrane created his two children since there's no mother even in the time travel episode you never see a mother or any mention

  4. it aired when i was born so i'm so a huge fan of zim so much!!! in fact i kinda fell in love with the show so much i wanted their merch

  5. the irkens have no reason to let the tallest deprive them of food, also we see Zim and other aliens plenty of times having all the access to food they need- I believe excessive consumption contributed to the snack-planet aliens size, aswell as just body modification. you can see the tallest are covered in robotic parts, I believe they made themselves the 'tallest' that way just to get the best snacks and also rule over everyone. Pretty simple.

  6. So, this channel literally ripped off WatchMojo…but like, WatchMojo is shit, so why would you ever? Get your own identity.

  7. Snacks have some nutrients in them, so I disagree with the 'Irkens are misshapen humans' thing.

  8. I have a theory about the Irken Snack thing:

    The Tallests ensure all Irkens are fed snacks. I believe sometime in the past, the current Tallests ordered that all food be snacks to stunt the Irken's growth, thus preventing any Irkens from becoming taller than the Tallests. As we know, Red and Purple enjoy their positions as the Tallests and if an Irken were to become taller than they are, Red and Purple would lose their status as the Irken Leaders, so they keep their race fed on snacks so they can continue their lifestyle.

  9. Since the Control Brains control Irken laws, way of life, and thinking, it's possible that Irkens in their earliest history did reproduce sexually. But as they became much more tech-dependent and the Control Brains were created, it's very possible that as a form of population control, and therefore something akin to a dictatorship, they purposefully messed with Irken genetics to change their biological make-up and make them unable to reproduce naturally, and now can only be grown/cloned in test tubes.

  10. An unaired episode, 10 Minutes to Doom, actually does confirm the PAK controlling the Irkens theory
    Zim’s PAK attached itself to Dib, and if it was not given back to Zim within 10 minutes, he would have died and Dib would be desiring world domination like Zim does

  11. The creator also mentioned that Irkens cannot consume things that are not high in carbohydrates, which is why Zim doesn't eat any human food besides things like waffles.

  12. Here's my theory, Zim and dib are going to be friends in the last episodes and they will team up against the earkens from invading the earth, this will happen coz zim will finally realized that the tallest didn't really care about him and will plan to eliminate him and take the earth.. Dib and zim will defeat the earkens and save the earth and zim will be the new leader in his planet

  13. When I heard the uiken mating theroy I was like "didn't they have a episode where a robotic alien tec that took out a long pod thing and than cracked it like a egg and then the child uiken would fall out and then a radio thing being like heh uiken child you'll be doing alien stuff and stuff"

  14. My theory is that the whole movie is a simulation and that dib fell for it again either to make dib say something or that zim actually won and dib lost while zim is ruling the earth

    Edit: yes I know it sounds dumb but in the movie (spoiler alert) there’s one part where zim is inside of nachos and cheese but zim hates food also there was a piece of bacon near him but meat burns him and bacon once gave him a weird pimple thingy and in the credits there’s a question that’s says “do anything is real” and that would probably be dib thinking to hisself if everything was real (the way I said it was in the credits) and if this theory is true than that means that zim has taken over and that he has wiped out all humans or keeps them as slaves…… that’s pretty dark but that would also basically mean that zim made dib dumber just so he could believe everything was real and at the very ending of the movie he gets some of his knowledge back

  15. Another weird theory is that just like family guy the creator knew something and was drip feeding sheepple that what’s going on in this show is real life but a toon version because 90% of population can accept toons but still think it’s not real so when it happens their minds don’t completely break

  16. The secret irken theory makes sense maybe he pretends not to believe dib cause he already knows about zim and knows that it he's dangerous so he tries to make dib avoid zim.

  17. You're right about the packs
    In enter the florpus,aim imagines what the tallest will do to him because he forgot something important
    The scene has zim tied up in metal chains while the tallest order the control brains to re-encode
    A long arm comes down which sticks into his pack

  18. How do we know Johnny C isn't just an older Dib? Proffessor Membrane couldn't have experimented on his son, only reason I say that, is because he doesn't believe in any of his crazy, crackpot theories. Which are totally truthful. Professor Membrane might be an Irken only because he doesn't see through Zim's disguise or plays Tak's ship off as a project his son worked on, but he can't be because he doesn't have a pack, antennae, more fingers than your average Irken, and at the beginning of the show, the Irken's didn't know that Earth existed, the Tallest would definitely look out for their other tall members, especially in the far corners of space. There might be some truth to their diets, seeing as the Tallest look like they've had cybernetic enhancements and also eat junk constantly. That's about all I can debunk, but maybe the theories are true

  19. "How is Dib lightyears ahead of his classmates intellectually."

    lol XD you say that as if its a big deal. Plants are in that category too after all.

  20. I think since Irkens are based on Insects (they have antenna and their eyes look like compound eyes) maybe they eat so many snacks because of the high energy snacks have?
    To me, Irkens are like bees. They have many classes that have one specific task – soldier, scientist etc – bees have the same. Some bees take care of the hive, some get food, some protect the hive etc.
    Bees eat pollen and honey, something that is really sweet and has a lot of sugar/calories and they need it because flying around take away a lot of energy. So my theory is Irken have a high metabolism for whatever reason (maybe the PAK uses so much?) and eating snacks is the easiest way for them to maintain their energy level.
    Also, another similarity to Irkens and bees are their sizes. The "Tallest" are, as their title describes it, the tallest Irken and are the leaders of the Irken. All other "worker" Irken are much smaller.
    Now guess which bee is the biggest in a hive? The queen, the leader of the hive!

  21. Theory: Dr. Membrane is actually Elon Musk

    Why? Well Elon’s brain works differently, in fact better than the average human Brain, similar to Dr. Membranes Brain. Another reason why that would be so is the fact that they both don’t fancy how everything works on fuel.

  22. Chips an snack foods such as nachos and tacos have sodium protein and water in them why then does zim eat these and waffles if these things hurt him?

  23. There was a n episode called "Ten minutes till doom" where it is confirmed that the Irkins are controlled by their packs, and when it is separated the body starts shutting down and will die within ten minutes.

  24. I can picture Vasquez watching this video on his cellphone while taking a dump and saying to every theory "Yeah, sure, why not".

  25. The father isn't an invader. He's just an idiot genius who could if he wanted to bring down the invaders.

  26. Devi is one of his lab assistants, is a theory I heard. This is another Johnny the homicidal manic related one, but it goes that once she was finally free from Johnny’s house while it was going crazy,. Cause apparently he did actually have to feed the walls blood to keep a demon at bay. So after she escapes the place she doesn’t want to believe that it was real and so she tries to rationalize the hell out of it, unable to do so alone she turns to science in which she becomes so well versed Membrane hires her and makes her an assistant

  27. 3:09
    "Religiously follows all orders issued by her father"
    >Proceeds to show a scene in which she disobeys her father by putting a can of beans into the proton oven, despite Membrane explicitly telling her not to do that.

  28. mabye when the thing when the earth was covered with the tint tv from the planet jackers the urcan became the callest

  29. It all makes sense now! Membrane doesn't really not-believe in aliens, he's only faking disbelief as a cover-up for his Irken heritage!

  30. Why is it that only when the movie came out people started paying attention to him, LIKE HE WAS A BA BEFORE THE MOVIE ;~;

  31. Wait wait wait how did a guy who wrote a comic called Jonny the Homicidal maniac make a children's cartoon?

  32. squeedily spooch is probably what irkens call their organs since in the original scene a boy gets hit by a ball in the stomach and says ow my organs. zim laughs saying inferior human organs in a way implying that he thinks human organs are a entirely different thing, its like the cliche joke where someone says ow my thing and then someone else gets hit saying ow my different thing
    the way he says squeedily spooch is exactly the same as the other child says his organs being hit which is why i say this

  33. I think the tallest are really two very small or at least smaller irken Invaders in robotic tall suits. They never move their legs, they just hover, and no one even comes close to as tall as them. I think they cheated themselves so tall no one could ever reach their level.

  34. Here's my theory.
    Professor Membrane is the smartest of the Irken empire, he was so ingenious that when the tallest tried to control him through the packs, it didn't work.
    They didn't know what to do with him because of it, so they erased his memory of aliens and sent him to earth in a human form.

  35. You ever have your literal leaders of your race hate you and send you to a planet billions of light years away from them

  36. That the tallest are short and wear mechanical suits to seem tall
    Which i found out yestarday was part of a planned episode for season 2 that never got made.
    So my childhood theory was VINDICATED

  37. well, when entering the florpus hole, there was an alternate universe where irkin and human switched places. this applied to everyone shown. everyone but gir, the fake membrane (both not irkin or human) and membrane. meaning that its a possibility that membrane is irkin

  38. Dr Membrane is REALLY tall
    If he’s an Urken, he’s a tallest
    If he made dib
    That would explain the pudding
    Jk, but this could actually explain a LOT

  39. I don't remember the episode, I think it was Dark Harvest, but Dib said he had memories of being experimented on and that aliens tried to make a super alien with his DNA. My theory is that Invader Zim is that experimental alien. Dib and Zim are both crazy and smart but also very prideful that they usually let it blind them and ultimately fail. They also look very similar… True, I'm sure Jhonen did this on purpose since they're perfect contrast of each other to fight against for the show, but I think it's more then just that. Explains also why Zim isn't like the other Irkens.

  40. The Tallest are actually super short or cyborgs.

    If you look they float, their arms and fingers don't match the other Irkins and their suits have snaps on them.

  41. Isn't Dib a clone of Dr. Membrane? I think the reason he's so smart is because Dr. Membrane is so smart…Also Gaz is just goth,,,

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