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CRIME IN THE WOODS | Dream Daddy – Part 4

CRIME IN THE WOODS | Dream Daddy – Part 4

Hello, everybody. My name is Markiplier and welcome back to Dream Dad Now we just got done with a beautiful date with Craig. It went wonderfully. We got a kiss on the head. It was awesome. While I’m doing my afternoon word jumbles. I hear the mail truck pull through the cul-de-sac. I wonder if we got any coupons today? The nice mail person slides a couple letters in a large yellow envelope through this slot, takes a couple of tries for them to get in. Hey my coupons. I take a closer look at the large yellow envelope. I lightly knock on Amanda’s door, she probably has headphones on. Manda! She yells through the door. WHAT! I have something for you. I’m kind of busy right now. Can you come back later? Okay? Just thought you’d want this big old envelope we got from HIA. Immediately Amanda pushes her door open. HORNE institute for the arts? I mean if you’re busy I can come back. FATHER PLEASE. I handed the envelope which she tears open with her teeth. That’s probably bad for your teeth. She doesn’t seem to hear me and spits out a piece of the envelope.S he pulls a letter and unfolds it. The suspense is killing me. This is her dream school, Amanda’s face is unreadable. I can’t believe this. Oh honey, it’s okay if you didn’t – I got in! It’s that old joke, ha ha. oh! I got in! Amanda tosses the letter aside and gives me a big hug. Congrats sweetie. That’s amazing. I’m so proud of you. She pulls away and looks at the letter again. Oh my God I really can’t believe it got in. Well of course you got in. You’re a great student, you nailed that interview and your photography is incredible. Wait, Dad. I know this one’s really expensive and it’s so far away. I think for a moment. HIA was one of the most expensive schools that Amanda applied to, I know she’s had her heart set on it for the longest time. It’ll be tough. We’re gonna make it work. I don’t even know if I have a job or anything. But maybe if I start working we can do something with that. Really? Of course. Amanda hugs me again. Thanks Dad. Okay sweetie, we’re celebrating today. Dinner, your choice. Wherever you want. Wherever? Amanda I walk along the bay side,tearing into our foil wrapped burritos from nearby food truck. You could have chosen anywhere in Maple Bay, cost was not a determining factor. Please dad. I know – you know I’m a simple gal. Just give me a ‘rito with a view I can’t say I’m mad. Amanda and I sit on a patch of grass and watch ships sail lazily through the bay. And the dorm is right near a bunch of cafes. And there all these little galleries nearby, and there’s a discount if you bring your student ID – Amanda slow down. You’re gonna choke on your ‘rito. I know. I’m just excited. Did I mentioned the students get their own studio space once they’re seniors ? And we all get the professional photo editing software for free. It’s nice to see Amanda so enthusiastic about HIA. But I wish she wouldn’t do it between bites of her burrito. I thought I taught her to chew with her mouth closed. I wonder who my roommates are going to be. You take a survey online and they match you with someone who’s – with a similar major and interests. I bet we’re gonna be best friends. Greg and I were a good roommate can be a lifelong friend But don’t even get me started on bad roomies. Oh, no. I’m just kidding We didn’t have a bad roommate our only other roommate was a puppy. – Craig brought home one night We spent a semester Fabricating the story about her new foreign exchange student had a really bad cough that sounded exactly like a dog’s bark are Carl RUULED They let you have animals in the dorms but u you need a note saying you need one But I could forge one I think I’d get a rabbit or maybe a snake or maybe both with the snake eat the rabbit though. Oh boy I think I’ll leave that all up to you. I’m so excited. I’d only disappoint her, but I need to be real for a second So you know I had THAT talk with Mr. Vega I didn’t tell you about the dumpster fire did he? What no I don’t want to put a damper on the good news But I need you to knock it out of the park these last few months of school Okay, if you really want to go to horns. We need that scholarship money. I know you can do it Okay, I promise I’ll try harder I pat her on the back think you can handle a 14-hour drive to come home for the holidays There’s going to be some treacherous ice roads to cross. And don’t even get me started on the paranormal occurrences Well, it’ll be worth it. If I get to see you. my eyes immediately well up with tears Dad don’t cry Sorry, I’m just I’m just proud of you. You’re all grown up and your such a good person…(incomprehensible mumbling) Dad stop you’re gonna make me cry too It’s too late honey. It’s happening. Dad I can’t get tears in my burrito my rito It’s gonna make it taste sad pull the man in for a hug and kiss around the for love you kiddo Love you too. Pops. Oh Team Iplier away, ohh. OH Dad. I’ve got dads well… I’m kind of committed here The good old craig, but let’s do a sweet save just in case we want to go somewhere else. Hey Craaig. What’s up Craaaig? What’s up craig? I really want to get some good quality time in with Craig, last time we hung out he was so busy with the kids and fending off flirty moms that I feel like we barely talked Did get a sweet kiss on the forehead though. Ever since the first time we hung out I’ve been trying to get up a little early for runs. I don’t think I’m gonna be embarrassed as last time Maybe I’ll even be able to catch up with him now Tap out a message. I’m on Dad books. Yo, what up CraAAig? Been training on the run game. Ready for round two. Oddly enough, I have also been training on my run game look at for miles Dude! Of course! Emojis! I don’t know I even just send an emoji rather than think about another message better than a bunch of eggplants in my inbox another message pops into my inbox Let’s meet up early tomorrow for my favorite morning activity Brunch Grow on that back brunch. What’s that? Oh? You run, and then you get brunch. Oh? Right Greg and I agree to meet at a time in the morning And I have a chance to spend the evening hanging out with Amanda So we doing pizza tonight again can we do like salad night You want a health kick oh? Not yet, I can form the committee to examine the possibility of being on a health kick They haven’t returned with their findings that if you go on a health kick then I have to go and help kick by virtue of being under the same roof as you I don’t know if I have the Constitution for it sir a minute which time craig needs big Crag ditch be alright. Fine. Don’t worry about it craig will forgive me. Maybe yeah Craig will forgive me Committee spill out the committee isn’t back with this finding yet. There’s a multi-year assessment on Several bureaucratic levels well Amana picks up the phone and stares at me unblinking as she dials hi Yes Can I get an extra large pizza with chicken bacon extra cheese and tomatoes and a couple of the garlic sauce cops man? Going a little north here alright. Can you maybe throw on some leaves on there or something? Yeah? He’s going on a health kick Yeah, Rico. I know it’s tragic made a list of per second on hold on. I’ll ask dad is Oregano a salad Curry, and I was totally salad yeah Rico Yep, cash is fine stay out of the life and kids for me and Angry Rico says hey boo gets delivered and we plop down on the cat’s meat comes ah good day of Rito’s anza Be careful running as Gateway drug It’s a slippery slope bag where’s he going a couple of light jobs before you know you’re converting the garage into a home gym I’m renewing your subscription to some sort of Weekly Kombucha delivery service question Q what’s Kombucha ah? So you are too far gone? And I’m just giving you a hard time pops really happy you’re running more caring about your health I want to keep you around for as long as possible Thanks kiddo speaking of which. I’m running this crag tomorrow. You’re gonna be able to keep up with him pet no Probably not we laugh anymore ah ah then he’s probably healthy in the name of carbo-loading I call him night early so that I’m ready for tomorrow When I first started running in the mornings, it was pretty hellish now that I’m a few sessions And admittedly has become a little bit easier despite. It always ending Give me dry heaving over a trash. Can that what the runners is just dry heaving I lace up my tennis shoes throw on a t-shirt from the writers summoned I went to 20 years ago and head out the door a time a jug kraig is already outside with River strapped his chest And that babies getting sick. He’s dressed head-to-toe in color coordinated running gear wow I look like a total slob next to this guy. I think anyone would look like a total schlub next to that guy. Hey, bro Morning Craig Rivers gonna be running with us. Yes, you can we’re taking it to the limit aren’t we kiddo? We’ve laid oh I know what you that means craig hands are stuffed toy. Which makes a smile ear to you That’s Arnold the capybara sometimes is the only thing that’ll get her to stop crying Oh, I’ve been there man a stuffed panda that she carried around everywhere She would have a tantrum if we even tried to wash it. It’s gross Do you even running lately every morning for 30 minutes? I’m basically an elite athlete at this point, huh? Well, I’ll try to keep up where we added. I think that we can do a couple laps around the park okay? That sounds reasonable, then we’ll do some hill climbs up a slope Okay, I can probably handle that double closed it off by doing some wilderness survival hike running to increase our agility that will jump off Into the Ocean to swim with the Sharks punch you dick. It’ll be all right cool Buh go through the Sahara desert for about thirteen fortnight’s I will have a good time over there traversing off as I malayan mountains I’m suddenly struck with the overwhelming need to crawl back into bed. That sounds okay to you, right? I usually like to throw sometimes Murder Sprints in there But I’ll go easy on you since you’re a beginner so murder Sprint’s you say I know what that is and how nice that sounds that? That sounds like something. I’m able to physically do great. Let’s get started Okay, cool Greg and I finally arrived at the park a few other lone joggers make their way around the perimeter and river waves Enthusiastically of everyone we pass so a lot more peaceful in the morning’s aside from bird chirping and river gurgling away in the stroller It’s pretty quiet Roller stroller Patroller where’s said Stroller all right. Good warm-up Let’s start the show Wait Greg reaches into his bag and toss me a water bottle. I fumble it, but thankfully don’t drop it. You got a hydrate, bro Take a long drink from the water bottle in the field Reinvigorated man, I don’t drink enough water. Hey I look down and pick up Arnold Rivers toy, and hand it back to her drop them thanks for looking out, bro You ready bro. I? buzzed collapsing in on itself We finally finished our however many teens lap around the park and breathing heavily. I can’t believe actually didn’t lose Greg He’s even breathing heavily – which makes me feel a little better. Look down my shirt notice. I’m drenched in sweat Huh, almost looks like a frowny face. That’s one new What I’m just kidding good hustle out there. I’m really impressed you’re way better than last time I launched you off a treadmill. Yeah Man you really push me to my limit Just now can’t believe I held on sometimes you just go home So I’m going to be there to push you to do your absolute best Glad I could be that guy, bro Yeah We ready grill Klein’s blap is my little cheerleader mark you ready oh I’m just gonna give him moderate huh, I don’t need to pull out oh here. Oh There we go you bet Greg takes me to a separate portion of the park here where there’s a still Steep climb that seems to go up forever. I strained my eyes to see some other joggers at the top So what do we do now? We run up the thing that? That looks like a lot mark There’s two things you need to know about this hill one. Don’t stop running till you get to the top and two? It points to the top of the hill. That’s not the top okay, now it’s good time for the aw ah I finally reached the top of the hill after making My way past what I originally thought was the top of the hill once there hunched over to my knees and gasps for air My lungs are like daggers poking my ribs. I can feel my heart in my ears Yeah, river. I’m having a moment, please oh Greg looks like he’s taking a beating as well, so we use human or quit your arms on your head and stretch out your elbows It’ll help you breathe better. I do its craig says it feels a little better But I’m still in agony, and here greg tossing me the water bottle again a hydrate like my life depends on it Thanks, dude, but now I’m gonna work you feel that lightness in your head. That’s the Runner’s high oh That’s it, but I was thought I was dying Want to take it slow for a bit. I would like this please yes, please We’re catching our breath river starts crying. What’s wrong sweet pea you want to play with Arnold greg looks around us Oh boy, man down. I think we loved Arnold River Keeps whaling I’ve abandoned my child Kind of fine dude should be simple right we just got to retrace our steps Remember River house having it at the bottom of the Hill great And I jog down the path the searching high and low for the stuff Capybara which Craig takes the time to explain to me as a large rodent native to South America Get to the place where river might have dropped it, but it’s still nowhere to be found Looks like we’ve got a mystery on our hands I have to get to the bottom of this I suspect foul play looks like this is a prime case for world Renowned detective equally error the newest a blare Dude, it’s time for a bro venture a pro venture We high-five and decide to jog back to the park to see if we can find any lead So it looks like there’s a couple more places you’re checking some bros around here. They’ll get interrogate some good wait Who’s good? Cop who’s bad cop? Take it out for a second here from your back I think that with your stature and overall resilience you would make an Intimidating bad cop but on the other hand you do have an adorable baby strapped to your chest So that softens the edges of it all valid points I think you’d make a great good cop because you’re congenial attitude and willingness to try new things But then again see now you get when there are too many commercial breaks during the show So you have the potential to be a scary bad cop I don’t have to Watch meet Helen three minute segments of five minute commercials in between loud commercials are too. Loud. I drive every driver Hey case in point. Let’s play a Moment-by-moment. I’ll be bad. Cop So where do you protective? Oh yeah, go to the woods? Good boys. Let’s go to the woods Don’t know why? why are we in the woods we make our way to the oscars of the park there are a couple of benches by the dense tree line looks like Roberts been here all by himself it also seems like the perfect place to look for clues Interrogate Robert Robert Excuse you Megara hair oh, hi. You’re robert Hey, call me then okay. Hi Robert. Don’t call me that either okay? Hey What are you up to you? Thinking is my thinking bench. I have to get a solid two to three hours brooding per day, so in Chorus If you by chance seen a small tough capybara around the capybara is is a large Road and headed to South America I know do you see one? Step one not a real one. That would be weird That God I’ll be back all right Robert. We’ve been nice elbows out I’m gonna go off learn how to fight they’ll come back here to kick your ass where? you learned how to say jeez Fine you don’t tell us what we want to hear. I’m spoil the season finale of long Haul paranormal. I drago trackers You’re bluffing My buddy. He doesn’t play by the Rules Michael do it Callum and fred crash into a haunted stop you monster Robert sighs Haven’t seen any goddamn cat beer okay damn all that bad cop for nothing ha ha ha So chloe forget I searched through the outskirts of the woods hoping to find anything to my latest Arnold There are a couple of cigarettes and empty beer cans scattered around It’s probably the hotspot bridge teens hang out, and I say swears and stuff It doesn’t look like there were any recent activity that might be capybara related might be a dead end partner, bro We return to the woods Hmm. Well we already interrogated Robert. What would be the point of doing time to grill him again all right, okay? Would ya Back up against Robert. I’m gonna keep being vaguely threatening gil you jealous. I’m the usual. I told you haven’t seen a capybara What you got damage damn again? Sarah We’re an Abra go to play we make our way over to the small blake around the edge of the park a couple of kids play on the jungle Gym my Parents watch on nearby bench, we’re on one of the benches. I spot a familiar face ah Let’s see what just incentive you engrossed in a book there, Jody. Do cousin nearly got the book – Didn’t think I’d see you guys out here mark. Are you exercising? Shahram you know me. I just love to run and help. That’s my kind of whole thing. What do you read? Oh, just a book on knots and rope dang last weird, but okay for boats bow gropes, right Hey, you didn’t have to see a stuffed cat bear around here. What’s the capybara the large rodent it’s native to South America Joseph Thanks for a single hmm. I haven’t seen one around. I’ll tell the kids to keep an eye out The kids are here does it look around they were here a second ago Must have gone exploring around the park you know, how kids are you know where they could have run up to their kids they get into mischief sometimes, but they always come back a Little suspect Joseph mischief you sick Fuck viola wait am I being interrogated right now Si. No, just doing our due diligence joseph Arnold means a lot to river here. I mean if you’re more than welcome to ask Christian Christie I imagine they’d been ears to the ground on all the latest prague around drama they might be somewhere around the woods Thanks you we’ll get back to you. They give it a Roebuck little dose We head back to the playground look for clues Greg and I dude grown adults walk onto the playground and begin examining the meticulous We could be clues no forensic evidence. No stray capybara after suit recruit lose your time Look up all the parents staring at us my own weight as we awkwardly slink away. We’ve got a baby Screaming that doesn’t help our situation here, oh Buddy got a rain check on Brunch need to get river home and calm her down alright. Good luck bro. Thanks, bro. Oh no, oh Did my date go badly? Bullshit hang on wait no no. I’m not gonna. Do that no no no no no way. No way. No how no way hang on here, aah We bought time with the playground for river. I forgot to read, but that’s okay She’s about to go nuclear this might prepare for the possibility of us Not being able to find arnold life is cruel and tough but at least we need a always have swings Craig Straps River into the baby swing gives her a gentle push She giggles you can see it on the swing next door and immediately realism stuck River seems to love that craig eventually helps me out of the swing and we decide to go back to the investigation all right We’re back on the case all right Let’s move on to another part of the park nothing here. Anyway a dead deuced where we should go next God go to the Fields we wander out of the grass field the center of the park during the whole lot to see but there a few figures camped Out on a blanket And the grass could hold any number of Secrets madame Carmencita Soccer-Mad and his daughter carmen see the spots out from across the way she’s sitting down the dad on son a green patch grass we jogged over ah Hey, bro we just sat down for a picnic once and snacks and I think to increase my glycogen reserves uh uh Have apple slices. Oh, thank you very much tiny bro, but I should be fine hey you guys working on a good day for it Yep, I’m the picture of health and athleticism Your drizzles mark. Have you seen a stuffed capybara around here anywhere or have you? What’s a capybara lard running his name is out of America wait a second How do you know what a capybara is you wouldn’t happen to have? Hands-on experience or marceline would you we learned about capybaras in 4th grade? I think the more suspicious that you know what a capybara is Hey, God, what if I were took arnold? What if I’m the culprit let’s just go remember? We checked my body buried polaroids. I may have kept on my person to remind me. Oh, I trust no not to trust Some memento one that I’m pretty sure that’s how it works Anyway, nothing well what if that’s what I wanted myself I? Can’t trust anybody especially myself. No mark. Don’t let them win. Shake off the thought I saw a couple of squirrels over by that tree I don’t know if that helps but if you want to see some cute squirrels, you should definitely check it out Thanks for the hot squirrels tip Tip Carmencita night well we better get moving got to find that capybara before the river as a breakdown Good luck let’s get some apples for the road. Oh carmencita hooks me up with some road slices. We’re on our way See ya back to the field interrogate riff Yeah, I’m a turkey wait Let me try this it’s always the culprit you least expect I Get I die with river who still looks on the shit like she’s on the verge of tears nice Nice. Yes, nice, and Care gave my baby. I’m a bad cop Where’s Arnold River starts crying uncontrollably whoops? Ohh? Ohh ow? Ohh ow, ohh? Nope. Nope that didn’t happen that wasn’t the way that works that didn’t happen everybody no one remember that I yelled that up Baby, hey, Sweetie believe me. Nobody wants to find a capybara more than me. We need clues I think somewhere in that baby brain of yours you might have something that leads us to the perp. What is it? I turn to craig. We’re getting nowhere with the witness. Oh all right fine, men check out the squirrels cool squirrels What did the suspects say the squirrels would be tree uh-huh there? They are? Yeah, Carmencita was telling the truth is some rats squirrels river seems Happy this may have bought us some extra time all right any clues see can’t seem to find them while I’m looking Craig calls me out from across field mart hi. I jogged over craig is kneeling in the grass inspecting something I approached my herd my throat as I leaned over craig. I see it. This is Arnold I Put my hand over rivers eyes. No one should have to be subjected to this senseless violence my God Or what do this? I don’t know I think we might be dealing with something Beyond our grasp I can’t look at this anymore turn around trying to wipe the image of stuffing strewn across the ground from my mind How we’re running out of time? We may already be too late? Bagged and tagged it let’s keep moving back to the field Clock’s ticking dude, we’re going next This is the big Kahuna. Ain’t it. I think we got to go back to the woods something about Robert don’t rub me right? Last night, but that’s not the point Joseph’s twins must be around here somewhere Robert Hey, okay. She said not again. See Robert hello Roger Gavin where crap ah Now what bro just excited twitter around here somewhere, but I have no idea why would go to find them We there’s Tp kids you didn’t tell me they had something to do with these, huh? maybe I should have left a good cop bad cop Routine to the Pros and Yeah Robert, bro Do you know where they are I do a lot of people underestimate the sense of a man who broods a sudden lurking? Near Little while ago where they go ran into the woods pretty careful though. I don’t trust him, but then again I don’t trust anymore not even you guys not even that baby yet. I could get back You know silky dough. Thanks for your help Robert go deeper into the Earth visit This is the one let me say just in case of work to the purge in Which I stare into the depths of the forest who knows what could be in there Are you prepared for what we might face in there? Not at all on second thought. I think they might be able to smell the fear on me Maybe we should give that in a minute to dissipate seconded the woods. Oh Wait, no hang on. No that’s not what I wanted yeah, I’m ready ready partner, bro you know, but if you give Rivers to stop crying I don’t care let’s do this we’ll start down the path into the woods keeping their eyes and ears peeled for any sign of Arnold Words anywhere, the silence is unsettling the sun can barely peek through the canopy. It’s colder here Suddenly we hear voices. I want to do it You’re gonna do it last time I come to a clearing where I find Kristen Christina kneeling over something Right there criminal Scum for your tiny hands where we can see him? Kristen and Christie just stare at us you heard the guy put your hands up, okay in the middle of something here. Yeah Can you come back later you kids doing cutting stuff up? Artists bounding is this the end of the line step closer? I can’t believe what I’m seeing pair safety scissors slide the Durden It’s Arnold. What’s read under? Arnold Dube You’re the baby hand over the capybara fair finders keepers No, not finders keepers. That’s our property and you desecrated it How can you prove it’s yours craig holds up arnold severed leg they have to look away You got sloppy you left evidence behind back it can find it this leg fits perfectly onto his body Christian Christie look at each other. They don’t know what to do How about a deal you can muster capybara, and we won’t tell your dad about this fine Hand over the stuffed animal give us some safety scissors there clearly no longer safe in your hands she hands them over Glad we can figure this out come on partner Craig, and I start making our way out of the woods he turns around and calls back to the twins No, your dad to stop letting you watch true Crime Joe’s with the calavera back with its rightful owner Craig And I shamble into a nearby diner exhausted from our adventure We find ourselves a corner Bruton’s settle in that was a tough case we cracked it, bro We’re different now changed if we get in too deep night nothing hardy Bronze can fix my stomach grumbles I suddenly realized how big of an appetite. I worked up brunch. Give me brunch I have a strong philosophies on Brunch You see the first thing you do is divide your brunch is between boozy brunch and upper-class and the most is eggs Benedict brunch and Grimy brunch, then give me a coffee and bacon cheesy hash Browns brunch There’s time in a place for both, and I think most of life is figuring out which one Some kind of brunch dad are you mark God give me a grimy brunch every any day? I don’t need a boozy brunch get me grimy. Oh make it fried annoying I clean the floor with the homes Oh happy fine choice. The way what’s going on a health kick got a got a Carbo load get a Carbo load. I’m carbo-loading Carbo no blank amount of cheesy potatoes o’brien to refuel after a run rye bread It’s not even remotely how carbo-loading works All right even who’s your kid? Oh, you betcha. She’s so cute. How you? done Hey, kid Middle school is gonna be real tough, but if you make it through then you can make it through anything The weight just walks away after winking at Craig seems like you’re the most eligible Dad and Bachelor town Okay, so anywhere. Here’s the thing about brunch You don’t do business during brunch brunch is a time for rest relaxation and restoration with those that you love While we’re having brunch at a traditional ebro time the most important thing to remember is that brunch isn’t a time? It’s a date of mine tonight. You can’t have brunch on your plate. You can always have brunch in your heart, I Disagree with you. I just don’t know if I could match your identity uh-huh I’ll open your eyes, bro this way You’re our food in the waitress after very blatantly hitting on Craig multiple times Eventually brings our brunch east River munches on cereal right next to us More or less managing to get it into our mouths I gotta say man Feels great having you back around to hang out with I think you’ve been so busy with work and fitness and kids just Haven’t had time to really go out and get to know people With you here. It’s like picking up where we left off There’s a feeling man if a new new place could have been really rough for me, especially with the Manna going off to college soon Making this a lot easier Craig smiles at me. Yeah Feels really good to go another bro venture with you dude. Just like old times for a while I forget about it anything. That was bothering me in my life, and it was just you man Well copy oh So do you like work out? Yeah, mostly calisthenics, but I try to lift as part of the regimen. It’s so cool. I’ve been looking for a workout buddy, and then Ah wish I could help you out, but I’m enjoying brunch with my workout bro right now. Hello. I’m here. My name is Markiplier Oh well if you change your mind The waitress slides a folded note Craigan walks away Craig makes a face and reluctantly puts it in his pocket We can’t take you anywhere can we do another half? It’s a blessing and a curse isn’t it Next time we hang out to be in the middle of the woods Where people can’t interrupt us and also maybe in some different woods than the ones We were little kids like to vivisect things greg laughs man remember all our camping road trips back in the day Joshua Tree. Hell, yeah, yellowstone. That was the best give anything to do it all over again Dude, we should go on a camping weekend. Oh, I don’t know bro. I don’t know have all these old responsibilities I don’t think I could just drop everything to hang on the woods for a few days. You know come on Dude if we blandings, right we can do this greg don’t you ever do anything for yourself? Creek Scares Andrews government of course I do Yeah, like what sometimes to let my help sell that one vanilla ice cream before bed but only if I didn’t mean my caloric intake for today Sometimes I let myself hit the snooze alarm, but only once dude you gotta relax sometimes, or it’s Gonna kill you okay? Please come camping with me. It’d be so fun, bro They could get smashley to take the kids for the weekend I’ll think about it. Oh We finish our brunches and head back to the cul-de-Sac By the way great job keeping up today seems like you’re already making a lot of progress I’m probably gonna need a little bit of recovery after this tell the girls. I said hello, I will see you protective. Oh Say goodbye to correctly step inside gotta marry for a shower gallon water in a nap now Dead Amanda’s still asleep Crack open her door to find her still in bed sleepily scrolling through her phone Mornin afternoon actually Right, how is Brunch? Good we kind of got sidetracked Before because we had to travel into the depths of maple a dark underbelly to find a toy river drop But you know I actually feel pretty good. Yeah I miss all on the floor of the hallway. I’m just gonna hang out here for a while. You take your time didn’t up See you around the bend Hey I got that boy ah I don’t know you’re amazing. I guess it’s out of your college. I missed you dude. Oh That’s so nice oh Anyway, so that is the end of this episode. God. I love this game. So fun It’s so fun anyway, so thank you everybody so much for watching I’m gonna keep going on with this I don’t know how long there’s a lot of data to date out there So thank you everybody so much for watching and as always I will see you in the next video ~Buh Bye~

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    (I can't resist it xD)

  7. M: Bro, you got nice muscles bro
    C: *flex*, yeah, you like that bro?
    M: Yeah bro, yeah
    C: My dude, bro, do you like, like bros bro?
    M: Yeah bro, yeah
    C: Bro, can u hold this for me?
    M: Yea bro, what is it bro?
    C: My hand, bro, my hand
    M: Brooooooooooooooooo
    C: Yeah bro, yeah
    M and C: I love you, bro
    River during all this: AKAJDBAJFBJWKSNS

  8. So what i'm getting is… A korean man thirsting over a fictional korean man, voiced by a korean man. That's quite something

  9. Whats that bullshit about Robert not trusting Mark? HE FUCKED HIM!!!!!!! It takes trust to fuck a stranger!!!! wtf lololololol

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