Croquetas caseras para HAMSTERS | Recetas de roedores

Hello everyone! How are you? Welcome another day to MOA MakeUp. As I said last week, this week
I bring you a new hamster video, a recipe for them. This recipe looks a bit like cookies
I made because the ingredients are similar, we do not have much choice for
hamsters because they have to eat ingredients that have no salt, which have little water and
fat and I have these products at home and I prefer to use these, because the hamster
needs only a small portion. Athena is now sleeping, I will not going
to show it, but then we’re going to see. Come on to see the recipe. Let’s start with the ingredients. We’re going to
put some fruit, some dry blueberries. This time I want to do fewer,
so I’ll take six and cut them. We will also need unsalted seeds,
these are a mix and I love it. Lets take a mortar and we’re going to mince it, because they
will be the coating of the croquettes. We’ll take a little flour, this is from wheat,
and we will not take much, because it will be the dough of croquettes. And finally I wanted to try this dehydrated apple
they have taken in Mercadona to see if Atenea likes. This will be
in the dough. It’s delightful! It has a lot of flavour. This is fine for her because being dehydrated has no water and if the animals eat the less water
from the food, better. I’ll cut it. This is very good, I like! You know that I like
to make her eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because hamsters must be well fed. I will also grind it a little. Atenea
is pacing with the ball. Lately I see many comments on videos
about Atenea and you have misunderstood me. When I mean walking the hamster, I do not mean on
the street, but at home. We can’t take it to the street. Ok, it is already milled. We will also take a glass of water and
make a mixture. We take a little and with a spoon we will stir until it is
a viscous mass. I’ve been through. Let’s add flour because now it is too liquid. This is the texture we want to have.
And now that we have the dough, let’s add ground apple. We mix it. And chopped blueberries. Dried blueberries. And this is the dough we get. Now, with the help of another spoon, let’s
start making the balls, and put it here. The texture is too soft and that’s because
It has too much water. So if it happens this to you, this is better than pour more flour
to the dough, so you can work better. Now that’s better. I should stay
stuck to the spoon. As is the first time I do this, it’s normal I’m wrong. We pour it to the
seeds and we cover it. Look, see? It is no longer the same texture, before it was
too squishy. We shape it and leave. The less amount of dough you take, the more
beautiful they will stay. Now that we have all ready, let’s go to the
microwaves. We are going to put it two minutes. Let’s see how it goes. By the way, as
you see I have left over seeds but I will throw in case they have flour, I don’t want Atenea to be ill. Two minutes have past but I’m going to get it
a little more because I feel them soft, but I’m going to turn them around.
We give it one more minute, I think that’s enough. At the end I’ve cooked for three minutes
and let’s see if they are good cooked. These things are better if you do with your parents’ help if you are young. Now they are like bread on the inside, quite soft
and crunchy. I like, let’s try it. Okay, it’s very tasty. It lacks a touch
of salt, but we can not add salt or sugar because it is for our animals:
rabbits, hamsters, squirrels, … all kind of rodent. Atenea! Look what I have prepared for you! Come on Atenea, there are many people you
that want to see you! Come on, don’t wash now. She wants to be beautiful for you. Come on, little, come here. Come and see what I have
for you. Come here, come. Come closer. No! I give it to you from there. She
likes eating from the cage. Wait. She’s is a bit special, doesn’t like any
type of food. Look, princess! Hey little mouse! Oh, God.
Come on, you’re eating! Look at her, how’s eating. Fine, she liked it! Look at her as she eats.
Ohhh, how beautiful… That’s all? Well, she fills up quickly. Venus ate more. You can freeze the leftover, though
the fewer you cook, better. It also depends on what your hamster eats. Be
careful because seeds have a bit fat. This has to be given as a sweet
every two or three days, depending on your hamster, and the rest can be freezed for one or
two weeks at most, but not more because it can be bad. So you’d better cook small quantities. We say goodbye today with the image of Atenea.
What’s up? And we see you in the next week
video on Thursdays. I leave here the previous hamster food recipes
and the subscription button for you to join this great family and continue creating new
recipes. Say goodbye Atenea. Come on, tell them goodbye. Bye!
But don’t go. Ok, bye. Ciao!

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