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CTwT E102 – IBPS PO 2018 Topper Anshul Shukla

CTwT E102 – IBPS PO 2018 Topper Anshul Shukla

You are thinking I am studying for 10 hours a day
then why is it not happening? Exactly You are not studying in a proper way Looking for previous year questions That questions, which will not come this year Yes How can you be selected? So, you have to study 8-10 hours is minimum for this competition but have to do it in the proper direction analyse yourself, that what will come Plan according to that and strategy is your own If you are studying in a proper way then
you will be selected Hello Friends Welcome to Chamomile Tea with Toppers
an initiative by Unacademy My name is Akshay Today, I will be introducing to you such a Bank Exam Topper who has given various Bank exams For example, IBPS PO IBPS Clerk And many more examinations but before this he had faced a lot of failures failures is an important part for
your success So, today we will talk with the topper We will know his story for his success we will discuss more about the exam How to clear exam? How do Toppers behave in an examination? So, let’s begin the episode So Anuj, welcome to the show So, basically let’s start with the
discussion about the examination I want to know which exams you had given And also, I want to know How many exams you have given?
how many were successful and unsuccessful? My journey started from 2017 My first exam was for RRB CLERK I was failed for a nominal mark – 2.5 or 2 My second exam was for RRB PO that was unsuccessful too My third attempt was for IBPS PO that was the biggest exam of the year I had cleared prelims but main was not Failed again Next was an insurance exam of Oriental cleared the preli but not the main next year syndicate bank exam Jan 2018 next exam was for Syndicate Bank, Jan 2018 there is no prelims basically direct main exam My final selection was unsuccessful for
only 0.5 marks then I had given Canada Bank PO exam Failed again Next exam was in June I got sufficient time for preparation Next exam in June was for SBI PO Prelims was cleared and mains also was good But the descriptive part got low marks in that not selected this time also I have selected in RRB PO in Sep Selected for RRB CLERK also selected for New India Assurance and this time also selected IBPS PO allotted Bank of India You had to face a lot of failures and when your had faced a lot of failure in
all the year your morality your confidence It becomes very low how you hold yourself in that phase? when you are giving exams many thoughts in your brain first of all, vacancy is very low competition is very high 30-40 lakhs forms filled for only
3-4 thousands vacancies competition is very high now there are many Btech graduates season of mergers and acquisitions so banks are getting lesser day by day true when I am doing preparation by thinking
all of this It seems nothing will be happend vacancies are less and
Btech graduates are many they are too good Also, have to think about the time fame So, there are many difficulties But you have to keep patience And I am here for that patience whenever I failed Disappoint comes 1 – 2 days Disappoint remains and again
continue the preparation That’s interesting story You have faced a lot of phases in your life but still you are here you have cleared all the examination It’s like You face all the examination You had a failure in that How you started your preparation? We’ll discuss on the each and every section Reasoning English information of Interview and Main Exam since exam is in October Lot of our aspirants will have to know
your strategy How you have started? So, let’s begin with English first how did you start your English preparation? Look, English depends on your educational
background too if you are from Hindi medium or any other board you have to face some difficulties My background was ICSE board and CBSE board also I have not faced that much difficulties in
English preparation Because my basic Grammer concept was clear and SSC exam is different from banking You need deep grammatical knowledge for SSC English is some different in Banking there all about your reading skills if you can understand the meaning of
English after reading then you can do very good So, I had not focused on Grammar that much,
I had followed The Hindu News paper had read the Editorial of that that was my per day habbit current affairs are also strong if you read
news paper daily So, I had read the English from that
and practiced Mock tests Also, do annalise after giving a mock test only focused on Mocks and News paper I have not focused on Grammar that much What would you suggest for those people whose English is not that good and they are from normal school and they have to pick up English how do you suggest? Yes for them I will suggest that follow the basic grammatical rules first you have to know the basic things then to increase your reading habits Don’t take “The Hindu” at starting
if you are week in English Because the level is too high can take a basic news paper or
interesting novels So, it is like reading a story and
building up your own English there are many people they are good in aptitude and reasoning But English is main for them and they don’t practice that much so, what you suggest? to read a novel or read English from
various sources like news paper You know there are sectional marks also you have to give same importance to
all the sections if your English is week then you can’t
cover it with Math You have to clear the basic cut off So, you have to strong your English For that you can read newspaper No need to focus on Grammar that much,
as reading is important here If you can get the meaning after reading that’s all So, they can set up their limit
how much English they should read that is nice I have read English and my Grammar is well
I can understand English then I have to go for comprehensive,
fill in the blank, passages what was your strategy for each and every
section? there are 30 marks in English At first, I go for close test close test is a story type thing you have to do few fill up the blanks there you can do the fill up the blanks by seeing
the previous and next sentence close test was easy for me At first, I do that for 10 marks Banking question pattern don’t change
very quick there will be 10 marks close test You can see that in every exam At first, close test after that, finding errors I have not done the passage you have short time and passage is long I have done the passage at last last 3 questions of the passage then, at first I read questions which question is there from the passage then I tried to find the answer of
that question from passage see the question and take answer..
again do so If any question asked the view point of
the author, I normally skipped that So, I skipped that question in exam also My strategy was not to attept many question
but not to answer wrong so, if I target 20 questions then 18 will
be correct so, I focused on the quality not in the
quantity I think, MOCKk test gives an idea, which is
a strong section and which is week As, you have selected close text
to do first and other aspirant can choose what they
want to do let’s go to the section like
quantitative aptitude and reasoning I have done very selected study in
quantitative aptitude also there are many topics, from where one can
get 1-2 marks only, not more than that You have to do the basic arithmetic topics
asked in DI As the exam pattern based on DI Why not you cover the topics
asked on DI you can find DI topics very rare
in these topics rarely in 2 or 3 years in a
very high level paper you can do basics as percentage do ratio do simplification your whole arithmetic based on this 3-4
topics you can do the whole arithmetic with
these 3 topics these are the basics so the simple interest & compound interest, mensuration permutation combination and probability I don’t know ABCD’s of this four topics I don’t know the basic formulas also I have seen in books but don’t touch those But still I am selected So, if there are 20 topics it is not
necessery to do all of those You have to do PHD in all that It’s all about selection how you can So, do selected study do the topics which will come in the exam If you focus on that, definitely you will
be selected If you see the CASI exam mensuration mainly comes in SSC if comes then there will be only one If you waste your one month for that
one question, then waste whole preparation I had choosen selected topics only from where DI comes because DI will come mostly we will get most of the marks
from there I had covered all those topics you have to analyse the last 2 years
before preparation patter of the exam totally changed now you are studying 8-10 hours but not that
what will come in the exam so, how you can be selected? If you are preparing for the old pattern
exam questions, nothing will come from that how you can be selected? at first, you analyse what examiner asked
in last 1 or 2 years what is his thinking, while set the paper do analyse that there are new patterns in MOCK tests also how many MOCK exams you have performed? I have given MOCK daily MOCK is like medicine for me because you have prepared I have perpared one topic then I come
to the next topic In banking if you come to the next topic
you will forget the previous for sure If I prepare for one month then leave for
one month, can’t remember last preparation If you want to revise all topics then you
have to give MOCK tests because, there are questions from all
topics, in the MOCK test It will help you to practice Don’t take break Don’t break Mock test, you have to perform
daily If your reading is skipped one day, It’s OK
but you can’t skip MOCK test for one day from where you get that much of MOCK tests I have taken the packages from various good
websites, providing mock tests downloaded pdfs from internet mock test is something, that you have
to set up a timer you can download a pdf and can set timer
in your mobile and you can practice your speed was increasing via
practicing daily so you have improved your speed overall when I have my first mock exam,
I got 22 out of 100 I thought what is wrong with me other brings 80 or 90 and my only 22 I can’t compete with them But that was my 1st MOCK but only mock is nothing If you are giving mock only as one said you nothing will happen If you don’t analyse for one and half hour
after giving a one hour mock test then nothing will happen If you are giving mock you know the topics you know well so, now you try to do that more quickly because, there timer will run here also has the timer, but not
the tension of selection but there is in the exam so, try to solve a question in 1 minute,
which you can do in 3 minutes now try to solve that questions also, which you
don’t know, using the concepts try to solve that, if you can’t then see
the answer then you never forget that so you have to analyse after giving mock give mock test and analyse that try this again and again your score will increase automatically what was your daily schedule? at morning, you first gave mock then practice each sections where you feel that you were week that day had you practiced like this or what was
your strategy? first of all, while I was doing my
graduation, I had started preparation so, my coaching was completed but I can’t prepare my GA that time as I have to give exam next year there will be no role of old GA So, I have selected those topics which I
can do now during the 6 months while I don’t have
to give exams I have prepared static and other things
for banking my graduation also completed while I
prepared those I had come home after graduation and
started my actual preparation when you prepare from home, there comes
distruction as one comes to meet with you so, I decided to study at night and
take rest at day time because if I take resst at day time
no one will come to meet and if I study at night everone sleeps many aspirant face this problem I wake up at 10:30 and read newspaper
my first work was to read newspaper then after practicing breakfast I give mock after analysing that I do my lunch taking rest for 2 hours after that, I come to the topics after covering topics it will 6-7 of pm
of evening after dinner I do one mock and analyse then brows websites for current affairs to
remind what read at morning in newspaper No need to practice english that much, just
follow newspaper can prepare math for two hours mock for English and GA also? Yes, English is included in MOCK test but GA mock is for news only Let’s talk about GA how you prepared for GA? current affairs,static awareness,financial As I have said, while I was doing my
Graduation in last semester, I realized If I prepare current affairs now, that have
no work for now my exam is in next year I have prepared banking awarness from my
coaching, I revised that but static was going to be fixed
for lifetime as national parks, wildlife centuries,
countries, currencies, capitals I had prepared statics while preparing
my graduation I had prepared the static part at the time
of my Graduation Newspapers and websites for current affairs
You can prepare notes also while you are going for exam, you are
travelling and can see notes also help you to revise You can prepare for banking awarness from
any book or PDF, as there are many sources banking headquarters and history financial markets Internet is flooded for all these that is enough for banking awarness there are 203 countries in the world
203 currencies Some country currencies are same and
it will confuse you also many things become mix up and boaring so you have practiced every month and
revised again and again if I feel that I will forget then revise
that and keep that away again Let’s talk about speed and accuracy how you increased your speed? As I have said that speed will increase
automatically you solved a question in mock test, then
analyse that and see there are a shortcut next time while you do the same speed will
increase automatically Speed will increase automatically
you have to focus on accuracy selection of questions is your choice some questions are for consuming time and
demotivate you to get you out of the exam some questions are time consuming, and you
have to decide to attept that or not so you have to attempt selective questions no need to get 100 out of 100, answer for
70 but accurate So, questions you have to attempt or not it
comes from the practice and experience? yes only practice and experience At first, your basics should be cleared if your basic is cleared then you can go
for level 1 and level 2 easily in level 3, there level 1 and 2 is included to do a long in short, you need experience you have to focus on basics If your basic is clear then you can be
selected for preli easily Mains is included with DI there also basic comes Many people prepare for SSC exam, SBI PO,
IBPS PO and many other level and difficulties are different I know only that I have to prepare for
banking only not for the SSC same question have different answer for SSC
and for banking if you preparing for banking then only do
banking It is very important to choose your
goal first when I joined coaching there was a combined
course of banking and SSC And I had understood after doing one
coaching that I can’t do this In first day, I realized that in reasoning
SSC said something else and bank else So, I dropped SSC As, you get 10-12 exams for banking
in a year fastest recruitment process so I choose Banking You will get only one exam in SSC so I choose Banking only you had selected your goal my friends said that plan B but I told no plan B, I have to do only it level of other exams are different Most different you can say SBI PO but in 2018 IBPS PO was most different the level of quantitative aptitude was much
more different I have given both exam I was comfortable for SBI PO but in IBPS PO
it was very difficult for me cut off was much low there was difficulties in English also
in IBPS PO This year IBPS PO was much difficult there are descriptive also, and letter
writing and essay writing In SBI PO I have faced that, My preli and
Mains was good but not the descriptive part descriptive plays a big role If you not take the descriptive seriously
then you will not be selected for sure As, I was from CBSC background so I have
already done descriptive, letter writing .. my basic was cleared when I failed SBI PO then I realized that
it was for the descriptive then I have learned all those again mainly current issues comes in descriptive if you are following newspaper you will get
indepth knowledge In editorial part there are
the current issues what is the exact thing they are judging
you in the descriptive? you can’t write anything in the descriptive there is a particular way they are judging
you, what is that? current issues with gramariticals
activities spelling mistakes thank you for the information Let’s go to the interview how was your interview? I have given only two interviews in my life
RRB PO and IBPS PO RRB PO was my first interview I was very nervous when I had gone to the inverviewer, I asked
may I come in? and he said come in So, I have to say good afternoon but I had
said good morning It happens with many people then I made correction he smiled and said sit down interview was oriented in
educational background there was questions from commerce I want to say to our viewers If you are preparing for an interview then
prepare your educational background also Interview is a test of the personality If you don’t know anything then just skip
that by saying a sorry, don’t be nervous where you be nervous, they cut your marks So, you have to keep your personality well
oriented If you know then answer otherwise just skip
that by saying a sorry You can direct your interview by your own whenever you give a solution of a question
then next question comes from the solution questions comes from your answer So, focus on what you are saying This is your personality test nothing else My IBPS PO interview was pretty well that was also a personality test and also
questions came from educational background how was the moment when you got
to know the result? how was the moment when you got
to know the result? At first, I have checked my results by
my own in 2017 But after 2-3 examination I stopped that
as results were very disappointing after that, I had never checked my results
by my own after fill up a form, I shared application
and roll no and DOB with friends there are my two friends Gaurav Mishra
and Tushar Tiwari IBPS PO was a big exam I was very nervous I had called Gaurav before the result out
and said to call me if I selected He said me the Bank of India PO result That was a very joyful moment for me how was your parents reaction? they were infront of me that time They said, Bank of India, Good
Top 5 bank they were very happy first of all, everyone do hard work everybody do study, but you have to do it
in proper direction do analyse the last year examination Don’t get demotivated keep your patience if you are not selected patience word comes before hard work as there is a big competition and many
graduates & less job then failure will come how you deal with that with patience,
it’s all upon you If I can do then anyone can you are commerce graduate many things that only Engineers can do we have to be selected, and we have our
own strategy that is a interesting message for
all the learners I hope they all clear there examination
in this year we wish a good luck for your future is there any one you want to tag? you can tag any of your friend is there any of your friend? Millan Jaggi from Lucknow, cleared IBPS PO from Unacademy side we have a small gift
for you thank you so much So, wish a good luck for your future Thank you

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