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CTwT E223 – (മലയാളത്തിൽ) Kerala PSC LDC Topper Hiran H Rank 1 | Bus Conductor to Kerala PSC Topper

CTwT E223 – (മലയാളത്തിൽ) Kerala PSC LDC Topper Hiran H Rank 1 | Bus Conductor to Kerala PSC Topper

I have even practised how to shade the bubble fast before going to the exam we might practise it when we write the model exam but You can get it done fast if you shade the bubble from outside to inside than from centre to outside It is better to use a pen with 1.0 tip than a 0.5 tip because it releases more ink and can fastly darken the bubble. You can save time Chamomile Tea with Toppers An Initiative by unacademy Welcome to Chamomile Tea with Toppers an Initiative by unacademy. I’m your host Sippy Nourdeen Our today’s guest is Hiran.H, topper on 2017 Kerala Psc competitive exam (LDC) from Thiruvananthapuram Hi Hiran , welcome to the show Thank you Where are you working now ? I’m working in the Food safety department. The office is at Thycaud in Thiruvananthapuram. How is your life? After getting the job how do you feel? What do you mean by that question! It’s better now. having a happy life?
Yes, I’m happy Were you able to achieve what you have dreamed? Yes Isn’t it what we all want ! Is this your first exam or you have attended multiple exams before this one. Were there failures before? Yes, this happend after failures This is a success after the failure I was working as a conductor in KSRTC bus before this For 8-9 months I have started preparing for the LDC exam after resigning that job I have tried many exams before , without preparation You said you have written many exams without preparation There will be a reason in everyone’s life which might have made them reach the path of serious preparation What was that? Did you get any clear guidance from anyone? Or is it self preparation? it wasn’t on a consistent basis, but I was still tried to reach for the PSC coaching classes once in a while. I think this is something which happens to most of everyone who comes out If you ask them if they are preparing for the competitive exams, they would say yes but they will not have any clarity of the path Even I had a period like that, which wasn’t very useful. Then there is the fact, When you are getting old, seriousness will also get an increase with it. this can even consider as a seriousness which came that way. Where did you go for college? I have done my degree in Tiruvanandapuram University College It was in English Literature major I do know, wasn’t we all entering the college with a dream of getting a particular job? apart from passing the subjects exam or to get the degree, 90% of people might not have any expectations in college. my question is that when you went to the college you had the thought of PSC preparation or was there any reason which made you to start preparing for the PSC? The real reason is that, I was doing the degree in a time period when the topic ‘PSC’ was in the initial stage of picking up the popularity. that was the time when a lot of PSC coaching centres came like bubbles in and around. I was doing my degree second-third year. Honestly, to say, I just went with the common trend at that time. Apart from that, I had a connection with quiz competitions, etc when I was in school. Comparitively , i was better in that field considering what im good at, I thought it might be easy and better to go for competitive exams to get a government job. But I wasn’t having that seriousness at that time My next question is that You have won prizes in quiz competitions before, but what you have faced at the beginning of the PSC exams were failures So that means when it comes to Kerala PSC even people with good knowledge also getting failed. the strategy we have to go for in this scenario is different it doesn’t matter what level of knowledge a person has, but they won’t get a rank till they understand how to apply that knowledge and reach a path like this. how did you reach that path? yes it’s true It would be easy If I explain it to you using the previously mentioned quiz background. When people prepare for a quiz, they go to the extent of all possible questions and learn them. For example, What is the birth date of the son of the sister of the president of a random country! We might prepare that way It will be a flop when we sit for a PSC exam with these kinds of knowledge This is what happens to most people. Learning too many irrelevant things, Learning without having a clear understanding of the PSC pattern – This won’t give us results Our names will start coming on the list, only when we understand the pattern or the trend of the exam. That is what I have understood. What were the exams you have written in the beginning? Which year did you start preparing? How much time did it take you to reach the path? I have appeared for my first PSC test when I was 21 years old. I have missed the list for 1 mark in that exam After that, it took 7 years to become the topper and join the job I didn’t mean that I was preparing in those 7 years. there is no need to learn like that for PSC we can get PSC in very short time period but, like I said before If you ask they are writing the exam, they say ‘yes’. and when you ask if they are preparing, they say ‘yes’. They are going somewhere and doing something. Which is not at all giving any results Then again, a preparation which completely excludes the understanding of what exactly is happening in the PSC exam Some type of question might be asked in the exam, some might not when you start realising it, you will start appearing in the list. There are lot of subjects to crack in an exam When it comes to LDC , it’s vast any type of question can be asked from anywhere sometimes we have to give importance to one particular subject to crack an exam we give importance to specific subjects if one is thorough on those subjects, they can get better rank in the exam according to you what are those subjects you have given importance to? excluding GK It’s hard to tell. Yes, I had a good touch with GK Even though it was a different type, yet I had an interest in GK I have studied English in degree My father was kind of an expert maths teacher in our locality a combintion of all these was been benefitial for me So, i had to study all these in PSC point of view, you have to learn everything. yes I had back up of english, maths and GK for some extent malayalam was an issue, since i was in CBSE english medium in shcool i’ve had a small issue with malayalam yes, malayalam was the subject i have learned more malayalam is a rank making part in LDC Indeed it is Though Malayalam is the mother tongue. Yes, there is a portion of people who feel the language as easy but they might feel English hard sometimes. But probably the below 30 people would be feeling Malayalam as hard. Yes, it’s true, especially for the fresh pass out from the college because the kind of language used in the exams are not the same as the one we use day-to-day. It will be mostly grammer and other things yes, now a days people take the malayalam class notes in Manglish ( malayalam+english) that’s the situation now, so it must be hard for them If you have a good strategy, you can easily crack Kerala PSC I’ve been included in this much rank lists because I have prepared by understanding the pulse of the exam I will be teaching you with the same pulse in my class I will be teaching you only the capsules which are required for the exam My name is Mansoorali Kappungal I’m giving live classes in unacademy plus Who are all there in your home ? Currently i’m living with my wife I have mother, brother and sister there at my house father has passedaway last year What’s your brother doing ? He is working in SBI bank He is working as an assistant manager in wayand sister? Just completed PG wife? She is a UP school teacher in Malappuram so wife is also in the state service ? who has got the job first ? i have got the job first I have joined KASRTC on 2015 in 2015 I have resigned the job in 2016, wrote the exam in 2017 and got this job in 2018 Is it not a risk to resign a job you already have to get another job? In a situation where we are not certain about getting the job, resigning the current job and preparing for a new one there must be some support to do that, especially the family you were letting go of the bred and butter there you were going to the exam preparation by walking away from a good salary from an existing government job. in that case, you should be definitely needing the support of the family Did you get that support? Indeed I’ve got. I did this only because my mother and brother supported me. As you said, I had to let go of the income. But, its not only the income, letting go of the job which you have got by passing an exam was a big risk for me. Yes, they have supported me. The benefit I have got from that is- -the fear it has created. It was a plus point. I could have done the preparation and written the exam by continuing the job Since I was very much aware of my nature, I was sure that I wouldn’t have made a result from that You know that bewildering situation when you lose everything! “God everything is gone “I have to get something to survive, that situation. I believe, I was able to get the result because I was able to exploit that situation. Did you married after getting the job ? It’s been just four months since my marriage wasn’t the marriage happened after your wife has got the job? yes Are you preparing for any other exam? Or are you satisfied with this? can’t say the word is satisfied, but it looks like I have stopped going for another This exam was taking place in 2017, around 2018 I have stopped my preparation. i couldn’t write 2 -3 graduate level exams it was the demise of father. After that preparation didn’t happen the preparation is been stopped in this situation It doesn’t mean that im satisfied in this But it didn’t happen after that. Further, these chain of events such as marriage and all has happened its getting extended, but i would like to restart the preparation You have started preparing for the job at the age of 21 right? When did you got the First job ? 25 25, that is a good age to get in to the job in this 4 year gap, you were consistently preparing for the PSC When you write an exam, it will take 1- 1.5 year to get the result of it In a time like this, you must have got a lot of questions from friends and other such as “would you get the job”, “didn’t you get the job” “isn’t been too many days” etc questions which can mentally wear down you you might have gone to a depression mode. They wouldn’t know the situation that you are beeing waiting for the result about a year from the exam written. How did you overcome it ? The problems I have been faced might be one step above what you said like I said, I was getting into PSC at the age of 21 and started writing the exam Loosing it by just 1 mark below the cutoff Seeing this, i thought i’m really great just when I attended I have got this much, so surely I will get next time I have got that kind of carelessness The second exam was the one which took place in 2012 for KSRTC conductor post That was the second competitive exam in my life I have got into that job as well Though i wrote the exam on 2012, i got in to the job around 2015 2012-2015 i was bragging about this I was like , PSC ? simple ?
3 years went like that. Without thinking the job I’ve got is a small one and I should be aiming for bigger ones, I have wasted the time Like that time gone and reached 2015, I have joined the job then I realized the job is hard, it’s not the way imagined It would be. So this gap, affected me a lot Thats one thing secondarily, you said I’ve joined the job at a good age. It’s wrong actually. Because my brother joined SBI when he was 19 years old. altogether , he must have prepared for just 4 months after 4 months of coaching, he joined the job at 19 and i was still a jobles.. Bloody brother. I had a pressure of that aswell. Since we were good friends it didn’t go another way, still- -wouldn’t there be the gossip in the friend and family circle, that the younger brother got the job but the older one didn’t, he is still careless, etc i went through all these also, i was little slow in 2015, 2016 and 2017 What strategy did you follow to crack the LDC exam Did you make a strategy of your own and was travelling in that path, or there were anyone to guide you? what was that strategy, How much time you have given for each subject, what was the input given? what and all you did to keep those learned things in mind? isn’t it considered to be the important element ? it would be great if you can share that strategy It would be appropriate to share the strategy I have used for LDC Because I didn’t do anything much in the first year after I have resigned the job. I’ve got into it somewhere in between November to June to prepare there were two of us who plan to do the preparation together First we have made a timetable a timetable which covers almost all subjects each day secondly, we’ve spent the time to sit and understand the nature of the question paper well that was the most beneficial thing we did we have understood that there are some “Hot Spots” which are covered in each year then we have practised to learn and complete things on a time-bound basis by given importance to previous years then we went for text books, SERT UP school level text books from which grade you took the text books ? 6th, 7th I didn’t go for the high school level books but took till 8th grade. As per my understanding, high school books should be covered when going for the graduate level exam 11th and 12th might be benefitial ,i think. we did it on the go, but I think after we finished the exam and got into the job, the importance of textbooks is being increased. at the time we were preparing, in my knowledge, no one was seriously was going for SERT books and given it too much importance. but me and my partner did that . didn’t go that deep, but among doing other things such as previous questions and all, we did this as well I think the importance of that increased after that, nowadays in the rank advertisement, I could see “based on SERT” on it. that means you have travelled before the time so you and wife were preparing together for the exam the partner become wife after that so it was a strategy both of you were taken together we used to do combined study in an institute at that time In the remaining time, we used to speak on the phone to learn and complete the portions That is how we both get into jobs Did your wife also prepared for LDC? She has prepared for the LDC, along with that she prepared for the teaching posts. So she took the LP and UP exam. she got it and joined for UP the publications which you have used such as books and magazine, was it useful for the exam? if you ask like that, it’s hard to say where and all it was useful exactly We haven’t given importance to any other things more than the importance given to the previous questions we were depending on the publications to get the model questions mainly. it was useful also, even if need a lot of previous, still we have to focus on the current. For that, we have depended on a lot of sources no one has heard or had the tendency of going for SERT textbooks at the time of preparing for 2017 LDC. we normally give importance to PYQ, yearly publications. We don’t normally follow the newspapers that much because we want to get everything in capsule form without going much for reading, getting these as capsules and swallowing it was common the tendency. How did you do this, which and all books were helpful? Regarding this to say, I have an opinion that the syllabus of the PSC is not that vast it’s vast, but not that much as the aspirants think it is. the questions aren’t asked that deep. As I said, there are some ‘hot spot’ areas. questions are coming from those areas regularly. we can get a grip into that when we try to understand what is happening in the question papers then for GK i have given imporatance to previous questions that is what I have given most importance to, nothing other than that. i had to refer multiple reosources for current affairs for that, we have got information capsules from offline and online resources weekly publications from manorama and mathrubhumi was useful we were trying to write maximum model exams, these mentioned books were useful for that. at that time , nobody were using text books maybe there, but I mustn’t have known.No one in my knowledge has done that. my syllabus was CBSC in 10th grade as I said, the girl who is my wife now was my PSC partner then so when we discuss topics, she picks up some topics very fast such as the war and history, but I wasn’t able to for her, I was the brainiest guy, but she grasps a few things quickly. But when we were discussing more I came to understand that there is some connection between their way of learning in school. So I have checked the textbook and it was true that a lot of things were coming from the textbooks. that is how i’ve started give importance to it I cant tell that we did it completely get success, but yes we did that as well we have got some marks because of that since you did English literature in college, was it helpful when doing PSC? Yes , there were difficulties when it comes to words, especially in an exam like LDC, words are important there were situations like I was seeing those words for the first time it didn’t take much time, but on the go, it got familiar and clear How did you catch the malayalam Malayalam was a little problematic. I have attended a few classes for that. for malayalam as well, above 50% previous year patterns nature will be there I’m not sure if it’s there now as well, but before this ‘previous nature’ was there we have got plenty of previous questions, and there is something called trend following right? so far they have asked questions like this, so that question might go this much extent but not go this side. we prepared based on that assumptions What and all you did to keep the learned things in memory? We are learning a lot of things in a day. How many hours are spent on learning? What are all the tricks you have done to keep these things in memory? Some people use codes to learn and keep it in memory, have you done anything like that? are there even any tricks to remember these codes? if the codes are not clearly understood,we will forget the codes Yes, I have used many codes. I had a teacher friend who was the master of codes. I have got many codes from him, all were very useful. we normally go for the ones which are very common Can we encapsulate all the basis in codes ? yes , to an extent we can to tell more on the memory topic… It would be better to learn and keep things in memory as a pyramid Vast , commom and basic things build the strong base Then build on the top of it. Rare things will occupy only a small portion of it. There is no use in building like this Make the foundations strong, by clearly understanng basics I stand by the ideas that it’s not wrong to revise the basics how much ever times required. when an aspirant begin their preparation as a fresher first has to go to the deep study ? because people get panic when entering in to this thinking they have to complete everything in 3 months
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finish everything in 6 months get the job in an year what do you think the possibilities of these referring to your experience? If i have to tell from my own experiance I would say, don’t even mind whatever I’m sharing now because, absorb all these information but only take it only as a third person’s opinion I believe it would be better to build your own way than depending on other’s opinion becaue only we know our plus and minus Another person’s method might not necessarily suit you take my case as an example, I won’t even wake up before 9 am. So, instead of making a plan which won’t work out, it’s better to plan something which suits that timing. Night time study is okay for me , even if it is 2’o clock so I would plan accordingly. Just saying an example I have heard that if you wake up early in the morning at 4 or 5, you can do things in 30 minutes which normally takes 2 hours to do. they say you get more concentration. But in my case, I have never seen 4 AM in the clock. it’s a very rare phenomenon for me. So I have planned according to my habits. it would be better if you can build your own way and plan which suits you Then there is self-confidence. Did you have that from the beginning or in-between you built it up? well, self confidence was low in the begining later also it was low Now ! still its low Im basically an introvert, so my confidence level also goes along with it. It was naturally low but , i’ve had realisation about that I was like, “okay I have these negative areas, better not mess it up trying to make better out of it” so I have worked that way. The confidence level is still low maybe you can make it out while looking at me. You have achieved LDC in 2017 with a good rank District wise, you have got the top mark. Did you prepared for any exams after that, or were you been in any rank lists? Any other new rank lists No, the possibility of getting into the list is low, since I couldn’t write anything properly after that After LDC, i have continued the preparation for a short time my fathers demise happend with in 6 months after that I couldn’t continue after that couldn’t write one or two exams, so there was a break happed like that preparation was almost stopped by 2018 There was an exam for ‘village field assistant’ for Thiruvananthapuram district at the time when I was preparing for LDC it’s results came at 2019 I’ve got first rank for that you said you have low self-confidence, but there is this thing called self-motivation it’s possible to move along with the pulse only if we have that if we stop at any point, the recovery should be only possible from the first square From scratch. So, how were you able to maintain self-motivation? You had that with you, it’s certain that if it wasn’t there you couldn’t have got the job that was my second problem. self-confidence and self motivations are the two things I was lacking at I was not a self-motivated person, so it was hard for me you can assume it when I’ve told you about my 9 AM wake up timing I had to build both these by struggling It is compulsary to have these both both are required , if not it has to be built . when I’ve asked about self-motivation, you said you had become one with self-motivation. there are not only aspirants who have won an exam with high ranks but also numerous great people who have achieved great things by reading their life story, haven’t you inspired and motivated? Is this strategy helped you to become a self-motivated? Im not sure how much motivation we can get from a role model there is no one specific to say as rolemodel for the sake of saying we say Karnan, Napoleon and Bhagat Singh, there is no one specific to say as the role model motivation has to be self-developed. As said before, it’s not a thing which can be made in capsule form and swallowed. it is something has to be self-developed by realising our positive and negatives that’s my model. It doesn’t mean that someone has to follow that that is just what i did if someone does the same, it will be again will be a modelling scenario. it’s necessarily not to be followed as such. Just think and consider your comfort level it’s about reaching the goal while staying in your comfort level wasn’t it successful ! you also have to consider when the success happened! because it wasn’t useful when I was in a stage where I wrote exams just like that. From 2011 to 2018 , i have written many exams but none was useful. in 2017, I’ve set the goal and determined to crack this exam. So I have planned accordingly with available time and comfort level. I have got maximum output from that. i havent thought about rolemodels at that time next one is an important question we are learning too many things, sometimes too extensively, just to apply all these gained knowledge in the exam. How to make our mental state favourable to us at that time? the metal state before the exam, both are different it will be little tensed the day before the exam we have to get rid of the tension before entering the exam hall How did you approched that situation ? Yes, i had exam tension, once. there was an university assistant exam before LDC it was in 2016 , the list has came recently I was preparing for the exam while I was working as a conductor though I have prepared good for it, the marks I’ve got wasn’t that good. Tension was the reason for it it was a good lesson for me that’s how I resigned the job to get into the preparation more seriously. Yes, I’ve had tension- -I was able to rectify it when I’ve lost that exam only because of that tension How did you overcome the tension I had to think of it well and resolve it in mind to overcome it tension will take 5 marks from you, if you are not tensed you will get whatever you deserve and the job. weren’t you calm in the exam hall? in any scenario, the better we do our homework the better we can perform i belive in that. Because- -I have even practised how to darken the bubble fast before going to the exam Sometimes we might do it in the model exam but You can get it done fast if you dark the bubble from outside to inside than from centre to outside It is better to use a pen with 1.0 tip than a 0.5 tip because it releases more ink and can fastly darken the bubble. You can save time starting from there, even the small things I have prepared that was made possible, because of the series of failures from the previous exams doesn’t we have to save the time-consuming habit of going through the questions and ticking it Did you avoid that ? it worked out for me in the previous exams. I normally go through the question, tick the question and dark the bubble. then after some time, I’ve started to understand the tick and shading is a tiring process it’s not only tiring but by the time you finish a few it will be the half time So, by giving importance to the question paper first, I go through it and tick all the questions. Then go to the OMR sheet and shade the bubble outside to inside From out side to inside make a round and fill it these might give you nano second benefits more than the time, we get the benefit of peace of mind i’ve done a lot of things like that this is one of the exams for which I’ve done extensive homework, so we can say it’s the result of that. now we can go to the rapid fire I will ask you 5 questions, you won’t get much time. You have to answer right away. rapid fire First question In life, any cinema has influenced you? To get the government job. For example any good Malayalam movie? I’ve heard ‘Vikramadityan’ movie was inspiring to many people I don’t know any other movies which are connected to PSC favourite actor ? Actor ? Mohan lal it might be because of the heroism of Mohanlal characters in movies, right? What advice would you give your 13-year old version of yourself? ‘all are your imaginations’ ‘whatever thoughts are in your mind are just imaginations’ would you be successful in PSC if your wife wasn’t been there be with you? I wouldn’t be successful so your wife is a main determining character in your success Yes, I would have continued my conductor job if she wasn’t there to make me think otherways. she is the character who was my friend at that time and my wife now, her name is Aneesha What is your favourite hobby, also what is your weakness you have which no one likes even your wife or you? people who doesn’t have any hobby write ‘reading’ so i’m goning to go with that
i sleep a lot I too like it , my primary hobby is sleeping I get the feeling of good sleep only if I cover it for 10-11 hours contineous or otherways so naturally thats the problem that is the weakness sleeping is not a weakness, because everyone needs it When the husband has to reach the office at 10 AM, sleeping till 9.30 would be a problem Rapid-fire was interesting and entertaining. Is this the first time you are facing these kinds of questions? yes so, did you enjoy it ? on behalf of Unacaedmy, we have a gift for you thank you Thank you
Welcome What is the advice you have for our learner aspirants? What i have to say is, Stick to the syllabus. how much ever close you can be with the syllabus be that much close Everything you need is inside that, try not to go outside it Learn from it, get the job It was a good message, to learn from inside the syllabus Hiran’s words would be defenitely useful for the aspirants. there is no doubt in that We have a tradition its like a ritual Would Kiran be interested in tagging any other topper to Unacademy? To come to this show next? yes, anyone who Hiran know there is a person who came second in this cleark list, 92.6 her name is Priya she is from tiruvananthapuram she is the second rank so, Priya, we will try to reach you next.
we would hope to get a chance to share your experience with our aspirants we are about to reach the end of our episode You have shared everything with full transparency, So cool and innocent What do you think about this experience with Unacademy? these are all new to me
New experiences it was a good experience was the questions confusing ?
no, it wasn’t. I was just doubting if the cameras went a step back because of my performance. It was a nice experience Thank you.

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