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Cute Baby Badgers!

Cute Baby Badgers!

“BADGERS”] This is Secret World
Wildlife Rescue. And we’ve been established in
Somerset for 12 years looking after all British wildlife
casualties. My name’s Sara. And I’m the animal
care manager and the veterinary nurse. The role of my job here is
really to care for all of the animals that come in, assessing
all the patients, rearing all the babies, with a
team of eight staff that are all dedicated to getting them
all back to the wild. Let’s come and meet some
of the animals. [DOOR CREAKING] Come in. Right, they are here
somewhere. There’s something moving
under here. Hello, little face. So as you see, this is the
kitchen of Secret World where most of the babies come in to
begin with, of which this is the first of our baby badgers
which you’ll meet. And she’s called Sage. Badgers are really lovely
creatures, as you can see. They’re very, very playful and
naturally live in great big social groups. And they’re extremely funny,
playful, interact an awful lot with each other, quite
boisterous, a lot of rough and tumble. And everything she’s doing at
the moment is sort of– is completely natural behavior
that she would do to other cubs, and will continue to do
so when she’s an adult. Well, feeding time with the
badger cubs is always the best time of the day. If you’re giving them a bottle,
it’s just lovely. And it’s really rewarding
to do it. But the rest of them, you make
up this great big mash of different types of food items. And they really just roll around
in it, get completely sticky, covered in the food. And then, you just have to clear
all the mess up again. This little one is
called Minty. And he’s still having a bottle
because he’s a bit babyish, aren’t you? You want your bottle now? It’s lunchtime. [SUCKLING SOUNDS] [LAUGHS] Aw, mm, mm. As you can see, she gets
absolutely into everything. Really, really mischievous
little mad ‘un. No. [BUSY SIGNAL] Oh. [LAUGHTER] [BUSY SIGNAL] What have you done? [BUSY SIGNAL] Who are you dialing? Hello? Hello? Get off. You’re such a naughty badger. When you’ve got four badger
cubs running around the kitchen, you don’t know
who’s been feed. And if you don’t know who’s
been fed, if you go– [SLOSHING SOUND] –you can actually hear
the milk in their belly, like a coconut. When it comes down to
it, that’s the job. Everything goes back to the
wild that can go back. So you kind of always have that
in the back of your mind that you know they’re
going to go one day. And it is sad. But it’s good for
them, isn’t it? It’s good for you. [MUSIC – JIM DEMUTH,

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  1. Wonderful animals, they keep a perfect balance in the ecosystem. The badger cull is totally insane, barbaric and totally unnecessary. Please everyone sign this petition:

  2. Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Mushroom Mushroom!

  3. Did you know that lynxes, wolves, and bears used to live in your countryside? The Lynx became extinct in 700 AD, the Bear in 1000 AD, and the Wolf in 1743. Lynxes maybe reintroduced to the UK at about the end of this year. Then wolves probably in a couple of years.

  4. For a rehabilitation wildlife centre i would expect them to live outdoors, not in some crazy ladies living room. How do they adapt to wildlife when they are grown?

  5. Where I live, I have raised skunks, mephitidae mephitus mephitus, not part of the weasel family, as formerly thought. Those that could not be released spent their lives with me, being as spoiled as I could manage. They played with each other, and myself, and often came to bed with me.

  6. UHHHH!!!!!! Honey Badgers are so nasty! They don't give a shit. It just gets what it wants. Uhhhh!!! What is that it's eatining, UHHH!!!!! Its eating snake, Ahhh! They are so nasty.

  7. I would love to have a badger as denestacated house pet fasentating creatures badgers are the problem is I can"t find where to buy a badger as a baby or how to get one

  8. I had a wild badger cub sniffing around my feet this week. Not for the first time either, absolutely magical experience.
    It's a real privilege being around these creatures, makes all the nettle stings and bug bites worthwhile !

  9. Thank god there are people in the world who are trying to steward the future for species other than ourselves. It shows hope in the destruction

  10. I remember hanging out near some hills and was looking into a bush and went snout to snout with a badger. It seemed surprised but also seem to figure that I meant no harm and just walked away

    P/s: Wait a second is that a kangaroo? How did it get there and get to be considered "wildlife"

  11. my mom always said I have a temper like a badger.As I got older I studied them and she was right the badger and I have alot in

  12. Badgers now resting on Kingdom of Sarawak crest. Search it. At Kuching, someone had delivered stuffed badger to a museum as part of exhibition. People say that animal already roaming at Fort Margareta when Sarawak still a colony.

  13. They are so cute but all I have to say is badgers badgers badgers badgers badgers mushroom mushroom

  14. badger makes a call
    phone rings
    keeps ringing
    Finally someone answers: hullo, who is it
    Badger replies: it me, badger 🦡

  15. Please help us to stop badger hunting in France through that petition :
    Thanks a lot for your support , greetings from France

  16. These badgers were shot dead in the British Badger Extermination program 2019

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