Delta Airlines SECRET to avoid negative customer service ratings!

(hip hop music) – [Man] Hey Lincoln, nice shoes. – Thanks! – [Man] What are they? – Nikes, they got kinda dirty,
I wore them to school today. – [Man] Nike what? (calm music) – [Man] See that sign over there Lincoln? That’s gonna be us in like, ten hours. Lincoln, what’s going on? – We are trying to get to
Paris, probably not gonna work. – [Man] Why not? – Just because we didn’t check
in an hour before the flight, so they dropped our seats. – [Man] Not just any seats,
our first class bed seats. – Yeah. – Not going to Paris today,
Delta’s not letting us on. Diamond, we were first class. We paid our own money on this one. And you have to be there
exactly sixty minutes before your flight, otherwise no-go. So, we’re heading home. Good news is I have a Jimmy
John’s sandwich in the car that Lincoln left in there and forgot to bring for me to eat. Bad news is we’re not going to
Paris to film more video, so. Yeah, gonna be a little tricky. I’m really bugged ’cause
I am Diamond on Delta. – I’m Platinum, I’m Platinum. – He’s Platinum. So we’re here in plenty
of time, plenty of time to get on the flight, we’re
not even checking a bag. Because we’re only there
for a stinkin’ day. So yeah, that’s what’s going down. Lame, lame Delta, failed. I’ve always been loyal to Delta. We’re Diamond for like, the
last three years and it sucks. I’m on the phone with Delta. Lincoln’s getting his
Nintendo Switch set up. We just got it today. – It’s not working. – Check it out, I’m on the
call with Delta right now. The call is over, they
weren’t super helpful. They did drop the price down. I still have to pay $400
more to fly out there. Even though like we were
here within the window. Every time when you call
Delta, what they do is, as soon as the person drops
off the call, they um. They take you to a survey where you do, one through five how
helpful was the employee? It’s always immediate, like right away. – [Voice On Phone] On a
scale from one to five, where five is definitely yes,
and one is definitely no, please respond to the following questions. Would you hire the last Delta
Representative you spoke with if you owned a customer service company? – [Man] I would. – [Voice On Phone] Please remember– (phone beeping) Thank you for participating in our survey. We appreciate your time
and value your feedback. Goodbye! – I put it on mute right now, so they don’t hear what I’m saying, but. It’s not going to the survey. And so, but it’s still going. And so what I’m thinking is happening is, I wonder if Delta’s policy
is if you have somebody that is not happy with the
service that Delta gave today– (phone beeping) Here it goes. Then maybe they don’t
send you to the survey. It just did a beep thing. But it’s not taking me to the survey. It said before I’d have a
survey, and it always does. Lincoln’s working on the Switch. He’s trying to switch it. He’s trying to take the controllers off and it’s not switching. – It doesn’t like, connect to it. And the battery is fully charged. And this isn’t connecting to
here, so I tried to take it off but now it won’t let me take it off. – Having all kinds of problems. This is really funny though,
so this is a good experiment. I’ve done the survey so many
times, and I’ve never given anything other than a five
which is like the highest. Like, would you hire this employee? And it’s like, one out of five. And now we’re just stuck here. I wanna give the survey. (laughing) I wanna be honest, it’s like
the one time that we’ve had a bad experience, I’ve flown
almost a million miles. Now it’s music, they put me to. They switched me to somewhere else. Very, very tricky. Very tricky. I’ll update you in a minute. I’m just gonna let it keep running. – [Voice On Phone] Sorry for
the trouble with your baggage. – Baggage Information Line,
that’s where they sent me? She transferred me to the
Baggage Information Line! – [Voice On Phone] Sorry,
you can say delayed baggage. – Customer service representative. – [Voice On Phone] Delta
Baggage Service Center. James speaking, how may I assist you? – Oh, I think they transferred
me to the wrong place. I was on a call with somebody. They’re helping me with
changing my flight and then, I was supposed to take a
survey after the call and then, there was like, this five
minute hold, and then they transferred me to baggage. So I’m kinda confused. – [Voice On Phone] Yeah, that is weird. – All right, I guess no survey today. – [Voice On Phone] Well I appreciate that you would have filled it
out, hopefully next time they’ll let you have that opportunity. – There’s a little trick about Delta. I can not fully confirm, but
it is a very good hypothesis. That that’s what happens. ‘Cause it totally happened for us. On the positive side, like we
get an extra day with family. And in the negative, we
get one less day in Paris. The survey, can you believe
the survey, Lincoln? That was tricky, we even told
the Delta guys back there and they’re like, oh
that’s a tricky thing. So they told us, they were nice, they said what you can do is you can go online, and you should be able to fill
out a survey about the person that was helping you so, I
don’t really have it against that employee, after that,
transferring us to baggage, I’m definitely doing the
survey, that’s not cool. All right, it’s been 24
hours, and we are running late again to the airport it’s 3:45
and the flight is at 4:50 so. London, look how long
her hair is today, wow. How did it get so long? She has extensions in. – Delete that part, daddy. – Delete that part, delete it right now. We’re gonna go, bye momma, bye Claire. Love you guys. Lincoln’s getting ready,
Claire made this awesome thing. Check out what she made,
first she made this artwork. She’s still working on
it with watercolors. And then check this out that she made. This, it’s a Paris thing, an Eiffel Tower. She gave this to me to take with. That was super nice. It’s gonna be the shortest trip ever, now that we missed that day,
we’re only gonna be gone, we’re only going to be
in Paris for 23 hours. And a lot of that’s gonna be sleeping. (hip hop music) And day two at the airport. Lincoln, where are we going this time? – We are going to Paris to go see where Tinker Hatfield got the inspiration to make the shoes that
I’m wearing, Nike AirMax. They got kinda dirty, I
played with them at recess. – [Man] They’re a little
bit dirty, but yeah. So if you noticed, our shoes are white. They are a blank slate, that’s because Lincoln gets to design
his own AirMax Zeros. And so we need to get some inspiration. So hopefully this trip will bring us that. It brought Tinker Hatfield inspiration. Let’s see if it can do the same for us. (hip hop music) Back to the point that we made yesterday. We were at the airport
five zero, fifty minutes before the flight and
they wouldn’t let us on. Right now, it is 4:27
and we are at the gate. The flight is at 4:50,
it’s 4:27 right now. And they haven’t even
started boarding yet. So that’s how ridiculous it was yesterday that they didn’t let us on,
they probably hadn’t even started boarding yet, for
like 20 or 30 more minutes. And they wouldn’t let us go
through security to do it. That’s crazy to me. It is what it is, things
happen for a reason. What are you working on over here, buddy? Switching it up? We made it on our flight. I can’t really fit my bag anywhere. So I’m just setting it right there. Oh, you got it, switch! That’s how you do it! Day late, but I think we’ll make it. – But you gotta put this out. – [Man] What’s that do,
what’s the difference? Did you just break it? You just broke your Switch! (laughing) – Oh no, it’s fine. Look at that! Oh… I just tried to pull it
out and it just yanked! – All right so we are
just about to take off. We’re playing Nintendo Switch,
we put it up right here. And then we raced against each other. (flight attendant chattering) – [Lincoln] First, Link! – So lucky, I’m coming
though, I’m learning. (calm music) How you feel, buddy, rested? – Tired. – [Man] Tired? You slept for probably five hours. That’s good. Thank you! Oh, that looks cold! – That’s where we’re going. – [Man] All right, let’s
go out of here, buddy. We are gonna end this vlog here. It’s been a crazy two days of traveling. And we made it to Paris! It’s totally raining
outside, we got in trouble for having the camera. She said, no photos, no photos. So we’re gonna take an Uber to our place. We’re staying at a friend’s house. It’s gonna be a fun day,
we have 24 hours in Paris. That’s gonna be the next
video, so stay tuned for that! Thanks for enjoying the adventure with us. This is the closest we’re
gonna get to the Loo. Hello, Loo! Did you enjoy the Loo? Yeah. (hip hop music)

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