66 thoughts on “DIY Cake Toppers for Birthday & Weddings: Customize Your Own!”

  1. Brilliant tutorial! Just what I always wanted to do! I would like to know if I could add an image of a vehicle in the centre, if so, is it the same way you make the topper, instead of putting text, you insert an image? I hope I have the confidence to make one of these? You make it look so easy! Thanks again Jennifer! 🙂

  2. I can be there for lunch- because there’s always room for cake 🍰🤣😉
    This will be yet another beautiful piece in my crafted life!!! Great project!!

  3. Nice Cake Alexa! You are right Jennifer, Alexa's cake looks exciting and colorful next to the plain store bought!

  4. I always just do words ive never thought to put something like this around it. Ill be using these templates this is beautiful🥰🥰

  5. Hi Jennifer- for some reason I am not getting your emails anymore about this Christmas giveaway. I look forward to them everyday. I was getting them- but it stopped. Please help

  6. I’ve been learning so much from you, so thank you!… I can hear the joy in your voice when you’re making projects and I catch myself smiling 😁… thanks for the templates.

  7. What a pretty cake your daughter made! I learn something every time I watch your videos – Thank❤️❤️❤️ you so much for all that you do for us!

  8. Why do I need to choose the color of the card stock you are using on the machine?? It is just a reminder to change mats?

  9. Love these videos, Jennifer. I’m learning something in every one. I didn’t know I could change my paper type in the middle of a cut. I’ve been cancelling the job and starting over when I needed to change paper types! Who knew? You did, of course.

  10. Jennifer i have a quick question about DS. Do you know why we can't paste text in the text bar anymore?
    People send me names that they would like but i have them spell it so i could just copy & paste… I can no longer do that… Do you have any clue why? Pllllease help.

  11. Oh boy! I need to make a bunch of these for my mom. She makes birthday cakes for all of her friends and family, but her decorating skills aren’t quite as good as the delicious cakes. That stresses her out because she wants everything beautiful. A big set of various cake toppers will be a gift she will LOVE. Thanks for another wonderful tutorial!

  12. I just got a cricut maker and I’m having issues with the paper not cutting all the way through. Do you know why this could be?

  13. Even though I don’t really want to make a cake topper I always learn something new from your videos. Thank you! Please keep them coming!

  14. I’m so excited to get started with my cricut. I have seen cricut cut cake toppers that lay flat on the cake. Can we do that or what would I need to add. Thanks.

  15. Lovely cakes, especially Alexa's! I love these toppers though I'm not sure when I would use one but I know where to find them if I need one! I suppose, depending on the cake, it could be laid flat on top if it was last minute (which I usually end up!) but it wouldn't be so eye catching. Thanks for all your videos. I love the way you never assume we all know how to do any action but explain it so well all through. Even if we are 'old hands' at Design Space it never hurts to refresh our minds, especially if you have a FORGETTORY instead of a memory as I have!

  16. I just found you and I'm going through all your wonderful ideas. I'm hooked. Ordering your books next. Thank you

  17. Just got a Cricut for Christmas and I’m totally binge watching all of your videos!!! Thank you for sharing!! You’re amazing and you explain it all so well. ❤️

  18. I love all your videos. I have a Brother Scan n Cut not a Cricut, but I can always make your files work. they are very good files. Also, you are one of the few Youtubers who actually respond to comments, and I admire you for that. You go the extra mile !

  19. Love this! Would this work if I did chipboard for one layer and cut out cardstock for the top decorated layer? or is that too difficult? Lol! I'm sure two cardstock layers will be easier/better but I've been wanting to use my chipboard! Thank you!

  20. I work in Nursing Home and I think this is a great touch when each one of the residents is celebrating a birthday to make them smile. Thank you for sharing all your creativity.

  21. Hi I love your videos your amazing.
    I was wonder if you can help me please how to make a cake toper for my daughters gender reveal and that it says twinkle twinkle little star please I new on cricut and I don't much about computers please please and thank you.

  22. Jennifer ,, you are the best, I truly mean that, you go way above and beyond and you are such a delight to watch,,, thanks so much for all you do ! 🙂

  23. I may be the only silhouette user here lol because I've read through the comments searching for answer to no avail.
    I downloaded your cake topper design (thank you so much btw) and when I open it in silhouette studio, it doesn't come apart like you showed using a cricut, which of course may be the problem. Each little piece is separate and stacked together instead of 2 wreaths and a ring. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is it just not completley compatible with silhouette (cameo 3)?
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, designs and all things crafty!

  24. When I try to upload the template it doesn't let me. When I click on your template it pops up as a word doc or pdf
    What am I doing wrong?

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