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Don’t put a paddle into a Beaver Lodge

Don’t put a paddle into a Beaver Lodge

– Just saw a giant porcupine on the road. I’m comin’ to find it. (foliage rustling) there it is. There it is. Look at him. A giant. Hey buddy. Look at him. It’s a porcupine. He’s staring’ at me. He’s staring’ at us. He’s outta here. (laughs) That was cool. Saw a real porcupine. I never seen one of those before. – It is cloudy out today. This is a first for our trip. Okay here is the deal, we’re
going on a crazy, crazy beaver home adventure right now. And it’s kinda creepy out with the clouds, so I hope it’s not raining out there. We’re gonna go jump in a pond and try to get into a beaver home. (laughs) And then we’re gonna go
do some other fun stuff. We have about an hour drive
’til we get out there. Lincoln’s getting some
healthy drinks first. What do you got there bud? – Chocolate milk. – [Dad] Chocolate milk! That’s my chocolate milk. – No its mine now! – Okay we’re driving out there and we found a giant
bird on top of a nest. Look at that nest! Think it’ll attack me, Lincoln? There’s a power line, oh boy. (loud chirping) Okay. Okay. Okay, I see ya. Where’s he goin’? Where you goin’? He’s comin’ back around. He’s comin’ back. He’s comin’ back around. He’s comin’ back around! (loud chirping) Woah! Alright we made it up here, we’re going to take some
four wheelers down there and check it out and scope it out first before we take all the tools ‘Because I wanna see this beaver home. I’ve never seen one up close. I don’t even know what it’d look like. It’s gonna be down there. This thing’s a little bumpy, this is not like the Can-Am
we’ve used at in St. George. (motor revving)
(excited yelling) (funky music) Way down there, you see that? That’s the current home
for all the beavers. I don’t think that we wanna
mess with the current home, but an old home on the
property that’s abandoned? I think we’re good. Alright boys, we’re gonna
go find the beaver home. You go catch some fish Lincoln, alright? – Yay. – You see a beaver home? There’s a couple. There’s
one right over there, then there’s one over here. The story is, if you
stick a paddle in the hole or tap it on there, then
somehow it’ll hear you and growl at you maybe. If there’s something in there. These both should be abandoned, ’cause there’s the
other home that’s bigger that’s over that way but
we wanna test it out first, before we pull out a chainsaw. Beaver home number one, this
is a 30 year old beaver dam. Beaver home, there’s a difference. – [Woman] Can you see how, like where the hole is right here? – [Man] Just right in here? – [Woman] Yeah, you can
see ‘Because it’s clear. – [Man] That’s the actual
hole where they go in. So they swim in under the water. – [Woman] Oh my god. – [Man] Okay guys, look at this. We’ve gotta paddle all the way in there. That’s how far the paddle was. (laughs) Lincoln caught one, he’s caught one. It’s a Nike running shoe. You need to move to Alaska
so you can catch more shoes. Alright here’s the next home. Looks muddier. Does it look muddy to you? Is it just ’cause of the rain? – It could be from the rain. (grunting) – [Man] Did you see the beaver – [Man] Look at that
pile of mud and spit from the beavers and sticks. Paddle’s in. I don’t hear any growls. – So, there’s nothing in there. – I’m not sure how confident
I am in our scientific test here of sticking a
paddle in a beaver home. I feel like there’s gotta
be some other way to figure out whether there’s a beaver in. They had to clean some of the beavers out of this pond a year or two ago. And they thought maybe there was going to be a couple of them. They took out thirteen different beavers. And there’s still beavers in here. We’re going to see if we
can get this underneath it. Watch out. Watch your head. – Okay, let’s see if we can do this. Here we go. – [Man] Look at those skills, Carrie. I’m jumping in. – [Woman] Woo! – [Man] Here we go. You see these sticks right here? We have to get through this all the through the slew to the end. That is where the beavers are. This is a big canoe to be going through this little slew. I’ll need to put the camera down and help. Okay, we’re coming up on it. I don’t know where it would be in here. This looks like the moat. A beaver moat of a tree. I don’t think we can make it over that. Okay, look at that. Their moat is super effective. Wait, look at those giant trees. Do we have to go all the way down there? – No, it’s here. – [Man] This is it? – [Woman] Hmm Hmm. (affirmative) – I see a little bit of the hole. – You see? Down there? – Right down there? – [Woman] I think that’s it, yeah. – [Man] Ooh, there’s the entrance. That is it. I’m scared. Beavers. So, there’s their home. It goes down there and
somehow goes up around. It looks like we could walk
around it a little bit. There’s the active beaver hole. This is an adventure. We’re going to shore. We’re walking on top of the beaver home. How fast are they on land? Oh, there’s there home. Okay, I see it. It doesn’t look as
maintained as the other one. She’s on top of it. – [Woman] Oh no. – [Man] I’m on top of it. – [Woman] Well, here. – It’s quiet in there. – [Woman] There’s a bull – a frog. – [Man] A Frog. – [Woman] That scared me. I was like, “Ah, the beaver!” – I’m thinking their
living in that other one. This is a mystery. No signs of beaver. Head’s up. If we are going to take apart a home, I’m thinking that old one over there is probably the place where we start. (dramatic music) – Alright, mission complete. We made it now, we have fifteen minutes to get to the local store. It’s down the road and they have burgers and all kinds of stuff. We’re hoping that we can
make it before they close. I know it looks, like, beautiful and sunny like the middle of the day but, it’s about 9:15 at night right now and the thing closes at 9:30. So, we got our broken shovel all kinds of stuff. We just gotta get out of here and go eat. Let’s see if we can make it. – [Man] We made it. We made it to the lodge. There’s that guy. He’s walking. We made it to the lodge. We gotta get in there and see if they’ll give us food. Because right now is the cut off. I think we made it fast enough though. We have two minutes to spare. Oh yeah, look at this place. This is legit. Look at that bird up there. Oh yeah, dogs. Real dog. Are guys still open? – [Employee] Yeah. – We’re good, they’re gonna feed us. This place is so cool. You gotta see this. Check out the roof. Check out the ceiling. Dollar bills everywhere. All over the place. Look at the wall. What is this? A game room? Oh my gosh, even down this wall. Everywhere. Woah, this place is cool. A bear on the wall. This guy on the wall. Ptarmigans on the wall. Salt Shakers. Teddy Bear. Snow Shoes. License plates. Not responsible for women left overnight. I don’t really know what that means. Pigs Plates. Is that toilet? Plants coming out of it. Bed pan. Another bed pan. Look at that moose. I wanna touch it. Maybe the coolest restaurant
I’ve ever been to. And we’re about to eat and see how good the food is but, I gotta get beaver off my hands. I don’t know what show
we’re watching in here but, at one point, when I was
eating my pork sandwich I looked up and there was a severed finger on a plate. No joke. I don’t what it – Starz, Encore, Western. Western shows. It was pretty funny. Deal. We just ate and it was really good. We have some dollars. We need to have ‘what’s inside’
dollar on the wall here. There’s so many dollars. If any of you ever come to
the Chatanika Lodge in Alaska, you’ve got to come and check out the ‘What’s Inside’ Dollar. Maybe add your own dollar. This place is cool. Lincoln, does that sound good? Basically, what he’s trying to say is he’s really tired and
we need to get him home and get to bed. Lincoln is defacing currency right here. This is illegal. What’s he up to over here. Oh no, not George Washington. This just does not feel right. Oh, that’s cool. You put an L on there and you put Link. Oh boy, I know what that is. It’s a scribble. This is the worst dollar. They’re going to take
this dollar off the wall and they’re going to turn you in to the Police. – [Woman] I think it’s great. I think you did a good job. – [Man] Aww, see, she’s so nice. – [Employee] What’s Inside, 2017. – [Man] Nice! Dolla, Dolla. This is the best game right here. Just a random exercise
machine from the 70’s. There’s your Alaskan air conditioning. Look at this room! We found a crazy one
and look what we found. A big mouth Billy bass, oh yeah. Wow. – [Lincoln] This chair could come out from under me. – [Man] That was not amazing. – That was more than amazing. That was awesome! – [Man] There’s Santa. This is Rudolph. Another grizzly. Buffalo. Creepy owl right there. Is this not one of the coolest restaurants you’ve ever seen? If you come to Alaska,
if you go to Fairbanks, go out of your way and come and see this random place. You won’t be disappointed. (Techno Music) – And this is where we end this Vlog. Feels like it’s the longest Vlog ever. But, we gotta go home and get some sleep. – It’s ten? – [Man] It’s ten o’clock. 10:42. – What? – Something like that. It’s late. Good night, guys. I hope you enjoyed this beaver day. See ya.

100 thoughts on “Don’t put a paddle into a Beaver Lodge”

  1. DUDE, that nest is right in front of my driveway…. I also live right down the road from that lodge… funny thing about that nest and why there are two poles like that. Originally there was one. The power pole, one day an eagle build it. Then an osprey fought for it. They took the power out of my house for a few days… the electric company put that pole up(a little higher) in hopes they’d build up there. They did! The man you saw in the parking lot is Ronnie. He’s the owner of the Chatanika lodge.

  2. I looked at his channel and he seldom interacts with nature. Hopefully he learned to not interact with nature

  3. Cool vid, now my turn… I'm gonna go destroy a birds nest and maybe knock over a bee hive.. Later dude!

  4. What a dumbfuck this guy is, he also exploits his son, he is probably spending all of Lincoln's money.

  5. How about enjoy your vacation and put the camera away you social media thumbs -up, attention seeking, try-hard dad.

  6. Cool. I caught a live porcupine on my property last week. They are rare here too so i didn’t want to shoot it. Relocated it and kept some quills as a souvenir.

  7. Wtf is this video. No beaver, bad attitude and treatment of your surroundings, teaching the kids the "right" way to treat nature🤦🏽‍♂️ and bad restaurant etiquette.

  8. There is a bar in central city, colorado that you put a thumb tack in a dollar with a quarter fold it up and flip it in the ceiling and write your contact information in a book. Once a year they buy as much beer as possible with the money and have a ceiling party. The bar opens after they run out of the ceiling beer. Not positive they still do it since gambling started. You would be sitting and hear quarters falling all the time. Golden Coin is the bar.

  9. did they change the title of the video? if so, i figured you wouldnt delete the video because of that sweet sweet ad revenue

  10. Saw a Beaver hutch squirrels Chipmunks and a porcupine when I was in Colorado, from New Zealand, South Pacific.

  11. Giant porcupine, giant bird, Beaver home, boy you must be a real naturalist. You've got your terms down perfectly.

  12. Their is a lot of negative comments I mean vome on everyone these people are just curious if you are just here to comment negative things then go watch another video

  13. These are the type of people that get spit in there food every time they eat.. “are you guys open? Sweet they are gonna feed us” they close at 930 you go in at 9:15 and then walk around the whole restaurant before ordering so now it’s 940 so now the whole crew is pissed off you showed your face and the guys in the kitchen are putting fromunda cheese on your cheddar cheese. No that wasn’t one of your kids hairs that was Juan’s ball hair.

  14. Starts poking the hole like they don’t know what’s living in there it takes months just for a beaver to make a house and y’all poking it

  15. Dude what is your damage do you realize the damage that the animal could do to your daughter if she were to get bit. Stay out of nature you don't belong there. it's ridiculous people going out acting like this and then teaching their children to act like this. You really need to think seriously about what you're doing.

  16. And they wonder why the locals don't like tourists! They are so ignorant coming up to disturb wildlife and then coming into a restaurant minutes before they close! Poor example for his children!

  17. Morons on the loose–dumber than mud, standard-issue Amerikan slugs more dangerous than weeping dynamite straight from the back rows of every high-school class unlucky enough to have 'em show up.

  18. What a bunch of uneducated morons. Get off the beavers home you vandals. Self centred me me me should not be allowed our without supervision

  19. A perfect example of a small boy that has yet to get over the discovery of his own little pee-pee and treats everything else to the same level of idiocy.

  20. It's a beaver LODGE! You got it right in the video title, so why did you keep saying beaver home. You sound a bit immature, and harassing nature proves that you are. Bad parenting!

  21. It's not a beaver dam either, unless it's actually damming up a body of water. People like you should stay in the city. You have no respect for nature. What a putz!

  22. I recently read about a person climbing on a beaver house. They found his body later, still on the house with many bite marks. Animals guard their house the same as a person.

  23. Just wait until you piss off a grizzly, then you'll learn respect for nature, and I hope your son sees what the grizzly does to you, as it would be a good lesson for him. Now tell me why in the Sam's hell are you around water in Alaska without a firearm, you are endangering your son's health, life, and well being. You are nothing more than a menace to society, nature, and freedom loving Americans. If you really want to do something worthwhile in Alaska, then show us how light it is at 3:30 A.M. from your hotel balcony.

  24. Man- you guys could show a little more respect for nature. Joyfully standing on its home and stabbing it with a paddle- complete disregard for the animal. I know you may not have realized it, and you don’t deserve to be called names or anything- but I hope you learn to show some restraint.

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