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Easy Marbled Chocolate Flower Cake Topper

Easy Marbled Chocolate Flower Cake Topper

hi I’m Erin Gardner creator of Erin
bakes I’m a cake decorator blogger and author and today I’m going to show you
how to make my signature chocolate peony so the first step in making my chocolate
peony is to find one of these this is just a cardboard Apple crate if you’re
ever walking through the produce department of your supermarket you’ll
see them unloading apples or pears or peaches from these cardboard crates
into the produce section this is trash to them but this is treasure to a
crafter or cake decorator so you can just ask them for it I’ve only
encountered pleasant people at the supermarket who have handed them over
willingly so I hope they do the same for you the next step in making the peony is
to line the wells with heavy duty aluminum foil I’m using nonstick today
because it just makes life easier when getting the petals off of the foil and I
highly recommend even if you don’t get nonstick to use heavy duty because
regular aluminum foil is just too thin it tears
super easily each one of these wells is going to make a petal for us for our
final chocolate peony and I have here a bowl of melted white candy coating and a
bowl of pink candy coating these are Wilton candy melts that I’m using today
but you can use whatever brand is your preference so the first step in creating
our chocolate peony petals is to take a paintbrush
and brush a very thin layer a very thin wispy layer of chocolate into each of
the wells and now I’m going to add a thicker layer of the pink chocolate so I am gonna go right into the next
step of the process which would be to brush on another thin wispy layer of the
white candy coating and you’ll see this is a much much thinner layer this is
just to add a little depth and dimension to the petal now I’ve completed all of
my petals I’m gonna pop this in the fridge for a sec to make sure these are
nice and firm before I peel them off of the foil so I’ve taken my petals out
of the fridge and they’re set up pretty firm now removing them from the foil I
like to hold up each petal from underneath and push up while peeling the
foil backwards then you see we have a gorgeous little peony petal this is what we’re going to
assemble the peony in so you should choose a bowl that’s about the size as
that’s as big as you want your peony to be in the end and I’m going to use the
reverse side of one of the pieces of foil from our petal making to line the
bowl so I’m gonna spoon some of the remaining pink chocolate into the bottom
of the bowl and then I’ll take some of the larger
petals and drop them into the chocolate just keep adding more layers in the
exact same way and you’ll use fewer and fewer petals as you go through the
layers then you’ll see with this layer I was able to use that first puddle of
chocolate to do two layers at this point I’m going to add a little bit more
there’s not enough there to have another layer stick the other thing you can do
is you can also break your petal if you have to I’m going to make this an open
peony so I’ll pop this in the fridge to get all that chocolate to harden and
then we’ll add a beautiful little Center with some sprinkles to make little
stamens so this has come onto the fridge and I’ve gone ahead and melted some
yellow coating chocolate and I’m going to spoon a little dollop you could do
this with a piping bag but I don’t really think you need to and then I’ll take
some sanding sugar you could use regular sprinkles you could use nonpareils
the excess sugar is just gonna fall away when we take this out so definitely make
sure that there’s enough to coat that entire area of yellow chocolate and I’ll
just pop this back in the fridge for another like two minutes and we’ll be
all set with our painting so I’ll begin the process of un molding the peony I’ll just lift
the foil out of the bowl and just like I did with each of the petals I’ve got one
hand that’s securely under the peony and then with my other hand I’m gonna
start pulling back the foil and we have a completed peony!

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  1. It's nice to see the work box in use. I've seen "tours" of the work box but it's good to see it in action. TFS.

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