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Elfin Cove, Alaska

Elfin Cove, Alaska

I’m headed out to Elfin Cove on this. So I’m here in Elfin Cove
and you have this cuuuute little harbor here. And then this little boardwalk
that goes around the entire town. And it takes like a max of 15 minutes – that’s it! It’s very small! …look how cute! Hi cat! [meow] We’re friends. Kind of. The town is all boardwalks! That’s it! Check out this ramp. It’s wheelchair accessible! So this place is full of resorts, and only about like… 30* people live here in the summers on a regular basis… And like 5* in the winters. There’s a gift shop. So this is the outer harbor.
And you have fish processing… …and all the boats docked,
and this is where Elfin Cove Resort is located. And look! More boardwalks! Boardwalks! Lots of them! Now what are you doing?! Talking a selfie?

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  1. What the heck, I stumbled across your channel looking at videos, feeling nostalgic for my Sitka days. And I'm like, I know those guys! But I seriously can't remember what you all were doing in town when I was living there in 2008-10, but I remember how cute and bubbly you guys were and that you lived in New York! I think yall were working downtown too maybe? I used to work at Agave and on a salmon troller. What a small world! I'm following y'all on Instagram now. Let me know if you can place me from all those years ago 😂💖PS: I love this video of Elfin Cove, this was one of the most magical places I've ever been.

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