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Elliot Moose: Bear Care/Dragon Horse/201- A Space Oddity/Tuneless – Ep.5

Elliot Moose: Bear Care/Dragon Horse/201- A Space Oddity/Tuneless – Ep.5

♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Is on the loose ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Is on the loose ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Is on the loose ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose is on the loose ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ I’m Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ I like to play ♪ ♪ And with my friends ♪ ♪ I’ll play all day ♪ ♪ My best friend Socks has a costume box ♪ ♪ So we dress up and then ♪ ♪ We pretend to be astronauts in space ♪ ♪ Or a detective solving a case ♪ ♪ Pirates, knights, explorers too ♪ ♪ Then we come home again ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Is on the loose ♪>>Elliot! ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Is on the loose ♪>>Have you seen Elliot? ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Is on the loose ♪>>ALL: Oh, Elliot! ♪ Elliot Moose is on the loose ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot Moose ♪>>Today’s show is about friends cooperating. (Socks laughing)>>SOCKS: Hey, look at that one. This bear must be very old. All his fur is white.>>ELLIOT: Socks, it’s not old. It’s a polar bear. They all have white fur. They live at the North Pole.>>SOCKS: It’s always winter at the North Pole. I wish I could go there a see a polar bear.>>ELLIOT: Good idea. Come on, explorers. Let’s go to the North Pole right now.>>PAISLEY: Yay!>>SOCKS: Wait, we can’t go yet.>>ELLIOT: Why not, Explorer Socks?>>SOCKS: It’s very cold at the North Pole. We better put on some warm clothes from the costume box.>PAISLEY: Yippee.>>SOCKS: Come on. ♪ Lionel will play a song I’ll hit a note and it won’t be wrong ♪ ♪ I’ll sing– ♪ (Elliot clearing throat)>>LIONEL: Mm-hm?>>SOCKS: Hi.>>Oh, is there going to be a snowstorm?>>ELLIOT: No, we’re going to the North Pole.>>Oh, that’s nice. Have a good trip.>>ELLIOT: Bye.>>SOCKS: Bye.>>PAISLEY: Lionel, which way is the North Pole?>>LIONEL: Well, that’s easy. The North Pole is north. And north is, uh, well, um, that way.>>EXPLORERS: Oh! Thank you, Lionel.>>Let’s get our snowmobile.>>EXPLORERS: Yay!>>ELLIOT: Chairs.>>SOCKS: Got mine.>>PAISLEY: Got mine.>>ELLIOT: Got mine. (Humming)>>ELLIOT: Here we go. Put your seatbelts on.>>EXPLORERS: Click, click.>>ELLIOT: North Pole snowmobile on the way.>>Hey. (Socks mimicking engine)>>SOCKS: Are we there yet?>>ELLIOT: I think it’s getting colder.>>PAISLEY: I don’t see any polar bears.>>ELLIOT: Unh, oof!>>EXPLORERS: Whoa!>>ELLIOT: Look, it’s a great big walrus. We must be very quiet or we’ll scare it away.>>I want a photograph.>>ELLIOT: Seatbelts off. Click.>>EXPLORERS: Click. ♪ I’ll hit a note and it won’t be wrong ♪>>Let’s get a closer look. ♪ I’ll hit a– ♪>>Hmm? Uh, can I help you?>>It’s a talking walrus!>>Oh, a walrus? Where?>>Let’s get out of here? (Explorers screaming)>>Seatbelts on. Click.>>EXPLORERS: Click. (Explorers mimicking engine)>>Ah, I think I need a drink of water. (Humming) (Elliot grunting)>>SOCKS: Whoa! Why did we stop? Is it a polar bear?>>ELLIOT: No, a caribou crossed right in front of us. Look, here comes the caribou again.>>PAISLEY: Oh!>>SOCKS: Ooh.>>PAISLEY: Wow! (Humming)>>Hmm? Another talking walrus?>>EXPLORERS: Nope, a caribou.>>Caribou? Do you know what caribou look like?>>EXPLORERS: Uh-uh.>>They look something like you, Elliot, only much, much bigger.>>ELLIOT: Amazing. Seatbelts off. Click.>>EXPLORERS: Click.>>ELLIOT: Let’s explore. ♪ Lionel will play a song ♪ ♪ I’ll hit a note and it won’t be wrong ♪>>ELLIOT: Listen, can you hear that howl? It might be a wolf.>>SOCKS: Oh, a wolf.>>PAISLEY: Oh, my. ♪ Lionel will play along as I practise– ♪ >>EXPLORERS: Aah, it’s a wolf!>>ELLIOT: Back to the snowmobile!>>LIONEL: I think I’ll play inside.>>I can’t sing in here. it would disturb Beaverton. Hmm, maybe I’ll help the explorers have a North Pole adventure. Let’s see, all I need is little bits of scrap paper. ♪>>ELLIOT: Vroom, vroom, vroom.>>SOCKS: I still don’t see a polar bear.>>PAISLEY: Neither do I.>>SOCKS: He was here. I think we made him go away.>>PAISLEY: We should do something to bring him back. (Bell jingling)>>SOCKS: Look, it’s snowing. Hooray, we can play.>>ELLIOT :Oh, not in this. It’s a blizzard. We’ve got to get back to camp. Whoa! ♪ Lionel will make it snow ♪>>There’s a blizzard at the North Pole. Can we play inside until it stops?>>No problem.>>SOCKS: You can go and practise your music outside. Snow lions like the snow, don’t they?>>LIONEL: Yes, now that you mention it, they do.>>PAISLEY: Hi.>>LIONEL: Hi, ha, ha, ha. ♪ Lionel will play a song ♪>>SOCKS: That was a great trip.>>ELLIOT: It was amazing. And it was nice of Lionel to play along with us, even though we disturbed him.>>He’s a good friend. I had a wonderful time going to the North Pole.>>PAISLEY: Me too. Maybe next time we’ll see a polar bear.>>ELLIOT: There’s your polar bear.>>EXPLORERS: Oh, let’s see. (Explorers grunting)>>SOCKS: I knew we’d find one.>>ELLIOT: Amazing.>>PAISLEY: Look, it’s a polar bear. ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪>>What a lovely day for a stroll.>>Yes, according to my guide book we should see the Tall Tower any moment.>>Look! There it is, the Tall Tower. I wonder who lived there.>>It’s so old no one knows.>>Let’s go inside.>>I don’t think we should, Lady Amy. It looks a little old and crumbly. Maybe even dangerous.>>Just for a minute. Come on.>>I just know we’re going to get into trouble. ♪ Lady Amy, wait up.>>Does your book say who lived here?>>No, it was too long ago.>>Maybe it was a princess.>>Maybe it was a prisoner.>>We made it. I was right, a princess did live here.>>All by herself? Most unusual.>>Lord Paisley, come over here and look at the beautiful view. (Both grunting)>>Ow.>>Oh, the drawbridge!>>Oh, no. Quick, down the stairs. (Both grunting)>>There’s no way to open the drawbridge. We’re trapped.>>Now I get it.>>Get what?>>The princess didn’t live here, she was imprisoned here.>>Now we’re imprisoned too. What can we do?>>There’s only one thing we can do.>>BOTH: Help! Help!>>Lord Paisley and Lady Amy are late for our picnic. I hope they’re all right.>>If they weren’t, we’d probably hear them calling for help.>>PAISLEY & AMY: Help! (Gasping) Help!>>Lord Paisley and Lady Amy.>>Maybe they’re trapped in the tower. We have to hurry and help them.>>But our horses are way out in the pasture.>>Who needs horses when you have a dragon horse? I’ll just put this on low. ♪>>You can see everything from up here.>>Sir Elliot, watch out for the branch.>>Pardon?>>Watch out for the– (Gasping) Whoa! Whoa! I mean to do that.>>Amazing.>>I spy with my little eye– Whoa, ahh, a dragon! With Sir Elliot and Squire Socks on it.>>We’re saved. The drawbridge is stuck.>>Don’t worry.>>We’ll save you.>>That drawbridge looks pretty thick.>>Not for a dragon. Watch this.>>You came just in time.>>Thank you, Sir Elliot and Squire Socks. You saved us.>>Don’t thank us, thank Drusilla Dragon. She’s the one who brought us here so quickly.>>Not Drusilla Dragon, Drusilla Dragonhorse.>>You don’t have to thank me. I’m happy to help my friends. Now who wants some barbecued corn?>>Hooray for Drusilla Dragonhorse.>>ALL: Hooray, hooray, hooray! ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪>>ELLIOT: Rocket Socks, I feel a space adventure coming on. ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ (Spaceship engines roaring)>>ELLIOT: Rocket Socks, soon we’ll will be back on Planet Friendly. I can’t wait to have one of Amy’s delicious space spinach pies. Mmm-mmm. (Phone beeping)>>It’s the space phone, Commander Elliot.>>Hello from theMoose Goose.This is Commander Elliot Mooseter.>>Commander Elliot, this isSergeant Beaverton, SpacePolice.Please be on the lookout forMong the Mouse-nificent.He’s been stealing greencheese again.>>Okay, Sergeant Beaverton. Sounds like a job for theMooseGoose.Over and out. Rocket Socks, go to Space Speed 3.>>Ready, captain. ♪ I don’t see anything, captain.>>Mong the Mouse-nificent must be around here somewhere. Keep on looking for his spaceship, theGorgonzola.>>I think I saw something, captain. (Brakes squealing) Look, it’s the spaceshipGorgonzola,captain.>>Hello, this is Commander Elliot Mooseter and Rocket Socks. Hello? No one’s answering.>>Maybe the crew is sick or hurt. We’d better have a look.>>PAL:Hello.Welcome to theGorgonzola.My name is PAL and I’m afriendly 201 computer.May I be of assistance to you?>>Hello, 201 PAL. I’m Commander Elliot Mooseter.>>And I’m Rocket Socks. May we speak to your captain, please?>>PAL:There is no one on thisspaceship.TheGorgonzolais run bycomputers.Unfortunately, no visitors areallowed.Good day, Commander ElliotMooseter and Rocket Socks.So goodbye.Thank you for visiting.>>Huh?>>Something strange is going on, Socks.>>Very strange.>>We’ll have to trick him. Knock, knock.>>PAL:Who’s there?>>I let.>>PAL:I let who?>>I let you in.>>PAL:I let you in.>>Thank you.>>PAL:No, you tricked me.Very well, now it’s my turn totrick you.>>I wonder what kind of trick PAL is going– (Both grunting) It’s an invisible wall.>>PAL:Unfortunately, novisitors are allowed on theGorgonzola,so goodbye.Thank you for visiting.(PAL laughing)>>Hmm, the ceiling is curved. I’ll bet the invisible wall doesn’t go all the way up.>>Let’s use our floating button and float over it. ♪>>Good idea, Rocket Socks. This is fun. (Sniffing) Socks, do you smell something? (Sniffing)>>Yes. It’s big boxes, captain. Big boxes of green cheese.>>Amazing. So that’s why PAL doesn’t want us on this ship.>>Why not?>>Because the real captain is not PAL the computer. It’s that very bad mouse, Mong the Mouse-nificent. And that’s the green cheese he stole.>>PAL:You have found ourcargo.Unfortunately, no visitors areallowed on theGorgonzola.Good day, Commander ElliotMooseter and Rocket Socks.Thank you for visiting.And whatever you do, do not gointo the Control Room.>>Where is it?>>PAL:Down the hall, on yourright.>>Thank you, PAL.>>Finally, Mong the Mouse-nificent, we’ve caught you at last.>>Huh?>>PAL:Don’t you feel silly?You didn’t believe me when Isaid there was nobody on thisship but me.>>I still don’t believe you. Hmm.>>I am PAL and I– Oops!>>Hello, Mong. The Space Police want to talk to you about some missing boxes of green cheese.>>Too bad. You may have stopped me this time, Elliot Mooseter, but I’ll be back. Transport to deep space, ha, ha, ha. Woo! (Mong Laughing)>>He got away.>>This time, but I’m sure we’ll meet Mong the Mouse-nificent again. Now we can return all the green cheese.>>And we found a brand-new pal. (Both laughing) ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ (Elliot humming) (Socks snoring)>>Practise every day makes perfect. And I’m a moose going for perfection. (Blowing) Hmm, perfect isn’t always easy, though. But it’s fun to know that every day you’re getting better and better. Ah. (Inhaling) (Laughing) Ah. Ah! That’s better. (Inhaling) (Blowing) Huh? (Inhaling) (Blowing) Something’s wrong with my trumpet.>>Elliot, you have to blow a trumpet a certain way.>>ELLIOT: I know that, Lionel. I’ve already tried that.>>LIONEL: Allow me. You have to blow it harder, like this. (Inhaling) (Blowing) Hmm. (Inhaling) (Blowing)>>ELLIOT: Okay, all right, good, good. Oh.>>LIONEL: Hmm. That always worked before. All that huffing and puffing has made me a little hungry. I think I’ll go get a snack. Good luck, Elliot.>>ELLIOT: Thanks, Lionel. Bye. I know, I’ll check the mouth piece. There we go. (Inhaling) (Blowing) That worked. I’ll just try again. There, now that should work. (Inhaling) (Blowing) (Panting) Amazing, but weird.>>Weird? What’s weird, Elliot?>>ELLIOT: Oh, hi, Paisley. Well, every day I practise my trumpet and every day I blow on my trumpet the same way. But today it’s not working. I’ll just have to try again, I guess.>>I don’t know much about trumpets, but I do know where to find out about them.>>You do?>>Right here in my encyclopaedia. Now let’s see. How to make a note. It’s all a matter of how you blow. Easy, see?>>Here, why don’t you show me?>>Oh, okay. Can you hold the book, please?>>How’s that?>>That should be fine. Hmm. That looks right. One, two… (Inhaling) (Blowing) Hmm, this trumpet doesn’t work.>>I know that, Paisley.>>I don’t know what to do. Sorry.>>ELLIOT: That’s all right.>>I’ll keep reading.>>Okay. Good luck. I’ll have to try something else.>>According to this encyclopaedia, it should work.>>Hmm, maybe Socks will be able to figure it out. Not only is she my best friend, but she’s really smart. Where is she?>>I don’t know.>>Neither do– Oh, I found her. (Laughing)>>LIONEL: Socks. (Socks yawning)>>SOCKS: Here I am.>>LIONEL: I really need you. I’ve been trying to practise and I’m doing it the right way. I still can’t get a single note to come out of my trumpet. Listen. (Inhaling) (Blowing)>>Oh. (Socks laughing)>>ELLIOT: What’s so funny?>>SOCKS: It’s okay, I can fix it. I know exactly what to do. Hmm. Hmm.>>You do? Isn’t she great?>>Aha! (Laughing)>>Huh?>>BOTH: Huh?>>SOCKS: Ta-da! I had trouble sleeping last night, so I thought I’d try for a nap. But I didn’t want to be woken up by your noisy afternoon practising.>>ELLIOT: Huh? Noisy? Let’s see how it sounds now. (Clearing throat) (Inhaling) (Blowing) ♪ (All cheering) Amazing! Socks, didn’t you like my trumpet playing?>>Now that I’m awake, I would love to listen to you play. After all, you’re my most favourite trumpet player in the whole playroom. (Elliot laughing)>>Aw, I’m glad we all kept trying to figure it out, because now I can play a tune for everyone. (All cheering) ♪ (Socks laughing) (All cheering) >>Remember, good friends cooperate with each other. See you next time. ♪

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  1. To the treehouse direct website will you please bring back Elliot moose and can you please redo the popeye movie cartoon scripts for the Elliot moose cartoons starting with never kick a woman popeye cartoon 1935and as is meaning a few of the slapstick stuff in the Elliot moose and please put in a can of spinach for Elliot moose and Elliot moose the ace of space a remake of popeye the ace of space popeye cartoon1953plus in hillmouseing and cooing socks gets into a knockdown drag out with a muscle bound well built hillbilly girl mouse who shamelessly flirts with Elliot

  2. To treehouse driect website I would love to make a Eliot moose birthday Vidio card reading the pulps to Eliot moose and his frends the new episode is titled the contest in this one Eliot and his frends try to outdo each other to come up with a. good pulp story and n one of the Eliot moose cartoons titled come and get it a Ed jerkins the phantom thief adventure Eliot moose wants some papers which are due to him and in the same time he gets even with a gangster by the name of icey eyes mouse and his pal squint Lionel but no one would lay a hand on Hellen socks monkey because in the birthday Vidio I will be makeing a guest appearance on.the Eliot moose show reading the pulps to Eliot moose and hisfrends and I ask them which of the pulp stories would they like me to read and Eliot tells me to read to them come and get it by erle Stanley Gardner1889/1970

  3. I recognize the voice of the anteater. It's Julie Lemieux. She's the Canadian Mel Blanc. Her voice is unique and so recognizable I've heard it in many other shows I loved.

  4. Lionel singing Greensleeves. I'm surprised that nobody got sued for copyright infringement. I don't think it's a royalty-free song.

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