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Elliot Moose: The Alien/The Lion Lost His Roar/Marshmallow Express/Help! – Ep.1

Elliot Moose: The Alien/The Lion Lost His Roar/Marshmallow Express/Help! – Ep.1

♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Is on the loose ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Is on the loose ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Is on the loose ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose is on the loose ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ I’m Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ I like to play ♪ ♪ And with my friends ♪ ♪ I’ll play all day ♪ ♪ My best friend Socks has a costume box ♪ ♪ So we dress up and then ♪ ♪ We pretend to be astronauts in space ♪ ♪ Or a detective solving a case ♪ ♪ Pirates, knights, explorers too ♪ ♪ Then we come home again ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Is on the loose ♪>>Elliot! ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Is on the loose ♪>>Have you seen Elliot? ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Is on the loose ♪>>ALL: Oh, Elliot! ♪ Elliot Moose is on the loose ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot Moose ♪>>Today’s show is about friends helping friends.>>SOCKS: Commander Elliot Mooseter, the planet Zog is right below us.>>Any signs of life, Rocket Socks?>>Not that I can see.>>Let’s land and explore.>>Okay. (Beeping)>>Prepare to land.>>BOTH: Whoa!>>Engines are shutdown, Commander Mooseter.>>Oh. (Elliot grunting) Opening hatch.>>Wow! (Jungle noises)>>Let’s be very careful, Rocket Socks. Planet Zog has never been explored before. We might meet some strange space creatures.>>Shh! Let’s hope they’re friendly.>>This way.>>Aaahhh. Definitely red spots on my tongue. Oh, it must be lionitis. Hmm. I’ll check my medical book. Ah, here it is. “Lionitis will go away if I don’t speak for one whole day.” I also have to drink hot, extra strong lemon tea, and I need to wrap my neck in my nice, warm, woolly scarf. Hmm. Well, I know my scarf is in the garden, but first I’ll make some lemon tea. Oops! No talking. Zip!>>Look! A table. Someone must live on Planet Zog. (Socks gasping)>>I wonder who they are, and what they’re like.>>I hope they’re friendly.>>Amazing! A telephone. That means the people on Planet Zog can speak to each other.>>Wow.>>Let’s take it back to the ship and study it.>>Okay.>>I’ll put it in your banana pack. Oh, look at this, Rocket Socks! A big, warm, woolly scarf.>>Let’s study it, too. (Socks shrieking) Look, captain! A space alien!>>A Planet Zogger! Run. (Shouting)>>Hmm? (Lionel grumbling)>>He looks friendly. Do you think he is friendly?>>Too soon to tell. We need to study him. Hello. I am Commander Elliot Mooseter, and this is Rocket Socks. We bring you greetings from the planet Friendly. (Lionel mumbling)>>BOTH: Huh?>>SOCKS: Why won’t he speak? Maybe he isn’t friendly. (Lionel mumbling)>>This is strange. Why doesn’t he talk to us?>>I dunno. (Drum beating)>>What’s that? Huh?>>What’s he doing?>>I think Planet Zoggers talk with instruments. Let’s talk back to him. (Squealing) (Trumpeting) (Lionel groaning)>>Maybe he doesn’t like our music. (Lionel mumbling)>>Maybe this is the way they say hello on Planet Zog. We should answer the same way. (Mumbling) (Lionel groaning) (Lionel mumbling)>>SOCKS: Wait a minute. I think something’s wrong. I think he’s saying he can’t speak. (Lionel mumbling)>>Oh, I think he wants to dance. Let’s try it. (Grunting) (Lionel mumbling)>>He’s cold!>>And the cold is making your throat sore, right? (Lionel mumbling) (Bell dinging)>>Uh-oh, I think there’s something wrong with his eyes, too. (Lionel groaning) (Grunting)>>BOTH: Bye!>>Planet Zoggers are really hard to understand.>>He told us his throat was sore. We understood that.>>Why don’t we pretend to be him? What would you do if your throat was really sore?>>If my throat was sore, then I’d have lemon tea, just like he did.>>And I’d show my friends that I couldn’t speak, just like he did.>>But he was trying to tell us something else. He kept pointing here, around his neck.>>Like he was putting on a scarf.>>That’s it! He can’t find his scarf because we’ve got it! We’ve got to give it to the alien. (Lionel groaning)>>SOCKS: Planet Zogger!>>Is this what you’ve been looking for? (Lionel mumbling)>>We’re sorry. We didn’t mean to take it. (Lionel mumbling)>>You’re welcome! I’d say the people on Planet Zog are friendly.>>Yes, once you understand them. (Grunting) ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪>>Whoa!>>Socks! (Gasping)>>I meant to do that.>>How’s this?>>Hold it. Perfect.>>Here’s one for the cover of Jungle Monthly Magazine. (Squishing)>>Socks!>>How did that happen?>>Let’s try something a little different. Just let out a loud roar, and I’ll get a picture of you.>>Uh, how about a great, big smile?>>A roar would look great.>>You are getting the loudest roar award.>>Goodness! Look how high the sun is in the sky. I really must get some rest before the ceremony. Phewf.>>SOCKS: I think he wanted us to go away.>>It’s a big day. He needs his rest. We can come back.>>Oh no! I left my bananas there. I’ll be right back.>>Be careful not to wake him. He hates being disturbed. (Lionel clearing throat) You want a roaring picture? I’ll give you a roaring picture. Roar! (Socks gasping)>>Socks! What are you doing here?>>You didn’t roar.>>I beg your pardon?>>You always roar when I interrupt you.>>Well… It’s be kind to monkeys day today.>>And you wouldn’t roar for a picture.>>I need to save my roar for the ceremony.>>And you were pretending to roar just a few moments ago.>>Yes, well… Uhm…>>Where’s your roar?>>I, uh… Well, I don’t know. The truth is I’ve lost my roar.>>Lost your roar?>>Where?>>When?>>Why?>>How?>>I don’t know, but every time I try to roar, it sounds like this. (Squeaking)>>What about your award for lion with the loudest roar?>>I guess I won’t get it.>>But that would be sad.>>Really sad.>>What can I do? I’ve lost my roar.>>Well, we’ll just have to help you find it. If you blow up seven balloons, your lungs will get stronger.>>And if your lungs are stronger, your roar will be stronger.>>I’ll try anything to get the award for loudest roar.>>One. Two. Three. Four. Five.>>Six.>>Socks! (Sputtering) (Socks shouting) (Lionel gasping)>>Seven.>>I meant to do that.>>Amazing. Ready to roar? One, two, three! (Squeaking) Hmm, I guess I just can’t get the loudest roar award. Well, thank you for trying to help.>>We did the best we could.>>We really tried. (Snoring)>>Look! He’s having a nap right there. Shh!>>Elliot, didn’t you tell me that Lionel hates being disturbed when he’s asleep?>>Yes.>>Watch this. (Roaring) (Gasping) It worked! (Growling) (Roaring)>>That’s not Lionel!>>Sorry. (Roaring) (Lion yipping)>>You saved us!>>I did?>>And you roared!>>I did? I did! I found my roar–>>By helping your friends!>>And now you can get the trophy.>>King Lionel, how ’bout a roar for the front page? (Roaring) ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ (Socks shouting) ♪ Elliot, Elliot Moose♪>>I meant to do that. (Socks grunting)>>I must say, that’s the perfect sign for the marshmallow festival.>>How’s that, Sherriff Elliot?>>You’ve done a wonderful job, Deputy Socks.>>So many marshmallows.>>We’ll need every one of them. Socks and I are going to take them to the campground when the Marshmallow Express comes over the mountain.>>I’ve never seen the Express come down the mountain.>>Come with us. It’s exciting to watch.>>AMY: Yes, I’ve got it! I can see the top of Honkin Big Mountain.>>ELLIOT: Now, just follow the track down and you’ll see Hold Your Breath Tunnel. The Marshmallow Express will come through there, going really fast.>>AMY: How does it get past that big rock?>>Well, it just– What big rock? Deputy Socks, the tunnel is blocked! We’ve got to move that rock before the train gets there.>>Let’s go. We have lots of time. (Train whistle blowing)>>Can you see the train yet?>>Not yet.>>Good.>>Ready Socks? We’ll count to three, and pull.>>Ready!>>BOTH: One, two, three, pull! (Grunting)>>I think we need some more help. I’ll go into town and get Beaverton. (Train whistle blowing)>>Whistling willow trees! This is a big boulder.>>We tried pulling it out, but it’s too heavy.>>I think we need something to help loosen it. I’ll be back in a moment. (Teeth chattering)>>BEAVERTON: Timber!>>Amazing! Okay, let’s count to three and push down.>>ALL: One, two, three, push! (Grunting)>>Uh-oh.>>ALL: One, two, three, push! (Grunting) (Cracking)>>ALL: One, two, three, push! (Grunting) (Train whistle blowing)>>I think we’d better put up the warning flag. (Train whistle tooting)>>All done.>>Good. As soon as the engineer sees this flag, he’ll stop the train. (Train whistle blowing)>>Is the train slowing down?>>No, it’s going faster.>>What’ll we do?>>Maybe they’d see me waving. (Gasping) (Shouting) I meant to do that.>>Are you all right?>>It was just like landing on a soft, sweet pillow!>>Socks, you’re a genius! Quick, we’ve got to pull these wagons to the tunnel. ♪ (Train whistle blaring)>>All right, everyone. Stand back. (Brakes squealing) (Cheering)>>That was exciting!>>Deputy Socks has saved the day! (Giggling) And all I can say is– (Munching) Delicious! (Giggling) ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose ♪>>Amazing! It would be so much fun to live in a castle and be a knight. (Sighing) (Bell dinging) (Grunting) I’ve got such a great idea. I’m going to build the biggest box castle ever built. I’m talkin’ big! Really big! Humongous! There we go. (Grunting) ♪>>Phewf! Ah! Ta-da! I think that’s enough boxes. I think I’ll start building right here. The bottom’s important because it holds up the rest of the castle. (Grunting) When you’re making something this big, you have to plan ahead.>>Hi, Elliot!>>Hi!>>Oh! What are you building?>>I’m building the biggest box castle ever. It’s going to be gigantic! What are you doing?>>I’m going to do some drawings outside. I know! Let’s play Sir Elliot Moosealot and Squire Socks when your castle is built.>>Okay, see you later!>>Bye!>>Oh! (Grunting) (Chittering) Wow! Your castle looks great, Elliot.>>Thanks, Socks. But I’m not finished yet.>>Merciful maple chips! What are you building, Elliot?>>Hi, Beaverton. I’m building the biggest box castle ever built.>>We’re going to play Sir Moosealot and Squire Socks when it’s finished.>>Great! Hey, Socks. How ’bout a game of checkers while you’re waiting?>>All right! Can I be red?>>No problem.>>See you later!>>BEAVERTON: Ooh, see ya later! (Grunting)>>I win again. Wanna play another?>>Oh, let’s go check on Elliot.>>Okay. (Beaverton humming)>>Wow, Elliot. Your castle’s wonderful. It’s tremendous. It’s fantabulous! And it’s pretty neat, too.>>ELLIOT: Really? Is it the most amazing castle you’ve ever seen?>>Hiccupping hickory sticks! It must be the biggest box castle in the world!>>I think I should draw a picture of it.>>Good idea, Socks.>>ELLIOT: A picture would be great! Uh, I know! I’ll come out and stand in front of it.>>Okay, I’m ready to draw.>>Where are you, Elliot?>>I’m just–>>C’mon out!>>ELLIOT: Now where– How did that happen?>>How did what happen? Are you coming out or not?>>ELLIOT: Well, it looks like I’ve got a little problem.>>What do you mean?>>I was so busy making this perfect that I forgot one thing: The door! I can’t get out without wrecking my castle.>>Don’t worry, Elliot. We can help.>>We’ll be careful not to wreck your castle. Now, where are you?>>ELLIOT: I’m here!>>Let’s start at the bottom, and just turn the boxes sideways. That should make a door. Got it. Easy as she goes.>>Let’s try this one next. (Grunting)>>BEAVERTON: Careful.>>Oh, there you are, Elliot. I can see your feet!>>ELLIOT: Oh, good. (Grunting)>>Careful.>>Here I come! Amazing! Thanks for helping me out.>>Oh, it was nothing. Good friends always help each other.>>They sure do. (Giggling)>>For helping a moose in distress, I hereby knight you Sir Beaverton, and you Sir Socksalot. Rise, knights, and let’s go play in my castle! (Cheering)>>Remember, friends help friends. See you next time! ♪

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  1. Elliot Moose is a Canadian children's live-action and animated television series produced by Nelvana for PBS in the United States; the series premiered on September 30, 1998. The series is based on a series of children's books by Andrea Beck, its 104 episodes show the adventures of a young moose named Elliot who lives in a place called "The Big House". He goes on adventures with his friends; Beaverton, Lionel, Socks, and Paisley.The series was developed by Jed MacKay and produced by Marianne Culbert. The series was unique in that half of the stories were animated, and half were live action; reflecting children's real world of play and their imaginary world. The music was composed by Bruce Ley and Jed MacKay.

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