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Elliot Moose: Wake Up Elliot!/A Little Magic/Slow & Steady!/Spoil Sport – Ep.11

Elliot Moose: Wake Up Elliot!/A Little Magic/Slow & Steady!/Spoil Sport – Ep.11

♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Is on the loose ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Is on the loose ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Is on the loose ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose is on the loose ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ I’m Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ I like to play ♪ ♪ And with my friends ♪ ♪ I’ll play all day ♪ ♪ My best friend Socks has a costume box ♪ ♪ So we dress up and then ♪ ♪ We pretend to be astronauts in space ♪ ♪ Or a detective solving a case ♪ ♪ Pirates, knights, explorers too ♪ ♪ Then we come home again ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Is on the loose ♪>>Elliot! ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Is on the loose ♪>>Have you seen Elliot? ♪ Elliot Moose ♪ ♪ Is on the loose ♪>>ALL: Oh, Elliot! ♪ Elliot Moose is on the loose ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot Moose ♪>>ELLIOT: Today’s show is about friends being kind to friends. (Sighing) (Yawning)>>That was a nice nap. (Snoring) Wake up, Elliot. Naptime’s over! (Snoring) Elliot! (Snoring) Elliot! Let’s play tag some more. You said we could after we finished our rest.>>ELLIOT: Okay, who’s it?>>SOCKS: Don’t you remember?>>ELLIOT: Hm, let’s see. I chased you and you chased me and I chased you and–>>SOCKS: Uh-huh.>>ELLIOT: Chased me and I– (Yawning) I think I need to rest some more.>>SOCKS: Come on. Tag, you’re it! (Laughing) Ha ha, Elliot can’t touch me. I am running around the tree. Huh? Elliot! Where’d he go? Elliot! (Laughing) (Snoring) Huh? Elliot! We’re playing tag, not hide and seek. Where did he go? Elliot! (Snoring) Oh, he’s gone back to sleep. I wish I knew how to wake him up so he’d stay awake. (Snoring) Hm. I have an idea! This will wake him up for sure! (Laughing) (Snoring) One… (Grunting) Two… (Grunting) Three! (Groaning)>>ELLIOT: W-what’s going on?>>SOCKS: We’re playing tag, Elliot, and you’re it! Tag! (Laughing) Ha ha, Elliot can’t catch me. I am running around the tree. Oh no, not again! (Snoring) Elliot! Elliot! Where are you? Elliot! (Snoring) Elliot! (Snoring) Oh no! I’m never going to get to play tag with him if he doesn’t wake up. What am I going to do? Hm. Oh, I know! (Banging) Wake up, Elliot! Wake up, Elliot! (Snoring) Oh, I guess I need to be louder. (Trumpet sounding) (Drumming) Wake up, Elliot! Wake up, Elliot! (Yawning) (Sighing) He’s still asleep. Gee, I never knew trying to wake somebody up could make you so tired. All that marching and running around, now I know how Elliot feels. (Yawning) I need another nap. But first, maybe some nice banana juice! (Crashing) Oh… (Snoring) (Sighing) Hm, let’s see. Apple juice, banana juice, maple berry juice–>>ELLIOT: Huh? Hello. Maple berry juice! Oh boy, I love maple berry juice. Thank you!>>SOCKS: Elliot, you finally woke up! (Slurping)>>ELLIOT: Ah, that was good. Okay, Socks, I’m ready to play tag with you now. Socks? Socks? Hm, Socks? Socks! Hm, not out here. Where did she go? (Snoring) (Grunting) Not up here. I wonder where she– Oh! She’s asleep. (Snoring) Here you go! (Sighing) There we go, all comfy. Sweet dreams, Socks. (Snoring) I wonder if there is any more maple berry juice. ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪>>Whoa! ♪ Elliot Moose, Elliot Moose ♪>>”You are invited to a show and tell party.” “Each guest has to show something and tell about it.” “See you there, signed Sir Lionel.” I’m going to show everyone how I do magic with my new wizard’s wand! Better hurry, or I’ll be late. (Grunting) (Chewing)>>Delicious! (Laughing)>>Hello, Lady Socks, aren’t you going to Sir Lionel’s party? If you don’t leave soon you’ll be late!>>I know, but I have to practice my juggling. What are you going to do at the party?>>I’m going to show everyone how I do magic with my new wizard’s wand.>>A new wand? Wonderful!>>Go ahead, make a wish!>>Really? Hm, I wish for a white horse so I can get to Sir Lionel’s birthday party in plenty of time to do my juggling.>>Snakes and snaps and tickly tocks, one white horse for Lady Socks! (Popping) (Gasping) Uh, sometimes good things take a little time.>>I’d like to wait, but I just can’t stand around watching a wizard iron out the wrinkles in his new wand.>>Okay, I understand. I’ll see you at the party. (Sighing) That didn’t work to well. Hm. Mmm. (Chewing)>>Elliot, my painting!>>I’m sorry, Lady Amy, I didn’t realize you were painting them.>>It’s for Sir Lionel’s party. I was going to show and tell about my painting, now I’m going to be late! (Gasping)>>Um, I have a new wizard’s wand. Would you like to test it out?>>Sure. I wish for a wonderful horse-drawn carriage that will carry me and my painting to the party. (Gasping)>>Snakes and snaps and tickly t-amy, one horse-drawn carriage for Lady Amy. (Popping) (Gasping) Uh, sometimes good things take a little time.>>I imagine they do, Elliot, but I can’t stand around and watch a wizard iron out the wrinkles in his new wand.>>Okay, I understand. I’ll see you at the party. This new wand didn’t work for Lady Socks or Lady Amy. Maybe I should go home and bring something else to the show and tell party. (Crackling) (Gasping) Oh no! A fire! I’d better try and put it out. (Grunting) (Sizzling) Oops. (Coughing)>>Elliot?>>I’m sorry, Sir Lionel. I thought something was on fire.>>It was. Dinner. But now what will I do? Everyone will be here any minute and the food won’t be ready.>>Perhaps I can help. I brought my new wizard’s wand to your party. You could make a wish. Any wish at all!>>What would solve this problem is a delicious banquet for my party. (Gasping)>>Snakes and snaps and tickly tardy, a banquet for Sir Lionel’s party. (Popping) Oh, uh, sometimes good things take a little time.>>Yes, well, I’d love to give it more time, but I can’t stand around and watch a wizard iron out the wrinkles in his new wand. I have to warm up some leftovers. (Sighing)>>Sorry. I’ve ruined everyone’s day. I think I’ll just go back home. (Whinnying)>>Elliot, thank you! This is a beautiful white horse. See you at the party!>>Was that Lady Socks? (Whinnying) (Gasping)>>Thank you for my wonderful carriage. See you at the party!>>That was definitely Lady Amy. Lady Socks, Lady Amy, wait for me! (Panting) (Gasping)>>By all my whiskers, I swear that you are the most wonderful wizard in the world.>>But nothing happened when I did the spells. Are you sure it’s my magic?>>It is your magic. We just couldn’t wait for our wishes to come true.>>We didn’t listen to you.>>You told us good things take time.>>They certainly do. (Chewing) (Laughing) ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪>>Whoa!>>Socks!>>I meant to do that!>>BEAVERTON: Welcome to this year’s jungle fun run! Erm, where are the racers?>>Here I am!>>Whoa!>>Speedy Socks, are you the only racer again this year?>>No one wants to race against me. I always win.>>Well I guess I’ll just give you the prize if you’re the only racer.>>ELLIOT: Am I late?>>Huh?>>Elliot, I didn’t know you were a runner.>>This is my first jungle fun run. (Scoffing)>>Did you know that I’ve never lost the jungle fun run? Oh.>>ELLIOT: I know, I just wanted to try to see how I do.>>Good luck, Elliot. May the best runner win!>>Good luck, Socks.>>Racers, on your mark! (Gasping) Get set! Go! (Grunting)>>SOCKS: See you at the finish line, Elliot! Winning is going to be a piece of banana cake. (Grunting)>>Hm, I need to find something I can step on. (Grunting) It’ll take more than that to stop Elliot Moose. (Gibbering) (Gulping) The water is going fast! And it looks like that fallen tree is the only way across. (Grunting) Oof! (Gibbering)>>Whoa! Wh– Thank you! Whoa! I meant to do that. (Panting)>>Hm. Hm. (Panting) (Laughing)>>Nothing could keep me from winning now. (Panting) Whoa! (Thudding)>>Hm. Phew. I’ll have to climb down and then up the other side. Oh well, it will take more than that to stop Elliot Moose. Whoa! (Screaming) (Sighing) (Gasping) Whoo! (Gasping) Wow! Bananas! My favourite! Hm. Hm. Well, I’m so far ahead, I’m sure I have time for one little banana. (Gulping) (Chewing) (Hiccupping) I’m so far ahead. (Yawning) I have time to lie here in the sun for a minute. (Sighing) (Snoring) (Grunting) (Sighing)>>Slow and steady. (Panting)>>BEAVERTON: Hooray for Elliot Moose!>>What? Oh no! Elliot is ahead of me! How did that happen?>>Merciful maple chips! Our two racers are neck and neck. And the winner is… (Panting) Elliot Moose!>>Congratulations, Elliot! Slow and steady won the race.>>Thanks, Socks.>>And now for the prize. A lifetime supply of delicious maple chips.>>Oh.>>Um, you know, being friends with Socks is a good enough prize for me. Why don’t you keep the maple chips?>>Well, thank you. That’s very generous.>>Come on, Socks, I’ll race you to the ice cream stand.>>Winner gets banana ice cream! (Chewing) ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot ♪ ♪ Elliot Moose, Elliot Moose ♪>>ELLIOT: Race you to home base! Come on! (Laughing) Whoa! Come on! (Laughing)>>SOCKS: Home free!>>BOTH: Aw!>>SOCKS: I love winning. Especially at hide and seek, because I get to hide again.>>PAISLEY: I found you last time, Elliot. So you’re it!>>ELLIOT: Okay, I’ll count to five and then I’ll come looking for you. One maple berry, two maple berry, three maple berry, four maple berry, five maple berry. Ready or not, here I come! (Laughing) Hm. Where did they go? Come out, come out wherever you are! (Humming) Hm? Nope, not in here. (Gasping)>>PAISLEY: Ooh!>>ELLIOT: I spy Paisley by the stairs.>>Aw. (Grunting) On no! I’ll help you find Socks!>>Okay. Here we go. I spy Socks behind the–>>SOCKS: Stop! Don’t move!>>ELLIOT: What, what’s wrong?>>SOCKS: There’s a huge bug behind you with a huge stinger! Don’t move a muscle or it might sting both of you. (Laughing) Home free! I win!>>ELLIOT: Huh?>>PAISLEY: But what about the bug? (Laughing)>>SOCKS: There was no bug, silly. You should’ve seen your faces. (Laughing)>>PAISLEY: You, you tricked us.>>ELLIOT: No fair, Socks. I found you. If you hadn’t scared us, you’d be it.>>SOCKS: It was so fair. There’s nothing in the rule book that says you can’t scare someone and then run for it. Okay, no more hide and seek. (Sighing) Let’s have a race this time! (Laughing) (Whispering)>>ELLIOT: Okay. From here to the wall and back again. But this time no scaring us, Socks. Deal? (Laughing)>>SOCKS: Deal.>>PAISLEY: On your marks, get set– (Laughing) Uh-oh!>>ELLIOT: Oh.>>PAISLEY: Go! (Panting)>>Oh.>>SOCKS: I win! (Panting)>>ELLIOT: That’s not fair, Socks. You cheated!>>PAISLEY: You started running before I said go.>>SOCKS: No I didn’t, I started right when you said go. You two are just mad because you lost. Let’s have another race.>>PAISLEY: I don’t want to race anymore.>>SOCKS: Okay, why don’t we play something else. Like tag? Elliot, you’re it! (Laughing)>>ELLIOT: Oh, no way, Socks, I’m tired of playing with you. You don’t play fair!>>PAISLEY: Me too! Let’s go outside and play catch, Elliot.>>ELLIOT: Good idea.>>SOCKS: That sounds like fun, can I play too?>>BOTH: No!>>SOCKS: Fine, I don’t care. I can have just as much fun all by myself. I can play hide and seek. Hm, where can I hide? Oh! Oh, wow. This is the perfect hiding spot. No one will ever find me here. (Laughing) Hm. It’s boring to hide when no one is looking for you. Oh. This isn’t much fun after all. I wonder what they’re doing outside. I’ll go take a peek. (Laughing) (Sighing) That looks like fun. (Sighing)>>ELLIOT: Here’s a high one!>>PAISLEY: Got it!>>ELLIOT: Back to you! (Laughing)>>SOCKS: Hi!>>BOTH: Humph. (Sighing)>>SOCKS: Can I play with you again?>>ELLIOT: No!>>PAISLEY: We don’t want to play with cheaters.>>SOCKS: But I didn’t cheat!>>PAISLEY: Yes, you did.>>ELLIOT: Yes, you did. (Sighing)>>SOCKS: I’m sorry. I just like winning so much that I want to win all the time.>>ELLIOT: It’s fun to win, but if you don’t win fairly you’re not a real winner at all. And nobody will want to play with you anymore.>>SOCKS: If I promise to play fair can I play with you again?>>PAISLEY: Of course! (Laughing)>>ELLIOT: The next game is tag and you’re it, Socks.>>ALL: Yay, whee!>>PAISLEY: Come on, come on! (Laughing)>>ELLIOT: Remember, friends are kind to friends. See you next time! ♪

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