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Ethanol Fireplace Insert Ignis EB 1200 Alcohol Burner Unboxing Review

Ethanol  Fireplace Insert Ignis EB 1200 Alcohol Burner Unboxing Review

…one of these Ignis fireplace inserts, and I’m going to open the box up here. I bought it last year so the box is kind of damaged, and we’re going to see what’s inside. So in here, nice foam packing. Here’s a little user manual for the Ignis installation instructions, Ethanol Burner. We’ll put that aside, Here’s the actual here’s all this, just want to…. Oh, this is for adjusting the flame, It’s called damper control. I imagine that hooks into that, so you can adjust the flame. And lots of nice packing. I guess I’ll try to reuse this stuff somehow. It looks expensive. So this is the actual burner, in here, I’m going to take it out, oh it’s pretty heavy, and I’ll put it over here, on my, on this other table here. And there we are, we have a burner, so I’m just going to…. So I’ve taken the burner out of the box now, and it’s a, it’s a very pretty stainless steel, inside here. And I imagine you add the ethanol to the, through here, It’s got a couple of labels here. It says don’t add ethanol when the fire is on, or when it’s hot. Don’t add the ethanol when the fire is on, or when it’s hot. So you have to wait until it’s cool, and I imaging you just pour it in there. So here’s this Ignis alcohol burner, or ethanol. I’m trying it out on top of my wood stove here. It took a while to get it going. It needs to actually be warmed up. and I had this fan going over top of it, which seemed to blow it out all the time. It think once it warms up inside there, it burns much faster, or it burns much more reliably. It’s quite a nice flame though, the yellow, You could see how it would work in a fireplace better, because it doesn’t get so much drafty. Probably want to seal the top of your fireplace though. Just an idea. I’ve got it burning on top of the wood stove just for a demo. So I’ve had this burning now for about two and a half hours, and it comes with a little, what do you call it, damper rod, where you can close your flame. So here I’m going to show you how to adjust the flame. You put this into the, there’s a hook, and you can sort of dumb it down a little bit there, so you burn less fuel. This actually provides a bit of heat, so you can see it there, It’s burning a blue flame, very nice alcohol fire. And it doesn’t need any, doesn’t need any venting. That’s the good part. You can put this in a, a non-insured fireplace, and have the fireplace closed off but still use this as an insert because it doesn’t require a vent, at least according to their literature. So that’s the Ignis EB1200 ethanol burner by Ignis, Ignis Products. And then when you want to close it off of course, you use your little little thing, and just smother it. It goes out right away. Make sure you leave it closed, otherwise all your alcohol will evaporate, and it’ll be there for another day. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

6 thoughts on “Ethanol Fireplace Insert Ignis EB 1200 Alcohol Burner Unboxing Review”

  1. ”Absolutely beautiful fireplace >>>  ! So warm and cozy! I'm in love with mine to the point that I have to have another and put a couple under the Christmas tree for my and my husband's elderly parents for Christmas!”

  2. I’m in absolute LOVE with this purchase! It’s small but not too small. Actually perfect for the area we put it. The little fake fire is the cutest ever >>> Just in time for the holidays!

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