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Family Trapped in Indoor Waterpark!

Family Trapped in Indoor Waterpark!

(laughing) (adventure music) – It’s my turn. Hair is soaked. Oh my gosh, no, I dunno if I can. (laughing) – [Carl] You got this. You can do it.
Go missy, go. (click) – [Machine] Three, two, one. ♪ This is our life. ♪ ♪ Let’s live it. ♪ ♪ Live forever! ♪ – Good morning.
– Good morning. – Good morning, guys. This morning, Missy and I
(ding) loaded up the car. We grabbed the kiddos. One of ’em’s sleeping right now. (giggling) Prolly for the best and we are taking them
somewhere, but it’s kind of a secret. They don’t know and I think
they’re going to be extremely excited and we’re also
going with our other friends Carl and Ginger who are just ahead of us. It’s gonna be a great time. Are you ready to have some fun, Ollie? – Yeah. I wonder where we goin’. (upbeat music) So excited. – Two minutes. (upbeat music) – Yay. (upbeat music) (howling) – (laugh) Look at these cute
little wolves here, guys. You two, guess where we are. – What. – [Bryan] We are at The Great Wolf Lodge. Isn’t that amazing? – Wolf, wolf, wolf. – Um, apparently, I am getting
some wolf ears as well. – Yep, Happy birthday. – Oh that’s great, (Missy
laughing) my life is made. I’m a wolf and it’s my birthday (howl). You’re a good howler, let
me hear your howl, Ollie. (howl) (howling together) They sound more like coyotes to me. – Uh huh, I think that’s
what they’re used to. (upbeat music) – [Bryan] Oh no, I found
some other wolves here. (howl) (laughing) Gage, you lose the howling contest, but it’s okay.
– Darn it. – [Bryan] At least you have
your dignity. (laughing) – That’s too bad. You guys excited? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Great Wolf Lodge, let’s do this. – Yeah, let’s go. (upbeat music) – (gasp) Okay, we just
made it to our new room. (kids yelling) And they got their swim shirts on. They’re so excited. And show us your room boys,
let’s see what you got. – Look at our room. – [Missy] So this is their little area. It’s a wolf den and inside is bunk beds. Just like at home. – I’m will gonna sleep up top. – [Missy] Oh cool and Finn’s
gonna sleep down here? – Uh huh.
– Yeah. – [Missy] We’ve still
got and look at this. You have your own TV. – Yeah.
– How cool is that? – I wanna. – So yeah, this is one side of the room. It has a little wolf den
and it even has a queen bed with a sofa which is really awesome. And then we actually have
another room right through there. That is where we’ll be sleeping. It’s got like a king size bed and stuff. So, it’s really nice, super roomy. We’ve got plenty of space
’cause we have a lot of kids with us, so. (Finn yelling) I’m sure some kids will
be pilin’ in over here and sleepin’ and stuff. We’re just so excited to head
down and get to the pool. Are you gonna go down the slide. (yelling) Oh he really wants to show us a butterfly. – Fly, fly
– Wow. Okay guys, are you guys
ready to go swimmin’? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – They are so excited like
when are we doin’ this guys. ‘Kay let’s head down there, ‘kay? It’s gonna be so much fun. They’ve got an awesome
waterpark and we have definitely been missing the waterpark. I was also just getting
ready to leave and my sandal broke. Oh, this is so sucky. I only brought these sandals and my boots. Shoot. Are you guys so excited for the waterpark? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I’m so excited, too. I feel like I’ve been
waiting all day. (laughing) It’s gonna be fun. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Bryan] We are all headed
down to the waterpark. And there’s so much cool stuff. It’s like a mall for kids. – Aw, it’s got like a build a bear. – [Bryan] (giggle) That’s cute. Babe, look at this tree. Can we have a seating area
like that at our house? – Amazing. – So cool, they have an arcade, too. – [Bryan] Really? – Crazy, right there. – Oh dang, it’s seriously
like a mall designed for kids. – It’s so awesome. – Or big kids like us. – Let’s just never grow up. (upbeat music) – Ollie loves always finding
the Jurassic Park games , huh? (Ollie gets drowned out
by background noise) – [Missy] Oliver, look. – [Bryan] Aw, Ollie look what’s over here. They have their own pet dragon. – [Carl] What is it Ollie? – Look Ollie, look. Whoa. This is crazy. Ollie’s getting (mumble). You okay? (laugh) That is not, dude. We may just have to get a couple of wands and slay with dragon, bro. – Let’s do it. We totally should do it. And it’s right back there. (adventure music) (upbeat music) Whoa look at this huge waterpark boys. – Yeah. – It’s crazy.
– Yeah. – I don’t think we’ve ever
been to an indoor water park. Um, at least one not quite like this. ‘Cause this place is huge. – Whoa look at up there. (upbeat music) – Ollie look, they have
big ol’ water slides. Whoa, Ollie, this looks like
the hugest water playground I’ve ever seen. Look at, Finn’s like let’s go. (laugh) He’s so excited. What do you think? Does that look cool? – Yeah.
– Yeah. (upbeat music) – It’s gonna be so fun! – Yeah. – [Bryan] Are you guys so excited? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Bryan] What d’ya wanna do first? – Yay. (upbeat music) – Alright, Ollie and we
good to go through the giant waterfall, okay? – Okay.
– Okay. C’mon let’s go. (yelling) (cheering) – [Woman] Good job. (upbeat music) (laughing) – This is crazy. Woo. Whoa look they have these
cool little blaster. So you can spray the water
on all the people down there. Get ’em, Ollie. – [Missy] Get that mom. – [Bryan] Get ’em. – It’s so warm. (upbeat music) – Is it warm? – [Bryan] Yeah, feel it. (laughing) (upbeat music) Here comes Ollie. Yay, c’mon out buddy. C’mon, was that cool? – I wanna do it again. – Okay. Here comes your brother. (upbeat music) Good job, dude. Wow, so this is fort mackenzie. Look at all this craziness. There’s like water everywhere. (laughing) Come here. Woo. (upbeat music) Yay, go Finn. Was that fun? – Yeah. (upbeat music) – Ollie! So Ollie and Finn love waterslides now. – Yeah. – And it’s the cutest thing ever, huh? (Finn babbling) Momma’s up there? Is that so neat? (upbeat music) You’re big enough for
waterslides now, Ollie. I feel like the waterpark
just got way more fun for the boys. (laugh) (upbeat music) Ollie, guess what. Finn is about to go down
this huge blue waterslide. Look at this huge waterslide. Where is he? (upbeat music) Oh there he is. (laughing) Was that so fun? – Yeah. (yelling) (laughing) – [Bryan] Did it get you Ollie? (laughing) There’s a little beaver up
there that keeps dumping water on every one. – [Carl] Oh man, here we go. Are you ready, Bryan? – Let’s do this. – [Carl] Oh yeah, we’re
goin’ down the tornado. This is gonna be awesome, I can’t wait. (yelling) We’re going backwards. (yelling) Oh my gosh. I’ve never been more scared in my life. This is crazy. (laughing) – And then we go. – [Carl] That was so crazy, dude. What the heck. What was that? – I literally jumped out
of my seat, you guys. Like I came up, that was insane. – Alright, we are going to the wave pool. – Yeah. – And this is like their
favorite thing so far. You ready? – Yeah. – [Missy] ‘Kay, are you
gonna go really far? – Yeah.
– ‘Kay. (yelling) (laughing) – C’mon let’s go. I’ve got you buddy. (upbeat music) (water splashing) – Go to me, ready go. (upbeat music) (cheering) Alright, looks like we’re save now. Nice and calm waters. Muah, are you having so much fun? – Yeah. – [Missy] You gonna swim out there? – Yeah.
– ‘Kay bye. Alright, Carl and Ginger
basically convinced me that I should do this like
really scary one where they drop you and they like
put you in this like glass case and then they pull
out the floor and you drop. And it sounds really scary
and I might just not do it, but we’ll see. There it is. Look at this kid. (bang) I’m not sure I can do it. – You can do it, you can do it. – That looked really scary. That little boy’s gone. He’s just gone. – This is called peer pressure. When your friends pressures
you into doing things you don’t really wanna do. – I don’t wanna do it. (laughing) Okay, Ginger’s up. – Where do I go, where do I go? – [Missy] Oh my gosh. (laughing) – Okay, it’s my turn. – [Worker] How ya doing’? Cross your legs and your arms. – Okay, wait, so wait. The whole thing’s gonna fall. – Yep.
– Okay. Oh wait, no I dunno if I can. (laughing) – [Carl] You got this. You can do it, you can
do it, you can do it. Go, Missy, go. I believe. Oh my gosh, can you see down? – [Worker] You kinda can see. – [Carl] It looks just like a window. You got this Missy. – [Machine] Three, two, one. (yell) (laughing) – That wasn’t fun. – That was perfect. (laughing) – That’s not funny. I couldn’t breathe. (laughing) – Are you scared? That was, I feel like I
drank 10 gallons of water. I kid you not. – That was so scary. (laugh) (cheering) (laughing) – What the heck was that? (laughing) That was so freaky. – Hey.
(yell) So, Ginger is watching the
boys and Missy and I are gonna do a little verses
on the huge like racing slide basically. – Yeah. – So we gotta take our toboggans. – Here we go. – Rock, see you at the bottom. (upbeat music) (yelling) (cheering) (laughing) – I’m pretty sure I dominated that one. Did that happen? Woo. – That was so fun. Alright, we are back in our
rooms and we had a blast at the waterpark, didn’t we? – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Missy] Did you have so much fun? – Yeah. – And you had fun? Now they are exhausted. We played down there until
it was like, I think it was like 8 o’clock when we left. It was so so late, but it was so nice and
they had so much fun. It’s such a cool little
like facility where they’re something to do for like every single age. They had tons to do. It wasn’t like they had one
little section and that’s it. Like there was tons for them
to do and it was really, really cool but now we are exhausted. So it is time for bed. Look at him rubbin’ his eyes. ’cause he’s like I’m so tired. I actually put Finn up here
because this has a rail so if he like rolls around, he won’t fall off. Where as this one, he rolls
around all the time, he would totally fall off that. So, I’m like, I dunno it’s a
little nerve wracking though. So we’ll see. (moan) ‘Kay, you wanna
say ni-night to everyone? – Ni-Ni. – Say give the video a
thumbs up if you liked it. Thumbs up. (laughing) And let us know down in
the comments what is your favorite waterpark you’ve ever been to? Is this one your favorite? – Yeah. – Yeah. (laugh) Alright guys, we will see
you guys for another fun day tomorrow. Bye. – Boop.
– Boop. (upbeat music)

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