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Fast Pegomastax Taming Guide :: Ark : Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

Fast Pegomastax Taming Guide :: Ark : Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

Are you tired of this happening while taming Pegomastax? My name is Tecorsuh and today I’ll show you how to tame a Pegomastax, and if you stick around I’ll tell you a couple of neat things about tamed Pegomastax. First off, let’s prepare! The food you’re going to need, in order from most effective to least effective: Mejoberries, then
All Other Berries I would recommend using Mejoberries, but regular berries can also work. After some testing, I’ve found that Pegos tame differently from other creatures. They gain tame % by stacks taken, not by amount of food in the stack. However, if you feed them a stack size too small they start to lose taming percentage. If the stack size is too large, you’ll be wasting resources. Stack sizes vary based on their level and type of food. There is also a 30 second wait between the Pego taking stacks. Taking all of that into account, when using mejoberries: A level 25 needs 11 stacks of 20, and will take around 7 minutes A level 50 needs 14 stacks of 25, and will take around 9 minutes A level 100 needs 20 stacks of 30, and will take around 12 minutes A level 150 needs 28 stacks of 30, and will take around 17 minutes As a side note, Pegomastax can eat kibble, however it does not give any increased tame percentage, it offers the same percent per stack as other types of food. It is recommended that you do not have any kibble on you while attempting to tame a Pegomastax, if they steal it from your inventory they will eat it. Condition the area around the Pegomastax. Kill off any carnivore that could interfere with your taming. You’ll need to keep an eye on the one you want to tame while you do this, and if you have tribemates to help you, they can be defending the area while you start taming. If your server settings allow for it, Pegomastax can be picked up by all fliers, which means you can take the pegomastax to a secure area to tame it. The taming area should be at least 2×2 foundations or larger. Any smaller and there is a chance the pegomastax will glitch and not take food from you until they are reset, in other words, everyone in the area leaving render distance before attempting to tame again. Another Option would be to drag it to a safe area behind an Equus with a lasso A fourth option would be to corner the pegomastax, and build a fence to keep it trapped near you. Regardless of the method chosen, make sure to place your taming food of choice in the last slot of your hotbar. The Pegomastax will steal it from that slot first. It will consume the food, then return for more after about 30 seconds if you’re still nearby. At this point, make sure you have more food in the last slot of your hotbar. Continue this until it is tamed. If this video was helpful make sure you like and share it,
your support really helps out the channel. Now, for the neat facts that I promised earlier. You can pick up a pegomastax and carry it on your shoulder. You can also throw it at other players to steal items from their inventory. If you drop the pegomastax by a bush, it will harvest the bush for an assortment of seeds and berries. That’s all I’ve got for today.
Thank you guys so very much for watching and have yourselves, a very good day.

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  1. I forgot to mention in the video that Pegomastax Eggs are used in Simple Kibble.


    1x Pegomastax Egg

    5x Mejoberries

    2x Rockarrot

    1x Cooked Fish Meat

    5x Fiber

    1x Water

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