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Fast Therizinosaur Taming Guide :: Ark : Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

Fast Therizinosaur Taming Guide :: Ark : Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

Are you tired of THIS happening while taming a Therizinosaur? My name is Tecorsuh, and today I’ll show you how to tame a Therizinosaur And if you stick around, I’ll tell you a couple of neat things about tamed Therizinosaur First off, let’s prepare! The food you’re going to need, in order from most effective to least effective: Megalosaurus Egg Kibble Vegetables Mejoberries Then all other berries I would only recommend using
Megalosaurus Egg Kibble I’ll explain why here in a second You’ll need 275 narcotics per hour during the tame At a default taming rate: A level 50 can take between 1.5 and 4.5 hours A level 100 can take between 2 and 8 hours A level 150 between 3 and 10 hours These times are the difference between
Kibble and Vegetables You’ll also want a more abundant food source for the Therizinosaur to consume when it wakes up. The Recipe for Megalosaurus Egg Kibble is: 1x Megalosaurus Egg 1x Rockarrot 2x Prime Meat Jerky 2x Mejoberries 3x Fiber 1x Water In a cooking pot ((It takes a bit longer than shown to cook)) Condition the area around the Therizinosaur Kill off any carnivore that could
interfere with your taming You’ll need to keep an eye on the one you
want to tame while you do this And if you have tribemates to help you
they can be defending the area While you start taming There are a couple of options for
knocking these guys out First, you can just try outrunning it
while attempting to knock it out The other way is a bit safer: Build a trap for it Therizinosaur can destroy all
building materials through stone So to make a trap Therizinosaur-proof
it needs to be made of metal This is a highly expensive trap So you may want to settle for stone((or wood))
and knock it out before it can break free You’ll want a stone box that has a 2×2 foundation with 2 walls high and a ramp up one side
and a door out the other Once the Therizinosaur is stuck in the trap Knock it out using your method of choice Preferably a longneck rifle Once the Terizinosaur is knocked out,
protect it with spiked walls Then place your food of choice
and narcotics in its inventory and maintain its torpor so it doesn’t wake up
until it’s tamed If this video was helpful, make sure to like and share it your support really helps out the channel Now, for the neat facts I promised earlier You can learn their saddle engram at level 69
((With 40 Engram points)) And craft it at a smithy With a load of hide With a load of hide, fiber With a load of hide, fiber, wood, With a load of hide, fiber, wood, and metal ingots The Therizinosaur is an
exceptional gathering dino((creature)) Each different attack gathers a different type of material Their primary attack harvests wood and meat
in great quantities With lesser amounts of thatch, hide, chitin,
and silk from a corpse. Their secondary attack harvests
fiber and silk from bushes Their crouch attack harvests
berries and seeds from bushes And hide, chitin, and silk from corpses While set to wander, the Therizinosaur will autonomously collect wood, berries, and seeds. Therizinosaur also have the ability to have their harvest levels upgraded via the wheel menu The delicate option, improves gathering from bushes and the Power option improves gathering from trees and corpses Hide and chitin gathering improves more from the delicate option and crouch attack than the power option and primary or secondary attack You can also kill wild Therizinosaur
for Therizino Claws Which is used as a tribute to summon bosses That’s all I’ve got for today Thank you guys so very much for watching and have yourselves
a very good day ((Thanks for watching, and let me know what you think about me including subtitles)) ((They are a lot of work to put together, and I’d like to know if people use them)) ((Thanks for watching
and hope to see you again soon))

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