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we got your color so this is the Giant African bullfrog or the pixie frog and it is one of the largest frogs in existence these are not invasive now and these are not endangered and all these guys are doing very well in in the wild so and they do great in captivity as well so we’re gonna feed him today all right do you normally eat yep so they mainly eat roaches anything real they can really overpower so I mean mice even they are pretty much eaten whatever they can over time see so they’ll actually close their eyes and they’ll push their eyes in and they’ll use their front feet and they’ll push food into their mouths and actually run I think it sees it so they’ll push everything into their skull and so I’ll push that feeder back into its stomach so that can just be nice I just swallowed it more all right you know what I bet this guy could even take a mouse these guys haven’t been fed in a little bit so I bet their appetite is up still swallowing why these libraries why are they slimy so the reason that they are sly Murray that’s a worry so these guys are actually bullfrogs and they don’t have the toxins like a toad would these guys do look like toads just because they have those kind of ridges on their back because a lot of toads are more rough than smooth because most frogs are smooth rather than rough and that’s a good way to kind of tell the difference between them and but this guy doesn’t have any of those raised kind of venom glands I know you’re not too happy with me but you can see this guy’s well I technically I mean they do have some made to big teeth up in the front other mouths and so they will actually break skin if they do get ahold of you people oh they could if you stick your finger in the mouth but they’re not gonna go after you invite them the only reason people get bit is because they’re totally hand feeding and obviously if your fingers next to the feeder I am NOT gonna hand feed with my hand okay is there a cheesy way ticket oh no he wants it now he just got to swallow it yeah so cos he’s used of big meaty front claws you know pack that into his mouth kind of situated so he can swallow it a lot easier [Music] I love what everybody’s making silent right now is easy it’s just you gotta take in like this is so cool you just never get to see this is cool yeah because we definitely would not recommend feeding these pixie frogs rodents or anything with they take it meal items shouldn’t do that all the time cuz it’s not that they’re gonna get in the wild so they need a pretty varied diet with roaches and other protein items involved so just bugs rodents anything else I mean literally anything they can overpower I mean they could fish they could probably eat birds chicks I mean like literally anything that they can fit into their body they will eat Nessus is a hard creature to keep as a pet they’re pretty easy in my opinion there I’d say kind of a mid-level and phibian at least they just have to keep in mind that they do stay very large and so that’s gonna be a factor and when you’re keeping them and housing them there they can’t stay in a tiny enclosure they can do they’re gonna need a big enclosure and they don’t need like a huge water source or anything so they’re pretty easy to keep just kind of baseline how big did they get like this is almost an adult animal I mean they can get almost look at the size of a football like they get that big it’s possible there I’m pretty sure they’re the largest amphibian species all right not excuse me they’re the largest frog species so the cane toads at the CERN and Marine toads those are the biggest frogs our toes excuse me in existence and so these guys I’m pretty sure are the biggest frog all right you guys like today’s video be sure to let me know the comments at home Kevin wasn’t in this video so some of you guys disappointed but that pecan er was and Connors got more Instagram followers than Kevin I do [Music]

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