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First ‘Creaturegeddon’ expo held in London

First ‘Creaturegeddon’ expo held in London

Sci-fi fans in London got the chance to get
up close and personal with monsters and creatures of all shapes
and sizes this weekend at what has been called the first convention
of its kind in Europe. Creaturegeddon featured real suits and prosthetics that have been used on the big screen and
allowed fans to meet the artists who create them. ”Basically we are turning him into an alien – just so people can see the process of what
it’s like to sort of see this thing happen and take place – which is normally for TV or film. Jack is
wearing foam latex pieces, he is only wearing two pieces – he is wearing a large head piece that sits
on top and he is just wearing a small facial piece.” Two-time Oscar winner Mark Coulier was among
the experts at the expo, ”It keeps our art alive, you know it keeps
prosthetics alive and it keeps the interest alive especially
for young people coming up – you know we are losing quite a lot of talented
designers to the visual effects world you know so it’s good to have practical demonstrations like this to get people interested again.” Organisers are said to be pleased with the
popularity of the first event and have promised this won’t be the last Creaturegeddon.

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  1. If there was an alien attack then we won't know the real aliens from the fakes. They will get us at our weakest state. Stop this dressing up and save our planet.

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