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First Look: Beaver Builder Inline Editing FINALLY!!!

First Look: Beaver Builder Inline Editing FINALLY!!!

Yes it’s finally here in line editing for
Beaver Builder in on him and show you it in this video hi my name is Adam from
where I make WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies of your new here consider clicking
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in the video description box down below now I am going to show you something new that
just came to Beaver Builder which is the page builder for WordPress and I have little experience
with this so if you go to if you are to have Beaver Builder it’s already in your members
area and it’s the alpha version of 2.1 of Beaver Builder that isn’t fully vetted and
out yet but the Beaver Builder developers are super reliable in what they push out even
their alpha version of any kind of update is usually pretty stable that being said I’m
not putting it on my life site but it’s definitely something to check out and if you look at
the change log the big feature that has come while there’s two big features but the main
one for this video is an online editing and it’s something that I’m so glad that they
brought and I think I think it’s one of those things to show you in a moment that people
over time are gonna learn to love there’s also a couple other little goodies that we
might bump into in this video we will be bumping into this but it now Beaver Builder now has
some Gutenberg support so they’re getting all their ducks in a row ready for Gutenberg
to come out and there’s this really neat notification center that they just added I think that’s
really cool for staying in touch with their customers all right let’s jump in so I already
have it open right here it’s a page that I created named it in-line editing now not every
module in Beaver Builder or the add-on packages are going to be compatible with this in-line
editor some initially the difference in this video but one of the things I’ve always appreciated
about any update or feature that comes to Beaver Builder is that it always looks very
well thought out like they considered all of the angles with it to make sure when they
implemented they do with the right way and this in-line editing feature is exactly that
so I’m using the chrome web browser and also it’s worth noting that I have the grammar
Lee Chrome extension that’s an extension that’s generating this G right here and what that
does is it spots spelling errors so if I spell anything wrong or maybe make a grammatical
mistake it’s good to let me know you can see that’s also working in the online editing
so you can see when I hover over this is the title you have those normal module controls
in the left area of the module but when you click you see those disappear and then it
pops up into the editing that might’ve happened a little bit too fast let’s do it over again,
click out I’m hovering I’ve got the normal module controls keep your eye on it the blue
now watch what happens I click and now you see some in-line editing controls now because
I’m editing a heading you it’s only giving me bold italics and a strikethrough however
I do think that they should consider adding additional controls for headings now these
additional controls are going to see them in the normal text boxes so if I scroll down
right here let’s see if this is a normal text box when I click on it note this is actually
using a heading this right here is a normal text box I know that for sure watch when I
click now bam now I get additional text formatting controls so in this and in the normal text
box I’m getting the ability to create a hyperlink and also getting alignment options now I do
think that for headings they should add this as well because I find myself when I’m editing
and heading in Beaver Builder you normally would put it here I’m manually entering strong
or something like that just those little bits of HTML to make my headline look better and
I think that they should add that to the heading as well actually take this as a suggestion
this is very early I’m sure that will actually come I like when I have my heading let’s see
click here you know another thing that I’m realizing is missing is underline I would
like to highlight it and then underline it it gives me the cross outs I can do the cross
out like that but is not giving me the underline so I think they need to add a bold and underlining
for headings and I’ll make sure they get that message I’m sure they will this is very early
but it’s very powerful and I really like what happened so much I’m on the text box when
I click if you noticed the controls go up and that’s because if it didn’t go up the
controls would actually get in the way of what you’re entering in and as you can see
grandma Lee is working perfectly with this little box of text and you don’t just like
in line editing you can type it in or whatever and you can see it’s also carrying over into
the text box there on the right now that’s grammar only generating this red underline
and it’s great free service identify recommended it saves me a lot of mistakes that I make
him a notorious bad speller because I type too fast so now let me show you an example
where this is not going to work so when we look at the change logs they make a distinction
right here it says they added in-line editing for all modules including third parties that
support live text preview now not all modules support live text preview let me show you
that right now so I know specifically with Beaver Builder a perfect example is going
to be the pricing table some and address those can be pretty much pricing tables accordions
tabs things of that nature and I think it might’ve just had them all grouped perfectly
right here tabs accordions sidebar pricing table yet that’s probably it okay so I got
my side my pricing table here it doesn’t have any information any yet so when I click on
it this is a example right here of there being no live text preview so this is because I
can duplicate this to create multiple price boxes and to actually get the info into the
price box I have to click here and now I can start entering information so I could put
a title like that in you notice as I entered title it didn’t appear here I would have to
click on save and then it’s gonna say title here in a moment there it is and this is what
will not have that in-line editing so I can click on it you see nothing happening and
that’s actually very reasonable so what you need to do is just be aware of that that I’m
sure maybe they’ll come up with a way to support live text preview in those other modules I
really think it would be nice if they would have it it everywhere that there is text now
I want to address something with regards to live editing like this now some people think
that it’s not needed and the Beaver Builder developers tend to have a lot of discipline
of what they add because there really caring for their entire user base I think that the
people that are saying in-line editing is not useful just have not used in-line editing
and I will tell you because I have been using in-line editing in a different page builder
extensively it is very very useful to be able to type your text and formatted all seeing
how it’s actually going to look on the front end so right here when I’m entering anything
in this text box I will be able to see exactly how it’s going to look on the front end but
if you’re typing here it just it’s just not the same thing I think what I noticed with
me is when I started using in-line editing I realize I love in-line Avenue editing it
is super convenient to decide how you want your text to look to format your text to make
quick edits it is very very helpful useful and it will speed things up especially if
you have clients that you give access to the sites that you make for them it’s going to
be very make it very easy for them to edit a little word or misspelling or underline
something it’s going to make it very easy for them to do that so I just want to hand
it to Beaver Builder for listening to the community I know I was one of the people out
there saying this is something that you have to add to Beaver Builder it has to be them
that do and not a third-party developer but Beaver Builder themselves needs to implement
in-line editing I love how they did it I love how they have already even though this is
an alpha have thought through most of it now I would like them to add more options to headlines
like I was talking about so I can underline headlines there to be a word in a headline
that I make strong which is essentially making it bold I would like to see that as well and
before I end this video once you that little notification center so this is new right here
this is little bell when you click on it there’s a little notification center so I’m assuming
they can push notifications to people using the builder and when they’re in the builder
and I think that’s actually very helpful because I want to I want them to have a direct line
of communicating important things to me and knowing them though use this very sparingly
and responsibly so that is it Beaver Builder 2.1 I’m sure it’s going to go through the
beta testing and all of that and it’s available right now I might actually try to like to
live on the wild side I might actually try it in my websites that I have Beaver Builder
on just to see how stable it is but I’m pretty sure is rocksolid if you don’t have Beaver
Builder I have a link in the video description box 4 down below or you can visit
Builder that will actually take you over to my website where I give you some information
about a training course that I put together for Beaver Builder it’s normally hundred and
$99 however if you purchase the Beaver Builder didn’t have anyone to purchase it needed it
through that link that’s on that page there be information there about how I can get you
that course for free so that’s it for this video I guess if I wanted to end it with a
question of the day what do you think about in-line editing and its usefulness or do you
think it’s just a gimmick thanks for watching I’ll see in the next video

11 thoughts on “First Look: Beaver Builder Inline Editing FINALLY!!!”

  1. What is that style switch? 🙂

    I like you so much, Adam, you are my favorite, you are my wp-guru, highly trusted expert I look at up, who not only has deep knowledge and experience, but also explain things plainly, in very nice English, very friendly, who is human and funny as well, you are a real entertainment.

    (About Beaver Builder, I made a comment under your first live youtube video last week, I would never try to use a service that is called beaver builder. I understand the concept behind it, that those nice creatures build "constructions" piece by piece, but excuse me, what kind of constructions. Also their logo. Like a coloring book for five-year-olds. Bad marketing. It can be a good product, but I dislike it from the beginning. Have a look at Elementor name and logo! Even its loading animation: creative and professional. The same concept applies for the theme OceanWp vs Astra.)

  2. Really, Inline Editing is a topic of discussion (meaning if it is good to have or not)? Wow. Isn't that kind of like asking someone if they like oxygen? (OxygenApp pun intended).
    After trying Divi3 and Oxygen, I have started my love/hate affair with Beaver Builder because of the cleaner code that is generated along with the persistent content (contest sticks around of you shut off the BB plugin). It didn't take long to miss the inline editing experience of Divi3 AND some of the missing style adjustments, e.g., the Header styling restrictions you pointed out. I'm guessing they omit some of the header stylings to help a style-challenged user not end up with differently styled headers at every turn? BUT I 'want the power' – I occasionally will have a need to style a certain header defferently in a certain spot, i.e., over-ride the global H2 setting for one instance, but still want the H2 used for SEO considerations. This way I wouldn't have to dip into the CSS to get it done.
    ***Thank you for requesting that they add Bold (or emphasis) and underline (which is typically a no-no if it's not a link) – can we add Font-Family to that request? Font-Family and Bold are the typical real-world needs for me anyway.
    Thank you for the vid and cheers to you,

  3. This feature makes me realize the BB team is 💯 percent focused on designer productivity over whiz bang features that you'll use just once in awhile.

  4. Still miles away from Thrive Architect… Even Elementor is better (and ALMOST as good as TA with additional Elementor plugins)…

  5. Finally, I started out with Pootle Page builder which has inline editing but is not as robust as BB in some aspects. I still love it for that reason AND the fact you can move text blocks around the page. With this addition to BB I can see completely switching (maybe) but it definitely will make my life easier.

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