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“FLEX” 1등 신랑감 먹방유튜버의 30만원어치 하울 대공개|에드머

“FLEX” 1등 신랑감 먹방유튜버의 30만원어치 하울 대공개|에드머

-Preview- Hi guys~
It’s me Edmmer I’m going to
shop at E-mart (Korean Grocery store) I will show you how it’s done it is Oct 31st. Thursday This date will be designated as
a “National grocery shopping day” Today
I will be shopping for props for my videos food or kitchen tools
you know here to buy those well….
I’m not going to record myself
shopping that much (Lost ass mayo) oh yea I need to buy the filter net Me so happy
because went shopping~! nice to see you guys again! I went grocery shopping today! Haul video trying to make a haul video what is Haul? Portuguese name (Howl) Main character from
Howl’s moving castle character in Seven knights British horror movie: Howl Haul for Youtube
oh I found it Haul: It is when a Beauty or Review youtubers buy $100 or more worth of products And yes I did buy more than $100 worth of things The products have to be from the same brand. It used to be ‘Overhaul’ It’s a Konglish (Korean-English) word too It used to be called ‘overhaul’ but as time has passed youtubers shortened the word to ‘haul’ and Korean youtubers started to pronounce word as “Howl” that’s how everything startd Thank you guys so much ~ I hope yu guys are happy I hope you guys get happy virus No
I hope you guys just get infected let me bring the things that I bought today I bought a lot so
I put them in a box I did not buy a whole box of toilet papers
(the box is for toilet papers) I spent about half of what I had in my bank account… I will take things out of the box let me sort them out on the desk (E-mart Haul video) it’s me your number 1 hubby material Edmmer about to do E-mart haul video wait I need that box I need this box
to return them later (Lol) so in total… I spent about about $200 and $70 of the products were tax free and I flexed by making one time payment for all of them and they get me $0.20 worth of rewards are they fu**ing serious I bought so damn much
and they only give me $0.20 smh never going back to this place duces First of all.. I got the Fried Tofu Udon Fried tofu udon…
FTU… how much was this? The price is not showing wtf I don’t see it… Did the cashier not scan it or something? I will just go in order It’s hard to find 1st item I needed this whenever I cool noodles I always used those cheap Daiso pots I was having a hard time you know But now I got the
Tefal 3 in 1 stainless pot I can do a lot with this
like making Ramyuns and many other things Welcome to the club I was gonna get the one by Fisler Tefal is made in France Fisler is made in Germany Fisler’s does look nicer but expensive af the price was almost double I’m such a perfect hubby material man
I care about the price and everyhing stfu!!!! and then..! Pierro Coex mall…? what does this mean? I went to the E-mart in Gimpo what’s going on here? Did the cashier include whatever he/she ate
at that place or something? at that restaurant in coex? wtf is this “Pierro Coex Mall” Ok I’mma skip that for now Next Red chili paste
$3.75 I bought it because I felt like I’d need it in the future It doesn’t expire until
2021 so I got this I also got the Yakbap (glutinous rice with nuts) I love these
$4.38 and then…! I got the Nutrition rice) I started to care about my health now where is it? It’s this one
I bought bc it looks healthy but not sure when I’m gonna eat it Fresh ginseng nutrition Rice by Peacock (3)
$5.90 good price Next is~
spicy steamed pork ribs by Bibigo wait what Doesn’t it look pretty good? It looked good so I bought it
$3.50 I only have to heat it up for like 1 and a half minute Also, it only has 274 kcal Good for diet.
am I right? yes I am~ Red pepper powder (made in Korea) I bought it be
I felt like I’d need it in the future domestic red pepper powder
$8.80 well this is a bit pricey this was the most expensive red pepper powder that was there and then…! this one is imported.
I bought it because I really felt like I’d need it later Flavored oil (Fire flavor) by Peacock fire flavored oil Fire flavored oil by Peacock
$3.90 I’m gonna use this some day and then I got a grind by the same brand this looks pretty you know This is a garlic and onion pepper salt
for $3.90 It has a lotta things in it so
it’d be good for the meats you know next is .. Thyme herb by peacock
$3.40 I eat steaks at least
once a month and when I do
I never have this I used to have one here but it got too old you know… So yeah I bought a new one
I’m sure I will need it soon and then Fennel by Peacock
I bought is because 42g of Fennel by Peacock
$3.40 I bought this becuse When I was at the store
I remembered that Gordon Ramsey used it for something
on one of his videos So I thought
I’d need it someday Spices last for a long time so yeah that’s why I got it My future wife needs to see this Peacock fast food blood penis (?) blood dick? tf Garlic Tteokbokki by Peacock fast food
$3.40 This was a good purchase
I’m eating it today I’m cooking it today $3.40 Sausage and rice cake on skewers
$3.90 this right here
I’m gonna eat it like soon Am I supposed to microwave it? let me go microwave it real quick I’m pretty sure I’m doing Haul right now I asked the professional haul youtuber viewer: if it’s a haul, aren’t you supposed to be taking out all the food from the packs? so if you do a haul at gucci you gonna open all of their products
with a knife or something? Cirsium setidens by Elect
$2.90 All you need to do is pour hot water This is pretty much a meal ready to eat I might go camping or do some outdoor
activities you know I’m just getting ready you know or what if the zombie apocalypse happens you feel me Electroman Yookgaejang (Spicy beef soup)
$2.90 They are all made by the same brand same thing with this
all you need to do is pour hot water and also Gochujang (Chili paste) by Elec
$2.90 since I’m an EDM person(?) (This is what an EDM producer does) Spicy bibimbap
same thing all you need to do is pour hot water I know I’m gonna need this
It was a good purchase Curry and rice by Elec
$2.90 and this I didn’t have it at home so I bought this honeymustard Sometimes I just want it you know I just never have it at home you know it says “contains 3% of real honey” But looks like they are covering something you can tell they covered something with the sticker right?
I’m gonna take it off These motherfu**ers It used to say 100% natural But now it says
‘contains 3% of real honey’ I am gonna need it one day Is this normal for a honey mustard to have this color? next one is Thin sliced briskets I got 4 packs They were on sale I literally grabbed all of them I did a good job right? “Yea motherfu**er” Brisket
$27 Brisket:
$11 Brisket:
$11.90 Brisket:
$11.79 I bought about $60 worth of briskets
800g (28oz) I’m gonna make the Thin sliced brisket with them and then I got
300g of Rotten kimchi by bibigo which was $3.90 I mean if you are Korean
you have to have it and I definitely needed this I finally got the filter net for the noodle and also because
you know how I got Tefal pot earlier 🎶 this fits in it
perfect size so if I were to make
Stir cold noodles or Jjapaguri I can just start boiling the noodles
with this net I know you guys think that
this was a good purchase too and then the
Fried tofu udon by peacock and it was $6.48 I’m gonna eat it one day tbh, I just liked the picture on it Green onion oil by Peacock
$5.38 why did I buy it? I’m too lazy to make it It was a good choice as well EZ cheese cheddar
$4.98 I bought it because
you know… I used to own this thang I have good memories with it you know I don’t think i’d eat them though lol and then this! Takes less than 3 minutes
E-mart Ramyun 5 in 1 pack
it’s cheap af $1.98 Olive Jjapaghetti by Nongshim
$3.85 oh I found it here the
Pierro coex mall
$4.20 It’s this one right here looks cute right? I will explain what it is… it’s kinda expensive though… This helps to keep the eggs in shape made out of rubber it can bear up to 250 degrees Celsius ( 482 F) for the eggs, you know I think I made a good purchase for this too ez cheese~
I’mma eat some wow, it’s actually good! So I spent about $202 at the grocery store I tried to practice to be a good hubby material so let’s say, my future wife tells me to go grocery shopping cuz we got no food at home You know, then I’d go to the store
fast af buy groceries like I did today! what do you guys think about today?
I feel like I did a good job today Tbh, I didn’t buy anything useless I was being productive today Especially the pot and the net Anyways! guys! that’s it for the haul! Next time I’m gonna do a haul with $50 worth of groceries Thank you for watching!
good bye

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