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(Fluid341) Anleitung für ein großes Bild. Tipps und Techniken (Lange Version)

(Fluid341)  Anleitung für ein großes Bild. Tipps und Techniken  (Lange Version)

Hello my dears, nice that you have turned back on. I want to get a big picture today again with the Vodka mixed because I really liked the last pictures the picture is 80 x 60 centimeters so really big I have to say, you have to put it well because otherwise the color runs again in the middle I can show it you see behind have it with cardboard ups, now I’ll push you away too the cardboard is underlaid in order to the image can flow off evenly and not everything in the middle again that always happens very important why I do that now! I’ll show you the last pictures I hope you watched the videos? that was the first with alcohol It shines really nice I think the structures have become really good I would like to do something like that again in big The second picture was with a drop of silicone is dangerous You see, it’s very lost and you can see here that’s where the canvas comes out is also due to alcohol because the alcohol makes a better flow behavior and thereby to enjoy with caution .. I just made a drop of silicone in black watch it the was the previous video I tried it with white also with Schwart and a drop of silicone but it has become really good again Yes cool, ok long speech, short sense. You want to see something from me I also touched the Matallic colors again because I think it’s really cool I have black White Then gold silver copper And to bring color into play, I still have my beloved Carmine Red then let’s start so you do not get bored and then let’s go OK let’s get started I have the colors a bit thicker calmly because I would like to make special patterns you see it here and it does not go that much either I’m doing it again in Dirty Pouring style and also layer by layer we turn it Now I’m doing some black in on both sides you will see what patterns come out afterwards the color should be enough, hopefully some white pure that too on both sides sooo I think then the first mug is full I’ll look again for the contrast OK I swing it back and forth I now that the red is gone That’s why I’m still putting red in it so here you can see it what I mean it afterwards if I let it run something is still going on or running into each other Yes is clear. But that’s really cool OK it continues I’ll make another cup or be a few Set accents and make white lines with it too not only a complete pattern is created but also how should I say bright spots arise so now we can do one No, I’ll do it again yes I mix it more that is, I let it run in from above then you will see the difference if you do not do it layer by layer, just do it more mixed OK can we go up you see yourself, you can play a lot make different patterns can one here Make ring technique where I find the picture boring again but we can play. I take a comb and pull it over so go through a golden line Now I’m starting to let it go is not enough color yet but just around Let’s see how it reacts and what happens now the lines of my crest will disappear a little bit because it overflows but you can do that again before we run it now I may have noticed once before. also with the last pictures There are air bubbles in it and that gives little points you can heat it up shortly before running to get the bubbles out because the reason is that that we have so small cells which form through the air bubbles if you let them diverge then there are beautiful cells even without silicone now I can do more otherwise it takes too long and look that I make the edges behind So on your side if I am not quite in the picture, yes, something is difficult OK yes, thats exactly what I meant I’ll show you quickly you see here that’s what I meant with the cells although no silicone is in it you see a little bit same here it’s cool Ok, let’s move on whatever I can do here I have the desire to work with the comb in the picture it just looks cool was not that great but no matter now I add a cup to it become silver and copper will take less red this time because a lot of red is already on it Do it again in layers Turn the cup off and on think that’s enough Yes but i’m looking that i can get this here before me else the beautiful pattern breaks so here where you have a lot of white spots. I always like to do it because it looks boring just something in but not so, you have to be careful, laugh There you can turn and swing as you like. Then you get great patterns into it also put fine lines so Of course, this is a bit of work, but then gives a nice picture and nice patterns not just easy briefly poured and bye laughing I still have a hole here, I have to get that if you can see it Yes I’ll heat it up for a moment heating up is perhaps the wrong expression. Just to get the bubbles out That’s what I’m concerned about now to get the corner now I will turn the picture over now and still make the edge I will do that now even if I’m not in the picture now come on I was here for this edge OK we have here, of course I’m missing the gold I take the other cup a little red with pure for the contrast and a shot of pure black You see, I have such lines here. Now I’m going in other lines you can too Pull patterns into whatever you want. You can be creative if that’s too dark for you. Like me, for example. Then I pull in a few lines with lighter colors this results in running nice effects as well what else do we have? now we have here very dark area and a bright area the red area Now we’ll see that here maybe more silver and white and make copper otherwise we have too much gold here No, we do not take gold go back in from above leave it pretty high I like it with the fine lines in between OK heat briefly to make the bubbles out then I would say. We’re closing this corner now daduch the picture also pulls apart let it run in here and the other side too unfortunately can not always be in the picture but I’ll show you later think that fits Edge too I think it’s a bit too bland I think that’s easy one says it is a resting place. Where it is none laughing I think it’s bland take this red mug mix mainly red Black-and-white and gold You see I have little color in it, but Let’s make a nice pattern here in which I let it run slowly This is also the advantage if you let it go thicker if you let it run then it will be different I should also get the corner here I’m watching I have to take care I do not throw the cup over dangerous, dangerous yes there I am with the Fingers in you have to be careful too. If you come in with your finger, you have to let it run again so that’s it then again over it runs. Otherwise it does not look pretty I will do that now These are also the fine work afterwards so then there’s paint over it again well not quite, laugh I will do that later I think I’ll leave that now no, come on, I’ll add some color then we already have it the rest after that is still some fine tuning You can still make fine lines or diverge I hope the video is not too long for you. But I think so I find it interesting for you, if you really do Want to make pictures beautiful. Pattern as you want and not just let it run Then see what comes out is boring in the long run yes I am left-handed so, then we have done the most as I said, what you can do, I like it nice thin lines simply the leftovers from the mug there you can fine lines still run over it I really like it is a matter of taste then it fits I will still run properly so that all edges are covered ih do not need to watch That takes a while and will show you then of course up close see you then here guys, you sht i’m cutting video my assistant should actually help mr but he just hinders me the Merlin you know that Stinker, laugh yes, then I try to keep working So friends have now passed 24 hours I have it on purpose Leave a day Now we have arrived at the point where it stops running or reworks I can already see it on the edge the red one sees it best where it gets darker it starts to dry you know the picture always dries from outside to inside or even here you realize how it gets darker already at the edge OK Now we can be sure that nothing works as I said, if you have backed it You also have to be careful just before it’s dry in the middle, k you can make the Krton away otherwise otherwise there is a risk that we waves when the box is a little higher but is not that bad. If you wet it from below, it will set again as a little tip on the edge well I’ll show you now this is a picture of my style that’s my style who know me where longer know that I only do the other pictures for you haha OK worked here with the comb there are also beautiful patterns, also here I’ll show you everything Now we come to the point where I already mentioned that beautiful cells have formed without silicone yes, here too that’s when you have the bubbles before you run it I may repeat myself but for those who rewound again and did not see the whole video there is the point where then form cells anyway as well as here Yes I’ll show you the subtleties now to show the whole picture here it has wandered outwards that’s what i meant, if the box below underneath if that is a bit higher but it is better it runs outward like when everything goes together in the middle that was also worked with the comb has also become really cool and I like those fine lines. It looks abstract Yes again here I drive out again You can see that on the edge as well it’s already dried here as a small proof, laugh that’s a day later and here it went great. I agree also like beautiful cells there you can see how it gets dark that is the carmine red when the vinyl glue dries and becomes transparent the original sound comes out of the color that is also to be considered if you pour a picture, you must be clear in advance how about the colors change So you will not be disappointed and the colors are too dark OK So I like the picture well, laugh I really like the picture as I said my style you can also here again that’s something like that. Somewhat darker I hope the light is on is a bit dark but I turn it around like this some know it that’s what i mean. You can influence pictures do not just pour but make beautiful patterns which are also wanted by you cool, that’s it I drink another sip of vodka haha and then it was mine I hope you liked it you have learned something that was the background that’s why the video is a bit longer you see, step by step and I thank you for watching wish you something like to leave a subscription and thumbs up and thank you again for my supporters then it was mine until then, until the next time bye copper to bring a bit of play into it I still have my beloved carmine red So bring in a little play of colors mmnaa Hello my love nice that you have turned on again I want to take a picture today ohh, lick me on the ass because irgent when will it get boring for you OK Hmmm ahh I do not see it anymore is not good is not good

85 thoughts on “(Fluid341) Anleitung für ein großes Bild. Tipps und Techniken (Lange Version)”

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