100 thoughts on “For this family, Mississippi River flooding keeps happening. And happening”

  1. They need to fix that problem. I live in a place where levees and low dams keep us from floods. Losing the farm land can affect a lot more than just those few who live there. It's how they make money by producing food to feed US

  2. thats odd. people really hate socialism.. that is until they really need some of it to help them rebuild. 7000 people is more then enough people to rebuild it yourself. just get some tractors and rebuild it the best you can.

  3. When you purchased your home, you were notified that your property was in a flood plain. When you purchased insurance on your home and your property, they explained to you that your home and your property is in a flood plain and you will probably pay more than the average customer that does not live in a flood plain. Now you are acting as if this is a big surprise.

  4. They never talk about how bad it floods every year in Vicksburg Mississippi. As well in the eagle lake community in Warren County. This happens year after year, my grandfather worked for the Corp, he went out on the giant mat sinking units and they developed and fixed levels. Just do a little research the government knows how and when it’s going to happen. They study this at water ways experiment station in Vicksburg Mississippi. Which is run and own by the federal government.

  5. Very Beautiful Cat left there to drown. So sad, Animal Neglect/Abuse. The Cat is so Georgeous, I feel sorry for him/her !!!

  6. 2009: "I feel for you folks over in Illinois. My condolences."
    2019: "LMAO karma for stupid trump supporters! Also we must stop this chemtrail geoengineering stuff. VOET 4 JOE BIDEN"

    This is where we've arrived.

  7. How about we use tax money to build real mechanical levies and infrastructure instead of using that money to give people sex changes?

  8. Chemtrails chemtrails chemtrails. Get used to it folks. Blame your government. Just Look up! They’re spraying the skies daily. They are not here for us. They want this… non stop rain allll year long. It’s insane. Do your research. They call it weather modification. It’s pure tyrannical bullshit.

  9. I wish I could pump some of this water into my backyard…I'd love a resaca view, but oh well an old cemetery it is.

  10. If you can’t take you cat with you, why not adopt your cat to a new family instead of leaving it to drown?

  11. Vote for people that actually care about you and our planet 🌎
    And this will reverse and the weather/will return to normal. ( through time unfortunately)

  12. But for the most of you this falls on Deaf ears.
    And that’s when Mother Nature comes in and proceeds with natural selection

  13. Wow look at what happens when your GREEDY 'ancestors ' built unneccessary dams on the "MIGHTY MISSISSIPPI" (NILE) DISRUPTING THE NATURAL FLOW AND STATE OF THE BEAUTIFUL THRIVING RIVER NATURE remembers! LEAVE THE SACRED LAND!!!


  15. Sorry to say it but when you live where water has gone before it will happen again and again, its just a matter of when. Many folks here where I live are on the River are going through the same thing every time the water rises, then they sell to other who go through it again.

  16. Irony: These lands are such great farmland precisely BECAUSE of the river flooding like this over the centuries.

  17. You left the cat….. please take the animal to a home where people will actually care for it and treat it right. You dont deserve that family member or to ever own pets or livestock. One of the most painful ways to die is believed to be drowning and youd leave a family member to that fate….. you're a horrible human.

  18. Unfortunately for these people, having 7,000 people and seasonal crop farmland is a whole bunch cheaper to flood than are cities. The climate has changed, storms are worse, we're having storms of the century every week and storms of the Millennium at least once a year. More intense storms mean more water and that water has to go somewhere.
    If the decision has been made to let your area flood, look at what is downstream.

  19. Purposely building/living in an area that is a KNOWN flood plain makes about as much sense as people that build their homes right next to a large airport and then complain about the noise. GET A CLUE!!
    I flew out of such an airport and when we took off, the pilot actually put the plane into almost a 55-60 degree climb. I was literally looking at the front of the cabin ABOVE ME,
    When he got leveled off, he came on the speaker and 'apologized' for the tremendous attitude of the climb and advised it was because surrounding homes had gotten the city to pass an ordinance to require them to climb at that steep of an angle to help "noise abatement",
    He commented that it was steep and, YES, it was dangerous for a passenger jet to have to climb out at such a pitch. Scared the snot out of me!!

  20. Nature always wins. Levees delay the inevitable. In fact, makes things worse.

    Lesson to learn: Don’t buy a house near a water source and you can avoid most flooding issues. If you do, don’t complain when nature lashes out.

  21. "This water shouldn't be here. This is farmland". Or…this farmland shouldn't be here this is river floodplain.

  22. This is one way good you can have fresh water fish and sometimes they restructure the environment. You took out everything but you have to give something back to earth. The earth needed water so it is filling that place.

  23. It would be more cost effective to move. You can not fight the Mississippi and your just going to continue to be flooded out.

  24. Either learn to live with it and Jax it up or find a new career but I'm tired of paying for stupid s*** like this it is not my job or the American people's job to control the Mississippi it is a river it does what it wants to do

  25. the government wont fix the levee. they cant build a wall or fix healthcare. the floods are only gonna get worse with Global Destruction.

  26. Flooding Rivers, Bacteria in Beach Water M'SSIP, Earthquakes In CA. Hurricane season Here in M'SSIP (??🤔) Thousands Trying To ILLEGALLY ENTER THE USA TO STAY 😕 Hmmm😠 WE GOT ENOUGH PROBLEMS,😨 POPULATE ALASkA

  27. Maybe you should….I don't know…
    How many times does your dumbass have to lose everything before you call it quits.

    It's the same thing year after year after year and you see the same idiots on the news crying about I lost everything well you knew goddamn well you were in a flood plain and that it was guaranteed to flood perhaps at catastrophic levels.

    Same thing with the dumbasses with the beach houses on the gulf that get demolished every other hurricane season.


  28. Well, the thing is we need the farmland to feed all you complaining that this is a floodplain. Yes, it is a floodplain. Most of our farmland is located on floodplains, as is a good chunk of our otherwise developed land. We build levies and canals to make this land arable. We have been doing this for hundreds of years. Sometimes the levies erode and we have to fix them. Its expensive. We feed 400 million people, plus many other industries depend on agriculture and we export food. Farmland is extremely important. We need to maintain out levies. Its as much a part of our infrastructure as highways or a power grid.

  29. Missippu is feed by rivers from the Rocky’s and Appalachian mountains 🏔. All that water has to go somewhere.

  30. Sucks to be a farmer; struggling to produce enough crops, gets flooded, and can’t sell their land. Now a bunch of ungrateful morons want to paint a bad picture for these poor people who produce food for the community.

  31. I don't care if the costs outweigh the benefits. I'm on the east coast away from these floods but we still gotta take care of each other, you can't just abandon these folks.

  32. Things keep happening.people talk.BUT THEY CANT VOTE ON ALL LAWS.PS.I met Jesus.he transfigured.We dont even have electric lines below ground.the publics right to vote on laws.Its so easy.change means change.not a rich lawyer vote for us again.

  33. Anyone else think it’s a little whack that she left on a boat and only comes back to visit, but left her pets behind? Take your pets with you, jerk.

  34. Finding another place to farm would be the right thing to do. As humans we like to think about ourselves first, how we will survive & make money but our decisions often ruin something natural or other people’s way of life in the process. Farming is a selfless job, they feed people that can’t feed themselves. Once you start farming with only money in mind is when you’ve lost the true purpose of farming & as a result you’ll run into obvious problems.

  35. Levees and dams may not be natural but they are what is holding this country together whether we like it or not. We are living the consequences of decisions made hundreds of years ago. The Mississippi is being held on its current course to go through New Orleans which it doesn't want to do. It will change course and it won't be good.

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