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Fortnite Battle Royale Collection Squad Pack Moose Toys Unboxing Review

Fortnite Battle Royale Collection Squad Pack Moose Toys Unboxing Review

hey guys we who supersorrell that your
era was shewn hey look what I got I got some more fun night goodies this is the
for tonight battle royal collection by spy moose toys it’s exclusive to smith’s
here in the UK so Smith’s toys have great exclusivity on this range and he’s
selling out so fast the officially launched on the 11th and they have a
second wave going live on the 17th so get to your stalls of the 17th for wave
2 this is a small little vinyl figure it is poseable apparently and they’re gonna
release over a hundred of these bad boys there’s gonna be over a hundred released
and there’s gonna be a ton of new stuff on the back it does show you the duo
packs and he does say that these are dropping in 2019 however I can confirm
that most these are readily available at my Smith’s right now so this is the
battle royal collection this pack cost me 20 pounds which I don’t thinks that
bad I expected it to be a lot more actually with it being with it being for
night but yes as they look over a hundred to collect so let’s break them
out of the packaging guys unless take a look at these figures and see what
they’re like so let me see if I can do this without fully destroying this
packaging alright cuz I’m not a hundred percent sure why I’m doing this yet
whether I’m keeping or gonna be we gif ting I’m not sure oh right it’s okay
cool there’s lots of little bits here yeah so I’m gonna lose some of this
stuff one that should be free okay one two loads more weapons and things in this
pot a little stump as well so that’s pretty cool that’s one side alright guys
I’ve got them all out of the packaging so here is the first thing that I have
come across short and this one is Rex that was Rex now again he does come with
like he’s got a little face under that which is nice but it doesn’t like an
actual proper darkness to light the light dragging me down as already head
this time which is nice and he does come with his backpack he’s got a little
holder in his bag which you can then part the the backpack yeah so there we
go he’s got his backpack on and I’m not sure what weapon he came I don’t think
it came with a weapon hmm very we can put the farming tool on his huh so they’re just part into any of the any
of the weapons will fit with any other characters they should have these little
holes in the hands and you just pop them in basically like so and each of them do
come with one of these little stands so they can stand on these little bases
that’s a nice way of displaying them you’ll I’ll show you guys a little bit
better when we get to the desk count actually Betsy that’ll be nicer okay and
this one so this one’s gonna be Raven you look awesome loving the purple and
stuff on him he just looks mint yeah and then we’ve got Raptor I forget rat
we get wrapped her in this pack which is cool he has a backpack as well little
bass he’s got a big bazooka that’s pretty
cool and then finally we’ve got rust Lord now Russell odd is one will be
caught as well we got him with the loot lompoc from him right wait so did get
him in the three and well the forage figures Nichols with the grenade
launcher so these figures are actually poseable which is nice and let me use
rust Lord heroes to show you so the head doesn’t rotate the arms do lift up and
down both sides and there isn’t a swivel at the waist no there’s no swivel at the
waist subtly and the legs are static so the upper body is the articulated part
the lower body static stuff to hear that out so there though yeah we have them
and the thusly all four of them these figures are quite nice I do like these
um I think I’m thinking probably gonna stick with the four four core in Javas
rather knees but it was nice to get these to review and see what they’re
like cuz it’s something a little bit different and fun is stupidly popular
right now and these toys are selling out so quick there’s something out faster
than I can get ahold of them to review so it’s insane but guys I’m gonna go to
the desk amp and give you guys a bit more of an up-close person look at these
figures and then you can tell me in the comments which one is your favorite so
let me go to the desk I’m okay guys here they are out of the bag so let’s start
down here with Raven so he looks awesome I like the black on purple I still love
that it still pops it looks awesome it’s living with the dual pistols as
well you just look at Mint backpack on there as well for a little for a little
two inch figure these are actually very very well done and it looks super nice
then of course we’ve got Rex and you see their North Face under there as well but
it’s not really visible hey just come with a little farming tool as well he
looks like he’s in like a karate style stance there it looks really weird but
either way it’s a nice figure and I love the way these look very pop vinyl
inspired I think just a smaller version and if they’re gonna make loads of these
they’re gonna gonna be so many of them it’s gonna be 100 she’s insane
we’ve got raptor waking with his headset on with these big bazooka backpack on as
well something different in there that’s nice I like it I like the design of them
I love the fact as well he even got the smiley face on the bazooka right on the
air the ammunition that’s pretty cool oops he’s come off his base never stand
without the base yeah they do they do stand without the base as well and then
finally guys we have rust Lord he’s one of my favorites from the 3-inch line so
I saw him he was available to inch along with route sorry Lord with the Russell
sorry Rex and Raven I couldn’t think of a names then Rex and Raven when they
were I saw the whole three of them came in a packet together with a we’ve
wrapped I was like right I need to review that one these are my favorite
characters that went so far they are awesome even between streamers the guns
are pretty good so guys what are your thoughts on these little figures let us
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making awesome videos thank you for watching guys let’s go back to the main
camp and finish off this video so guys which one of these battle royale figures
is your favorite for me I think is gonna be a tie between Raven and Russell or
them some of my fairies in this pack but what about you which one’s your
favorites let us know in the it’s down below if you enjoyed this
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lot of live streams recently and is there any feedback on the live streams
guys did you enjoy me doing them let us know it down below guys I want to thank
you very much watching as always I’m your host supersorrell and I’ll speak to
you in the next video may the force be with you bye you

21 thoughts on “Fortnite Battle Royale Collection Squad Pack Moose Toys Unboxing Review”

  1. The more live streams the merrier! These figures are pretty cool, I like Raven the most. So many companies are making Fortnite toys now haha

  2. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below;

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  3. I like Raven,im not keen on the price tho,but id like to atleast get the normal fig of drift and one of the chests,but i have yet to see much of the merch out,shirts and the pinata lhama is about all ive seen at walmart

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