6 thoughts on “FRONT | Episode 8 | War drama | Original Series | english subtitles”

  1. So, it was a true story ? I tried to learn more about Katarina Shtur on Google. Couldn't find anything. Anyway. An excellent series, superbly acted, not a dull moment. Like all the other Russian war series and movies I have watched. I really appreciated the english subtitles. I do speak some Russian, but not well enough to understand every dialog. So, these subtitles are a great help, especially as I am trying to learn and improve.

  2. another brilliant series, keep them coming Russian movie industry, I am already learning Russian words. I wish I had a weapons instructor as beautiful as this girl when I was in the Australian army

  3. I enjoyed Colonel Meyer's discourses laced with social Darwinist claptrap while he ordered fiendish crimes. The Russians got that right. The Nazis were scum. Too bad Stalin massacred the Polish officers in the Katyn Forest, isn't it?

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