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FUI DESAFIADO AO VIVO PELO SBT: 3kg de temaki em 5 minutos??

FUI DESAFIADO AO VIVO PELO SBT: 3kg de temaki em 5 minutos??

What’s up everyone?! Welcome to Corbucci Eats! Today I’m here in Brasília ’cause I was challenged by SBT (TV channel)! They found my channel And they proposed a live challenge! And there’s no better place for this than Sumô Sushi I don’t know if you remember the video I posted last month, which has more than 1,5 million views, I’ll leave it on the e-card for you, it was from Breaking Restaurants series, here on Sumô Sushi And today they challenged me to eat over 2kg of Temaki! Let’s see how long I take to eat these! I want to eat as fast as I can to make their jaws drop Before we start I just want to remind you that Corbucci Eats’ Store has a Black Friday’s sales going on Check it out, it’s only this month, there’s progressive discounts of 10, 20 and 30 percent Go grab your products, If you don’t know Sumô Sushi, I’ll leave on the description, and go check the Breaking Restaurants’ series You’ll see this restaurant’s quality, ok? So let’s do this But first, if you don’t know the channel, subscribe, leave a thumbs up, follow me on Instagram And let’s do this ’cause I’m hungry! Subscribe And activate the notifications “First Impact” It’s a little crazy the amount of food that we have here but if you let us we’ll begin now I want to start counting here on the clock! Go, go, go! Can we go? Here’s the deal: we have 2,685kg of temaki, it’s 14 pieces of temaki that Ricardo will eat The challenge is that he eats it all in up to 5 minutes, you can’t take longer than that ’cause we’re live One more thing: he hasn’t eaten since yesterday 5pm, he ate 2kg of vegetables to expand his stomach So the expectation is that in 5 minutes he is 5kg heavier Can we start here? Timer, 3… Ok, let’s do this 3… 2… 1… Go! You that is home are watching this brasilian, Ricardo Corbucci, 33 years old He is challenged to eat 2,685kg of temaki in less than 5 minutes, I’ll say again what he did until this day He already had 3L of açaí in 5 minutes, he ate 7kg of pasta in 20 minutes, He once ate 103 boiled eggs in 15 minutes, I did the math and it’s about 1 egg every 9s 6kg of strogonoff in 58 minutes, and another challenge was 100 esfihas in 1 hour Next year Ricardo will go to the USA and he wants to eat 50 hot dogs in 10 minutes Which will be a whole hot dog every 12 seconds. On this food competition on the USA, the winner has eaten 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes And now, live on Primeiro Impacto (First Impact) for all Brazil to see, he’s eating 2,685kg of temaki in less than 5 minutes 1 minute and 15 seconds until now, he’s doing fine! How many temakis has he already eaten? I didn’t count, but there’s 8 left, so he already ate 6 temakis in 1 minute and 30 seconds He’s going for the 7th He’ll do it easily He’ll do it, he’ll do it, he’ll do it… Next year, on the USA, he wants to eat 50 hot dogs in 10 minutes And well… considering all he’s ever eaten it’s seems fine Rafa is saying that he didn’t even use the sauce on top of it Not even that… He didn’t want the shoyu, the waiter asked if wanted it and he said he didn’t need it I’m impressed with the size of his mouth He puts the whole temaki inside his mouth Look at the size of his mouth! Have you ever seen those videos on Discovery that a python eats a capybara, the way it’s mouth opens That’s like that! He’s an animal! It’s not a man, Ricardo is an animal! He’s an animal! Exactly He’s going for the 11th temaki in 2 minutes and 30 seconds, there’s only 3 temaki left It seems that the challenge will be much less than 5 minutes today at Primeiro Impacto This was easy for him… I just don’t know if he’ll be able to talk to us afterward, if he’ll be in good conditions, we’ll find out soon It’s only 2 temaki left… say it Marcia! I got curious about one thing: how is the after? To use the toilet… It’ll be hard! I’ll ask him I wouldn’t want to be in his place We’ve just completed 3 minutes now! And now he’s finishing the second to last and heading for the last one of the challenge Just reminding you, 2,685kg of temaki. Now is the last one! 14th temaki And we’ll stop the timer when he’s done He’ll break a record Last few seconds Less than 5 minutes Almost there Oh my god He’s done 3, 2, 1, that’s it! He did it! Are you in any condition to talk to us now, or do you need some time to recover? I’m great The food was delicious, dispite me having to eat quickly Very good, and that’s it It wasn’t that much food, considering my standards I imagined this but I didn’t have the courage to ask, but since Márcia asked… It’s a kind of personal question which I’ll make now: how is the after? If you know what I mean Everything is normal, japanese food is light… I wasn’t eating since yesterday, so I already had to eat It’ll be a regular digestion, no problems whatsoever Are you married? Yes Do you share the toilet with your wife? Yes I do What’s her name? Ivna Ivna… thanks for the patience, it was good for us here in SBT doing this live challenge Márcia, the women at home that are complaiting that their 14 years old kids are eating like a bull Their luck is that they don’t have a kid like this, ’cause doing groceries would be a problem What’s his favorite food? Last question… Favorite food Ricardo? Japanese food Well, so japanese food… So this was a good friday We gave him a gift Primeiro Impacto gave Ricardo this gift then Thanks Ricardo! Congratulations! Congratulations for the job well done Felipe Malta, my friend! Thank you for the invitation! Thanks everyone! Bye! That’s it guys, 2,685kg of temaki in 3 minutes and 30 seconds I hope you enjoyed it And if you don’t know the channel, subscribe, leave a thumbs up, follow me on Instagram And thanks! Subscribe And activate the notifications

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