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GAME OVER! Melania Trump DEFENDS Those Who BOOED Her At Baltimore Event(REPORT)!!!

GAME OVER! Melania Trump DEFENDS Those Who BOOED Her At Baltimore Event(REPORT)!!!

GAME OVER! Melania Trump DEFENDS Those Who BOOED Her At Baltimore Event u.s. first lady Melania Trump is
defending those who booed her during a recent event in Baltimore as the first
lady was introduced at a youth event she was booed by students she continued to
receive more boos mixed with a few cheers when she began her remarks the
summit was on opioid abuse which is part of the first lady’s b-best initiative
despite the rough start to the event Trump said at the end of her speech
wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving may God bless you your families and the
United States of America as she finished her remarks there were more boos along
with cheers Baltimore is the city that the first lady’s husband and the
president Donald Trump has criticized previously as he called it a disgusting
rat and rodent infested mess in response to the booing at the event the first
lady didn’t push back on those criticizing her instead she said that
they’re entitled to their opinion but she also defended her efforts to speak
out against the harms of opioids Melania Trump said in a statement we live in a
democracy and everyone is entitled to their opinion but the fact is we have a
serious crisis in our country and I remain committed to educating children
on the dangers and deadly consequences of drug abuse the first lady has gotten
less criticism than her husband and stepchildren working in the
administration or campaign some were offended by the reaction Fox News host
Tommy Lehren criticized the students behavior where do they learn the
disrespect where do they learn that it is okay to be the First Lady of the
United States they learned that because they don’t believe that they have to
respect Melania or anyone with the last name of Trump because the media and
congressional leaders and Democrats have told them that they don’t have to that
it’s their moral right to do those things news reports and video show that
booing and hissing continued throughout much of her five-minute speech and that
the boos picked up again when she left the stage one student that the event
suggested that his reaction wasn’t because of indoctrination from the
president’s political opponents but was a response to the first lady’s own
actions in addition to those of her husband
Melania Trump interest in educating youths about harmful behaviors follows a
long tradition of first lady’s taking up causes aimed at improving the lives of
children and their families but responses to her are likely to mirror
those of these students as long as the Trump administration is viewed as being
headed by a family that cares about only some Americans you god bless you and God
bless america

21 thoughts on “GAME OVER! Melania Trump DEFENDS Those Who BOOED Her At Baltimore Event(REPORT)!!!”

  1. I think Melania Trump was awesome True Grit American and I'm so proud of her she is the most patient person I have ever seen in my life with all the booze and she kept right on speaking y'all kids that did all of that you're to be took home and wilt York to be ashamed of yourself you have no respect for yourself or no one else but that lady was one of the best she was the most respectful person I ever met and I've never met her but she is a awesome lady one of these days you're going to look back as you grow up and you're going to say I made an absolutely fool out of myself cuz it might be you or your best friend that dies with drugs and then you're going to remember what she told you and you're and I hope you remember the booze that you gave her just remember what goes up must come down set the way y'all would teach y'all children if so you'd make a lousy parents undoubtedly your parents is made lousy children disrespectful may God be with you and forgive you

  2. If President Trump and First Lady Melania cared only about certain people they would not be giving speeches in these areas. The opposition to Our Great President, First Lady Melania, and their Administration us caused and encouraged by Maxine Waters, Soros, and their Deep State. They still have not accepted that President Trump is for All Americans and doing an Amazing job-!!! They need to grow up. Their actions and words are toddler behavior. Since when do adults encourage fighting-!!! This is nonsense.

  3. Melania is the First Lady in the white house since Jacqueline Kennedy, killary is no more than a a lying murderer, cow of a woman, and Bo's wife is a dude (a MAN) and not a very good drag queen at that

  4. Let them boo and when another Democratic Leader takes control Baltimore again and REMAINS A WAR ZONE THEY CAN ALSO BOO HOO,BOO HOO and cry as usual over Democratic Party leaders who don't give a shit about them these people don't want a decent city their votes says it all. Baltimore doesn't even have air-conditioning or heat inside of the schools in Baltimore, 37 thousand vacant homes, population fell in 20 years from almost a million too 600 thousand, rats and garbage in alot of the communities even Lexington Market has been closed on several occasions because of rats and roaches, Baltimore is in the top five in the country for herion addiction and has over 100 thousand drug addicts that's a conservative estimate by local news papers, 1 out of 10 addicts are H I V positive and the past 3 Democratic Mayors running Baltimore were criminals 2 of which have been indicted and these people are going to Boo the first lady off stage well let them keep voting for the same and thank God I don't live in a war zone that the Democratic Party has created also in Chicago and many other States like California that looks like a poverty stricken small country FACT.
    TRUMP 2020

  5. All the crap this President and his family gets from Dems/liberals since the day POTUS announced he was running, reminds me of the old mobs in NY, Chicago etc. Mobs wanted to run the city, they were the boss of that city and if someone didn’t like it, they were reminded of how mobs worked. You could either like it, or you were taken out of the equation. Same way with the Demonrats and our President. Liberals are used to running the country. If you didn’t like it, it was like Arkansas when the Clintons ran it. My way or the highway aka Arkansided. The Demonrats have lined their pockets from all their corruption. And now, President Trump is stopping the corruption, the mob. They know the POTUS knows how they have gotten rich, and he’s stopping it, and they are having their gravy train derailed.

  6. How dare Melania try to educate people on the truth, if they want to be and remain stupid and misguided for the profit of others she will defend that right. The most beautiful, wonderful lady the White House has ever had the honor of receiving is Melania Trump. Thank you Melania.

  7. What a BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, CLASSY LADY!! Parents of and supporters who support this disrespectful behavior deserve nothing but contempt. Thank you, Melamia Trump, our wonderful First Lady, for your strong, kind, and truthful efforts to improve the lives of Americans, even those who don't deserve it. God has a special purpose and place for you.

  8. Melania you did a good job trying to educate them. You can lead a horse to water an you can't make him drink it. You did try to educate them that's all you can do.

  9. These people that boo and disrupt others have no respect for themselves much less for others… the prime problem is probably from their parents who have no love or love for others… they feel that everyone else owes them

  10. Their opinion is NOT their own.
    They found out, to hold this erroneous opinion of Melania given to them by knuckleheads, media and congress is making them SICK. Physically ill. Stop!

    They kno now. Trust and believe.

  11. My parents were voters.
    I remember at 6 year old
    My Dad told me to never vote for DemonRAT.
    I said why? He said they
    Kill babies and they lie
    And they do Evil things.
    I thank God for my Father's words of trurh!!

  12. I love wen she said," I will keep working for you even if you refuse to work with me""
    You have class , like no other. What ever they say after that is a waist of oxygen!!
    Thank you First Lady Melania Trump!!🇺🇸❤

  13. First lady Trump you are the most classiest woman in the world do not let small people bother you you’re a great human being and a beautiful fashion spoke woman nobody can put a candle against you you are an outstanding human being

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