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Gas Stove Replacement : Disconnecting a Gas Stove’s Flare Fittings

Gas Stove Replacement : Disconnecting a Gas Stove’s Flare Fittings

So the next thing you are going to do, is
you’re going to disconnect the flare fitting with something like this adjustable spanner,
or adjustable wrench, also some people call it a crescent wrench. Put it onto the valve
and turn it to the left, left loose, right tight, so that’s how you can remember that
little pneumonic. So you’re going to loosen that valve. We’re going to take off this fitting,
this is a flare fitting because the top of this fitting is flared. So now we know that
the gas is off, there is no gas coming out of here, we probably, we want to replace this
hose generally. These are not expensive, these do get cracks in them, and these do fail,
and so I recommend replacing these every time you replace the stove.

22 thoughts on “Gas Stove Replacement : Disconnecting a Gas Stove’s Flare Fittings”

  1. I agree! This is so dangerous if this is the first video someone sees. EVERYONE MAKE SURE TO TURN OFF THE GAS VALVE FIRST!!! Expertvillage, could you change the video and just have it start a few seconds earlier? This is so dangerous!

  2. Personally, when it comes to any appliance regarding gas, I would be inclined to call out a Gas Safe registered specialist and have them remove/install the appliance for two reasons. First is for peace of mind and secondly they are trained to deal with gas. If someone else was to install/remove the appliance and a gas leak occurred resulting in an explosion, you won't be insured. When it comes to gas, it not advised to take risks.

  3. This was very helpful. I've got to move my gas range out of my kitchen tonight and I feel safe doing so now. This is a simple gas line with a on off valve. It's not a natural gas pipeline… For Heavens Sake.  Not all of us can afford to call an electrician especially for a valve to position horizontally to turn off gas. a couple left turns with a crescent wrench to unhook line & unplugging the electrical from wall. I guess if you're one of those people who think everyone is a moron unless they are an electrician or a plumber which I respect highly BTW. I wish comments could be more positive and not attempt to scare people. If I needed my motor on my car rebuilt I'd definitely take it to a certified mechanic I absolutely could not You Tube it and be successful…

  4. The editing on this segment is kinda dangerous, should include turning off the gas for anyone watching out of sequence, like I just did.

  5. He already turned the gas off in the first video. Don't worry he is not showing you anything dangerous. He already shut the valve off.

  6. Good video, but these videos should be numbered. The very first thing is to shut off the gas, but it wasn't stated. So if there's someone watching this, they may not understand to shut off the gas first.

  7. It'd be best if these were posted as one long video, instead of minute segments. That way, the steps would make more sense.

  8. Danger! Some people might tune in to video 2 without having seen video 1 where you turn off the gas supply to the stove.

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