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Goose Soaked In Blood Without A Single Scratch | Kritter Klub

Goose Soaked In Blood Without A Single Scratch | Kritter Klub

It was bloody red. I smelled the blood as soon as I held him up. Bloody Goose Mystery It used to happen every 3-4 days. He first bled about a month ago One goose among the flock keeps getting spotted in blood But what’s odd is that.. He eats well and bathes well Other than being covered in blood, he’s enjoying the most ordinary life..! Moreover Is he okay? Not hurt anywhere? No, he’s fine Though soaked in blood, he’s got no wounds..? Any possibility it isn’t blood? Having tested with a special solution that reacts only to blood.. It’s blood without a question! Without any wounds, where in the world could the blood have come from… The mystery only deepens.. What the…? So the goose’s to be watched 24/7 14th day of observation.. Sir! Blood, he’s in blood again! Oh gosh, he bled a lot Bring me something to stop the bleeding! The goose’s soaked in blood once again! Using the flour No, I can’t blood doesn’t stop Nobody can’t stop his bleeding! The goose’s been taken to hospital Going through medical examinations It’s a type of hemophilia Normal birds have their blood clot in 3 minutes but his blood barely clotted in 19 minutes But he’s got a rare condition that doesn’t stop his bleeding so well.. That’s why he’s been blood soaked even with small scars Fortunately, it’s not so bad as life-threatening Thank you so much.. It’s a relief because, if the conditions were really bad, I would have lost him The goose’s taken better care of so he doesn’t get hurt anymore.. Though it can’t be cured, at least it’s not fatal. I’ll just have to be more attentive to him. Dear goose, hope you stay safe and be healthy~

100 thoughts on “Goose Soaked In Blood Without A Single Scratch | Kritter Klub”

  1. I knew it was hemophilia! It’s scary as heck, but it usually doesn’t happen that often… I hope the goose is safe

  2. Everyone: "The goose is a murderer"

    Me: Poor goose, hemophilia can be very dangerous as you would lose a lot of blood.

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