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Grey Goose Le Fizz Cocktail | Jamie Oliver

Grey Goose Le Fizz Cocktail | Jamie Oliver

Hello you lovely Drinks Tube people, OK I’ve
got an amazing cocktail for you that you’re going to love, love, love, love, love a Grey
Goose Le Fizz. This was a drink invented for big parties like the Oscars, instead of like
the same old repetitive champagne on arrival, don’t get me wrong Iike champagne, prosecco’s
lovely but actually in this day and age I think it’s about mixing it up a little bit
those same kind of emotions of sort of bubbles, delicateness, this is badass! Use any champagne
glass you want fill it up with ice. Every single thing about this cocktail is about
getting cold. So we’re gonna use some lime here as usual will lime, roll it. I wanna
just cut it in half, OK? I want 25 ml of lime juice, which is about half a shot glass here.
So half like that, beautiful. Now, I am a massive, massive elderflower fan, this is
an incredibly useful spirit to liven up and refresh your cocktails, so i’m going 25 ml
elderflower. So that’s gone in and then we want 50 ml of the vodka, so 50 ml and then
we’re gonna put our glass on top. Take one. I’m still learning. Now, you see, you see
how I got that. So i’ve got the strainer, i’ve got a tea strainer here. This is the
time to get rid of your ice, we don’t need that anymore. So cold glass, freezing cold.
Right, you know that this is going to end well. That second sieve, I often think is
it worth it? Yeah, there’s all of that sort of slush- we don’t want that. We want this
to be a fine, delicate, very luxurious drink OK? And then I’ve got some soda water, again
on ice, we want it super, super, super cold and i’m simple gonna top this up exactly the
same as you would, you know to the level of a champagne, just like that, you can give
it a little twist with my funky little stirrer and that my friends is a grey goose Le Fizz!
Time to have a little taste. If you’ve never tried that, that’s the easiest cocktail in
the world, that is brilliant, classy, I want to turn it into a jelly or a sorbet or something.
If you’re doing parties or picnics or BBQs or all that sort of stuff, you can make up
a massive batch in a jug, with no compromise you can sit it on ice and everytime someone
comes up you can just top it up, top it up and it’s no effort at all and you’re looking
after all your guests with something really special, delicate and layered and gorgeous.
I’d have to have a really good glass of champagne to get close to my little friend here. If
you like this, please like it I need a little bit of positive reinforcement so I can go
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this is simple, easy and quick and we want people enjoying beautiful drinks and of course
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want you to join and be part of the family. Thank you very much! Lot’s of love, let me
know what you think of this, take care, until next time, bub-bye.

48 thoughts on “Grey Goose Le Fizz Cocktail | Jamie Oliver”

  1. Watched this on my wii, came over here on my phone just to like the video. =)
    I'm going to show this to my friend, her husband loves greygoose.

  2. love what yo guys are doing on food tube and drinks tube! i don't think i've ever been as passionate about something as much as Genarro and Simone!

  3. im not going to share any of these drink tube videos,so i can be invited to more parties and be the life of the party …people will think that its all me muhahaha (evil lough while rubbing hands) 

  4. I know you guys were sponsored by Grey Goose for this video, but seriously people, don't use Grey Goose. It's not that it's "bad," it's just way to expensive for the quality, you can get much better vodka for the same money.

  5. I'm really liking this channel but I'm having some trouble finding some of the more obscure drinks like the elder flower liquor .Where would be the best place to look ?again great videos.

  6. this looks so delicious. it is relaxing me to just watch you drink it, jamie.
    love the channel. keep 'em coming.

    would love to see some warm cocktails too for cold or rainy nights.

  7. OMG I made this drink and can i say it's amazing! Quick and luxurious, like Champaign but a tad thicker. You'll impress your ladies ; )!

  8. im guessing the brand of vodka isn't that important. For instance, it'd still be delicious with Smirnoff or Absolute or something right?

  9. Hey Jamie, very refreshing drink.. But what if I can't find an elderflower … What would be the best substitute

  10. Just made this with elderflower cordial instead of St Germains as it's tricky to get hold of…. and it was still delicious! Cheers Jamie & Crew!

  11. I had never heard of St. Germain, but this cocktail really intrigued me and previously I had tried Jamie's mates' Wimbledon cup and that was outstanding, so I just had to make it.  I searched our state store system for it and lo, no stock anywhere.  Sad face. (Pennsylvania is still in the Dark Ages when it comes to liquor, wine and beer sales–you can only buy it in regulated stores).  Today, I stop by my local state store to get some Prosecco for Valentine's day and what is on the display as I walk in the door–St. Germain!  WHAT???!!!  Grab a bottle, race home and make one, even though it is in the middle of the afternoon.  Oh sweet Jesus, this is the best cocktail EVER!  OK, so I really loved the Wimbledon cup, but this is outstanding also.  Definitely on the Valentine's day menu.  And the day before and after.  And pretty much all the time.  I LOVE Jamie's drink tube!  Note:  I'm wondering if our state store system is getting your videos and getting ideas…. BOOYAH if so!

  12. Love it!!! Nice transformation of grey goose vodka!! Tangy but enriched and!!! It has a sharp finish taste!

  13. That would be great with Gin instead of Vodka. I'm sure it's great with Vodka too, but with like Hendricks it would give that extra note at the end. You've inspired me. I'm going to have a party and make these. Thanks.

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