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Hamster Floor Time! 🐹

Hamster Floor Time! 🐹

hi bumble are you ready to come out?
come on! so in today’s the video I thought I
would bring bumble out and just free-roam her and show you guys- you’re
so cute do you hear all the sounds – hi bumble *gasp* bye So I like to block off half of my room so that I can free roam bumble I just use
one of her play pens that way the rabbits cannot get to her or anything
and she has half of the room to run around and explore and play where did
you go there she is oh yeah I don’t know if you’re gonna fit in there oh maybe
you will goodbye I also have a walnut out here do you
want this oh my goodness it’s a walnut the walnuts right there oh no Bumble you can’t take the walnut oh no where you going? oh okay yeah just just leave it
there good place oh oh pffft okay Oh she’s scent marking it. She’s like this is my house I
just have to rub my body on it look I have some I have some food
do you do tricks? okay spin spin this is hard with a camera okay wait spin good job
take your pea flake oh whoa up up good job can you spin again spin no come back
can you do spin look spin I don’t know how well this is working come here look
spin no no you spin around you have to follow the pea okay
very very simple follow spin spin spin you did it so as you can see if you can even keep
up with this little speed demon my gosh oh there you are
she’s doing really really well hey oh my gosh I can’t even you can’t
burrow in this I know it looks like you could burrow in it but you can’t you
listening to the noises I don’t know if anybody’s making any noise right now but
you’re supa supa cute later later are you gonna move anytime soon more moments later are you just comfy in this spot? later are you pretending to be a statue? much much later are you having flashbacks End of flashback *kisses* oh you’re having a little groom
very nice very nice That is a dead end Missy you can’t you can’t go out that way no must scent mark everything that is mission oh my gosh this is the most
intense scent marking I’ve ever seen this is mine and this is
mine oh and this is mine oh and did I mention this is also mine tada yeah go up! oh my gosh there, it’s a bed
its a big bed oh my gosh why do you think you can climb everything excuse me
miss Look at you, you’re so tall! No! where do you think you’re going
no oh my gosh! Bumble! You are gonna fall oh my gosh see what would you do
without me oh my gosh so the battery is blinking
which means the camera is going to die very shortly so- bumble what are you…
so we will see you in our next video thanks for watching bye

100 thoughts on “Hamster Floor Time! 🐹”

  1. Good morning everyone! 🌞 ( or evening or night 🌚) today i wanted to film something a little different since I was taking Bumble out to free roam and she does so many silly things 😂 Bumble is a female cream banded Syrian hamster who is 17 months old!

  2. I only let my hamster have "box time" in a big box which is like 1 inch but he can't get out for some reason whenever I notice him awake because he's a Robo and I don't want him to run away.

  3. How can you tell that your hamster is a boy or girl i know you can look under but i dont what is my hamster gender please tell what to do! Thank you!!

  4. My Robo is smaller than a walnut… He doesn't want to eat one not even a peanut but he loves them he knows that he looks super helpless and someone is bound to open it for him ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)

    also, he LOVES oatmeal. I reward him with it whenever he does a trick.

  5. im getting a hamster for christmas and my parents think the cage and wheel ive got is way too big. love your videos they have helped me so much

  6. hey, I was just wondering, is it uncomfortable for hamsters to have food in their cheek pouches? I never know when I give her treats outside her cage whether I should put her back in the cage or not. ty 🙂

  7. hi victoria i want to let my hamster free roam but im not sure i trust her! my room has lots of things in and its very big im thinking of using my brothers room wich is smaller however i would have to take her downstairs where there is a cat anddog would it be alright to quickly get her through in a box and what do you use to seperate bumble from cleo and lola

  8. Guys I have a question my hammies r afraid of me in the cage but outside they r not? I thought I tamed them but I’m having second thoughts?

  9. so my little hammy al he had an eye infection, brought him to the vet, im glad I did. I didn’t notice that his cheek was swollen I thought it was foot so the vet gave me medicine for him and told me to wipe a wet paper roll on his eye every day. So yeah I just wanted to share this 🥰

  10. Hey! I've wanted to let my hammy out of his cage and play on the floor somewhere because the only time he can get out of his cage is when Iet him in his ball, and when I do that I have to closely watch him and give him many breaks for water and rest. Do you have any tips on how to secure a room to where I can let him run around freely (with me watching him of course lol)

    Love ya!

  11. Does anyone else like give their hamster's cage a passing glance and then see your hammy just staring at you with their little paws up to their tummies and you go "OMG YOU'RE SO CUTE!!" and then they like slightly move and ur like "AHHHH STOP BEING SO CUTE!!"

  12. Hi! I wanna start letting my hamster roam around in my room more but I noticed it stresses her out a lot to suddenly have a huge new space. I tried to slowly introduce her and start with a small space but she's just a very nervous hamster so it's not working :/ I thought about giving up but it'd be really great for her to have more running space since she's very active so does anyone have some tips?

    I tried:
    Slowly introducing
    Using toys with her smell
    Putting some bedding down for the smell
    Making he space smaller at first

  13. I always let my syrian free-roaming my room and every corner is full of his poop. Every time he wants to eat or sleep, he would climb to his tank

  14. My winter white did the exact same thing when i put a part opened walnut in her enclosure even thou its half the size of her. Hammies are always so cute xx

  15. My rabbits hop over the barrier when the hamster's out, they meet nose to nose, and sometimes, the hamster follows them around.
    Just have to make sure to lock the cat out.

  16. When i do this and get it back to cage it just keeps biting the bars aggressively even if i give it all the time in the world to free roam lol.

  17. My hamster died about a month ago and I've been avoiding any hamster videos until now but this really made me smile and want another furry friend soon.

  18. Hi Victoria how are you doing today fine I hope, it's so nice to have a video of Bumble she's a 🌟 and really love the hamster talk. And when she took that walnut so cute. I was laughing the whole time. I'm going to watch this video again. It's so so so good

  19. Aww Bumble has kinda stolen my heart in this video. 🐹 😍 You're also making me want to run out and get a hamster asap to enjoy hamster cuteness asap hehe. I'm not going to of course, but you did make the idea very tempting! 😂

  20. The only hamster I've ever had was a white and gray Syrian I named Cloudy. He loved chewing on makeup brushes for some reason.

  21. Im sorry if this isnt allowed but im3 desperate. I dont want to resort to this but maybe they can hear the message out more this way. My auntie has started breeding hamsters in her own pet shop and selling cages so so so so small and giving horrendous care tips to people. She gifted my sister a Syrian in a cage that was too small for him to even go in the hole to sleep under a ramp (his bed). He was sat in the corner on a few centre meters of wood chippings all day and night terrified. They won't listen. It breaks my heart that these hamsters are going to be neglected the correct care and I have to watch my sisters hamster suffer for the rest of his life. Maybe some of you all can kindly go to their page to inform them their mistakes on the cage sizes they are selling and spread awareness? Maybe hearing from strangers can get them to listen 🙁 The page is on facebook called – Everyday Pet, Birds & Aquatic Bristol (there should only be one in Bristol the UK)

  22. Victoria I was wondering if we need to clean our hamsters check pouches …..I came across another hamster YouTuber and he said that he cleans his hamster cheek to prevent the food inside from rotting and hurting the hamster I also want to know if paper cotton is safe for hamsters please reply me

  23. Hey Victoria, I currently have a Syrian hamster that loves to climb, I had an 8 inch wheel in her cage & unfortunately she climbed up the back part of the wheel, climbed on top the wheel, & was able to chew threw the mesh lid, i was wondering what i could do to help this so that my hamster will be able to use her wheel without escaping. Thanks so much ☺️

  24. Question, where did you get that playpen/fence? bc I’ve been looking for one for a while. Also your hamster is adorable!

  25. Hey victoria!I was wondering whether an ikea detolf would be suitable for my hamster because I live in a very hot country(Thailand) and I am worried my hamster my get too hot

  26. Hi guys, my hamster has recently passed away on Wednesday today we went to get a genuina pig, she is black,white, and tan and suggests for names? I was thinking Dixie but it just doesn’t fit and as always bumble is ADORABLE! ♥️

  27. Sweet little Bumble bean! I think she's gunna be a gymnast when she grows up 😉👍. Thanks for sharing your baby with us. Amazing as always girlie!

  28. I am finally getting my first hamster on friday, I am so excited. It'll be a rescue. She is a syrian hamster that lives in a very tiny cage with a water bottle and a food dish, not even a wheel. I am trying my best to give her the best that I can. I am brazilian and unfortunately we have few options. I made her a temporary bin cage with 450 sq inches, I plan own buying a second hand tank for her. I will mix a pellet food with a seed mix that I will make myself, this way I can fit the right percentages. We just have pine shavings and pine pellets available. I hope I can make up for her previsious owner mistakes. Your hamster is adorable and I love your videos. I learnt so much with you.

  29. Bumble is so adorable! Thank you for sharing this video! May I ask what kind of play pen you use for her floor play? I only have wire ones and my Syrians always hop right over them. 😑

  30. my hamster died today 🙁 it lived for 2 and a half years.. i will still watch your videos tho 🙂 hope you and your hamsters are doing well:D

  31. I saw that you had the type of wheel you have, I have a brown and white Syrian hamster and they need the flying sauce kinda wheel because the wheel you have can damage there backs. Hope this helps🤗

  32. Can someone please tell me where I can get such playpens for my hamster?I really want to let him out but I'm too scared please tell me if you know

  33. Can you link where you got your playpen from. I haven’t had one my Honey hasn’t been able to destroy or climb over

  34. One time my hamster escaped during the night and I woke up to him crawling on me in bed and I’ve never been so scared in my life 😂😂😳😩🐹🐹

  35. Hey! Sorry for all the questions. My
    Hammie is about the size of your Syrian maybe a little bigger, I wanted to know what size wheel (wodent) I should get

  36. RAECHEL OR ANYONE HELP ME. My Syrian hamster is about 6 months old and shes toooo small. I compared her to my Russian and she was only a bit bigger. She is much smaller than Bumble or any other Syrian ive ever seen. Is this normal? Is it something i should be concerned? Maybe feeding problems idk. I'm a really careful daddy pls help me

  37. Aww bumble! I loved when she grabbed the Walnut ran and then walked away 😂 I have never done this with my hamster because I don't have an big playpen. Really enjoyed this bumble is too cute!!

  38. Hi! I started my own YouTube channel inspired by you! You are amazing and talented, I wish I was just like you! I too want people to understand hamsters more. For one, whenever I go to the pet store people are always saying critter trails are good which is so annoying!

    Edit: and technically I have dog information too.

  39. Did you know it’s impossible to breathe whilst smiling?

    Only kidding but I bet I made you lot smile! 😱😁😊😘❤️

  40. I taught my hamster how to boop like how dogs put there nose in the hole you make with your hand, but I do it with my fingers

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