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Heirloom Carrot Soap Making 🥕Using Cold Process Soap Canes | Royalty Soaps

Heirloom Carrot Soap Making 🥕Using Cold Process Soap Canes | Royalty Soaps

– Hello everyone! Welcome back to Royalty Soaps. So, I’ve got American Girl hair. (laughs) I look like Kit Kittridge. Dad buy me a type writer, I’m gonna write for a
newspaper one day (laughs). I’ve got one of those unfortunate faces that just doesn’t age well and so, I’m 25 now and people think I’m 16 and everywhere I go I
get carded for things I shouldn’t be carded for. I tried to buy super glue the other day and they’re like excuse
me, can I see your ID? And I’m like what, you
don’t think I’m over 18? Come on now, come on! I’ll get grown up here one day. So, heirloom carrots. Heirloom carrots in theory, I think are one of the most
beautiful grown vegetables you could possibly get. Now whether or not they
actually taste good is something completely different. I just wanna look at ’em. They’re so pretty. I knew with this collection I had to honor the gorgeousness of
heirloom carrots in someway so this is gonna be a two part video. The first part, I’m gonna be pouring the actual carrots themselves
and then in the second part, we’re gonna be assembling
it, making the soap, and then I’m gonna be piping
with a Russian piping tip, the little carrot green like
stalks comin’ out of the top. Course they’re not gonna
be as long and spindly as real carrot stalks. That would break off
and it would just look like soap noodles and that
wouldn’t be good (laughs). Just the first little spigots
coming out of the ground. I decided to do a purple
carrot, a yellow carrot, and an orange carrot and I
picked my colors strategically so that they would look
very vivid and very bold since the background’s gonna be brown. So without further ado,
let us make some carrots. I have an entire jack base. So this is what we would
normally put on the bottom of two loaves of soap and I’m gonna split it
up into three portions and this is how we’re
going to make our carrots. The first thing I shall do is pour this freezing cold lye water
solution into my oils (laughs). – [Kenny] Ice, ice baby. – [Katie] They are definitely not within 20 degrees of one another, but because this is only for
embeds, not that big a deal. Living life on the edge. Let’s blend in time. (upbeat music) Whippety wipety. – [Kenny] Finally! – [Katie] Guys, let me tell ya. I’ve read a lotta soap making books, I’ve read a lotta soap making blogs, I’ve watched a lotta soap making videos, there’s a lotta soap
making myths (laughs). Half that crap they tell you
to do, you don’t have to do. As an example, having things
within 20 degrees of each other can be really helpful,
but it’s not mandatory. I think a lot of newbies when they start are like oh my gosh, if I don’t
have it within 20 degrees, it might not make soap, it will. You may have a harder time
blending it, you know, might be a little thick,
might be a little thin, depending on if you’re
too hot or too cold, but you’re still gonna get soap. Another thing I see is that
measuring out your oils to like the half a gram, I routinely go over the amount of oil that my recipe calls for. Now, not by much, I’m not telling you if the recipe calls for
10 ounces, put in 20, I’m not saying like that, I’m just sayin’ anything below half an
ounce, it doesn’t matter man, it doesn’t matter. That just means you have a higher amount of super fat and hey, I have super fat at all the way up to 18 percent, okay? No problems. That’s very common to
do in Europe actually. Now I have my three individual buckets, so it’s time to add the colorant. This first orange colorant
is my own special blend. It is Koi, Pumpkinhead,
and Orange vibrance. Orange vibrance is from Nurture Soap and the other two are from Mad Micas. – [Kenny] Pumpkin head! – [Katie] Isn’t Pumpkin Head
in Over the Garden Wall? Aren’t they’re like Pumpkin Head people? – [Kenny] Yeah, there
are Pumpkin Head people, and the king of the Pumpkin Heads. – This one is bright
yellow, rain coat slicker, I don’t remember (laughs). It’s bright yellow raincoat. And then finally, we have
Harold’s Purple Crayon, which is from Mad Micas,
mixed with Raging Raspberry, this is from TKB. I’m going to begin by
mixing in these colors first with my spatula because
if it needs a little more or a little less, I don’t
wanna have mixed it up past the point of no return. This actually looks really nice and I know it’ll fade a little bit, so I’m not gonna touch the yellow. Oh yes, let’s see about this purple. Oh, looky here, now that is so dark and then as I’m mixing it, that Raging Raspberry’s coming through and it’s making it very
bright, it’s so pretty. Oh yes, this is perfect
because Harold’s Purple Crayon is a very blue toned purple,
and I wanted to bring some of those red undertones back in, that’s why I added the Raging Raspberry. Man, these are perfect,
I’m so delighted, okay. So, let me scrap this off real quick. The fragrance oil I’m
using today is OMG Olive, this is from Nature’s Garden. It is a lush duplication of I believe it’s called Olive Branch. It smells so good, it
doesn’t smell like olives, don’t be fooled (laughs). I’m gonna move these two
suckers outta the way and we’re gonna blend up
me little batch of yeller. Pullin’ in brambleberry molds so that we can pour this yellow. Ah yes, what I wanted
ideally, was to be able to get two to three carrots out of each color. I will definitely be able to get two, and I will measure tomorrow
and see if I can get three. All right folks, let’s
pour the other two colors. (upbeat music) My magnum opus. It is supposed to look like a carrot. Whether or not this will
actually work remains to be seen, for I have never attempted such a feat, but looking at it right here, it definitely looks like a
carrot, let’s make the soap. So, we have our oils for
the next batch of soap all ready to go. We’re gonna pour our lye water solution directly into the bucket
and it’s blendin’ time. (upbeat music) I’m gonna pour off a little bitta soap. Now into the main, the
main frame? (laughs) What is going on? We’re going to be added
some mocha brown mica, this is from Nurture Soap. Micas for brown and black,
then it’s not very dark, but I don’t want this particular soap to be so like chocolate, I
want it to look you know, kinda gray. I want it to look kinda loamy. – [Kenny] I’m all alone. There’s no one here beside me. – [Katie] I just want y’all to know, this is what y’all subscribed for. – [Kenny] Did they? – [Katie] Absolutely, when you signed up, you said I want dirt jokes. Dirty jokes (laughs). If ya haven’t already guessed, we’re filming this
second one late at night. Actually, it’s not even that late is it? It’s embarrassingly early. – [Kenny] It’s only 8:26. – [Katie] (laughs) Yeah but Caleb and I stayed up late last night so,
it might as well be later. Here comes some apricot seed and I’m gonna put the right
amount of fragrance oil in, glub, glub, glub, glub. – [Kenny] Das hand blendin’ time. – [Katie] That’s right,
das hand blendin’ time. I think as it sits, it
won’t look quite as dark, that’s what I’m bankin’
on, especially because the fragrance oil lightens a little bit. Okay, so now that
everything’s been blended up, it’s time to pour it into
our two brambleberry molds. After this quick commercial break. Please YouTube, we beg you. Let’s pour some of this in. Now, here’s the deal. I’m not quite sure how
much I need to pour. I’m gonna guess maybe that much, but I also feel like
that might be too much and it’s gonna displace
it right out the sides. My ole’ chocolate dipped carrots (laughs). So this isn’t quite set up yet. I was pasty. (upbeat music) This is one of those soaps that you make and people are like, it looks
so cool, how’d you do it? And you’re like, you don’t
wanna watch (laughs). It’s painful to watch
these soaps get made, it’s so gross. Now, I have here a 12 inch piping bag and in a teaco, I almost said two one tip, it’s just 21. And I’m gonna make three
little dollops per soap to look like the carrot top
sticking out of the ground. – [Kenny] I love carrots! – [Katie] Kenny has always
loved carrots and raisins. – [Kenny] I used to scrape
carrots with my front teeth while we watched movies. Katie said it would help my eyesight, but I still wear contacts. – [Katie] (laughs) I
just remembered (laughs), apropos of nothing, that when I was a kid, I wrote a song called Life
Began in a Garden (laughs) and I don’t know why. There was a rock, I saw, in
I think the botanical gardens and that’s what it said
on it and I was like I’m gonna write a song about that, and then I pitched my
song to my best friend and was like you need to listen to this. And it was just a repeating
life began in a garden, but singing like a
different tune every time. – [Kenny] Life began in a garden. – [Katie] You’re making me mess up. – [Kenny] Life begin in a garden. – [Katie] And Caroline,
I distinctly remember, she must’ve been seven or eight, and she told me I don’t think you’re goin anywhere with that one (laughs). I’m just now remembering that as an adult. It’s so funny that she would just, like I’m gonna tell you straight friend, that is not a winner. – [Kenny] She always was rude. – [Katie] (laughs) I’m just
puttin’ a little sprinkle of a little bit of snowflake sparkle, just to add somethin’ somethin’ on top. I’m just gonna spritz
this top with a little bit of rubbing alcohol and then
we’re done, we’re gonna wait. – [Kenny] For a long time! – Well, I can’t say that I’m not pleased, because I am, especially
considering how wonky it was to put in those embeds. So here’s to hopin’ for the best tomorrow. We’re gonna wait 18 to 24 hours before we come back and cut it. Kenny says it looks like Farmville with all the little sprouts in a grid and I tend to agree. We’ll be back to take a peep at the inside after this quick commercial break. Y’all my little carrot patch
is ready to be chopped up. Hopefully this looks as
good as I imagined it would. I’m going to line it up
with my new multi-bar cutter that needs a name. Feel free to leave your
suggestions down below. Let’s pull some soaps from
the middle, oh my gosh. Okay (laughs) let it focus and we’ll take a peep at the inside. Oh my God, look at my carrots! You could put all of
these next to each other, like five in a row,
and it would look like, literally like a whole
carrot patch, it’s so cute. I also really like the little piped tops, I’m really glad I decided to add that in, and it does seem that the
weirder and the skinnier bits of embed actually
end up looking better because it looks like
the carrot has a root. I’ll have to keep that in mind for when I undoubtedly make this again. It’s just a really good spring soap. Yeah, see look at him,
that’s how real carrots look when they’re growin’ in the ground, they look real skinny and weird. Also, it smells really, really good. Okay guys, the question of the day is have you ever eaten a
carrot that wasn’t orange? You can have white
carrots, yellow carrots, purple carrots, even sorta red carrots, have you ever tried one? Did you think it tasted
different from an orange carrot? Let me know by clicking the I in the upper right hand
corner of the screen. These soaps are going to be available with our farmer’s market collection. Once again, very limited release. There’s like 34 of these bars. Once they’re gone, they’re gone and they’re cute, I know they’re
gonna fly off the shelves. You want to be there at three
p.m. central standard time, March 7th to snap these puppies up. If you would like one in
your bathroom or kitchen. Be sure you do somethin’
fun for yourself today, whether that is planting a new thing that you didn’t know you could do. I am planting carrots
in my garden this year, I doubt I will get them. My mother has never
had any luck with them, but one time Kenny did. So I have enough hope
to make me wanna try it, but not so much that I’m
gonna be bitterly disappointed if it doesn’t work out. Or maybe even just purchasing some carrots you’ve never tried before. I guarantee you some
grocery store around you has a type of carrot variety
that you’ve never tried. Maybe that’s even baby carrots. I saw someone the other day who had never eaten baby carrots before. What, how do you do that? Either way, do somethin’
that makes you happy today. Seriously, go forth, be happy, and I’ll see you guys next time
so until then, bye for now. Oh my gosh, I almost fell over (laughs). Like legit, I almost just woof right off. Okay, bye bye for now (laughs). (upbeat music) (Kenny yelling) – [Katie] Romp, bomp, a stomp,
you know what I’m sayin’? – [Kenny] No I do not.

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