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Hello Kitty Cake Topper Tutorial – Designed with Modeling Chocolate

Hello Kitty Cake Topper Tutorial – Designed with Modeling Chocolate

In this video I’m sharing a Hello Kitty
cake design made with white chocolate candy clay. If you like what you see
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It starts with two tiers of a crumb coated marble cake with strawberries and
buttercream inside. The bottom tier is covered with rosettes. The rosettes are
made with the tip number 22 and my favorite Italian meringue buttercream
recipe. If you want a free copy of my Top Five Buttercream Recipes head over to
Wedding Cakes For You website and check out the little red book on the right
side of the page. Just click on that and you’ll get your free download. To make a
rosette start at the 9 o’clock position if you’re right-handed. Squeeze as you
move the tip in a circular motion to the right. When you get to the endpoint
release the pressure but continue moving the tip. If you’re left-handed start at
the 3 o’clock position and move left. To create an ombre color effect start
with your lighter color first and then work your way down to the darker color.
This way you can just mix in a little additional color with each line of
rosettes. The Hello Kitty the flowers and the
plaque are made with candy clay which is also known as chocolate modeling paste. I will link up to the recipe before you at the end of the video. The candy clay can
be colored easily just mix in a little bit to the piece of clay and mix it in
with your hands, it’s super easy. You’ll need cornstarch. You’ll need an exacto, skewers, a rolling
pin, tappit’s if you’re gonna do letters or numbers and a small amount of gum
paste. A ball tool comes in handy and some cutters for flowers and leaves. Warm
up the candy clay for a few seconds in the microwave and then you can knead it
and roll it out. Watch how I make the Hello Kitty. You can see my very detailed
tutorial on making Hello Kitty if you need the voice instruction. The link is
below and at the end of the video for you. The process is the same for fondant,
gum paste and modeling chocolate. I just adjusted the height of Hello Kitty
body by cutting off a piece. Thanks for watching my Hello Kitty cake
design if you have any questions about what you saw in the video just leave me
a comment below. Wedding Cakes For You provides aspiring bakers with the
recipes and steps for building skills and confidence to create beautiful cakes
and cherished memories. Thank you so much for being here and I’ll see you in the
next video 🙂

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