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Hero Family Rescues Cutest Baby Moose Twins | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids: Rescued!

Hero Family Rescues Cutest Baby Moose Twins | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids: Rescued!

Aww, that’s a baby moose! There’s two baby moose! They’re all on their own and don’t have big moose to take care of them. We knew that we had to do something. So, Mimi became… a real animal rescuer! It was on the bus in the morning. My bus driver pulled over. He was like, “Oh my gosh, guys, it’s a baby moose!”. We kept seeing them throughout the entire week. Those mooses seem — There were moose. Mooses. Moose? I’m confused. Meeses? The plural word for moose — for a bunch of moose — is moose! The moose were too young to be out in the wild on their own. Immediately my mom sprung into action to go find the baby moose. In the car going back to the house, we had a baby moose sprawled across my sister’s lap. The rescuers took them home! We called the conservation officer and the first thing he asked was “Are you ready to take care of these moose?” They were SO ready! They got to work helping the baby moose grow up! “Drink up, baby!” And made sure the moose babies felt safe in their new house! They were kind of scared so we tried to stay with them — keep them calm. And hung out with the babies— like all the time. It was like they had their moms, but they had, like, a bigger family around them. The moose were being kind of goofy! I never really noticed how long their legs were until they started walking. Not very agile creatures. Hah! When the baby moose is just like, just like, swinging her legs around and hopping around like a joyful little moose! They look pretty goofy! Clover was a little bit more energetic And a little bit more affectionate! “You little goof!” “Are you getting playful” Chocolate was a little more lazy, I think. Just seeing them running around, they were just having so much fun. It was a good feeling. Those moose seem to be REALLY happy. Snuggling with a puppy is cute, but snuggling with a baby moose is just another level. And they were so much stronger than they were before. They had their attitude back. They had their energy back. They were ready to go! They were ready to be baby moose again. Mimi and her family had helped a lot, but now it was time for the moose to go to an animal sanctuary. Once we found a sanctuary, they had to leave. Everyone was a little sad to say good-bye But they were proud, too. They had saved the moose babies. And were real-life animal rescuers. It was good to know that they were going to go on and live in the wild like they were supposed to. I hope that they just have a really happy moose life! It was what was best for the moose! They were old enough to go to live the wild life! If you see an animal in trouble, don’t try to rescue them by yourself! Ask an adult family member for help!

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  1. We had a Mama Moose live in my small town. She had adopted one yearling female, and two fawns, and she was giving birth to another moose. Moose are awesome, and I’m happy these people were so kind 💜

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