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Honda Civic 5p 2017 – Maniobra de esquiva (moose test) y eslalon |

Honda Civic 5p 2017 – Maniobra de esquiva (moose test) y eslalon |

Honda Civic Hatchback, moose test. We managed to complete the Moose test successfuly at a maximum entrance speed of 79 km/h, which is a good result. On this occasion, the suspension was set on its stiffest setting. The Civic reacts instantly to the driver’s inputs on the steering wheel. The car moves accuratety, with very little spin, making it easy for the driver, who feels very safe and in total control of the situation, partly because of the very fast steering. The ESC works subtly, so the speed is still high at the end of the manoeuvre. On this attempt at 81 km/h the suspension was also on its stiff setting, but we did not succeed because of the larger spin of the wheels. However, the sense of big control over the car remains. We decided to try the Moose test at an even higher speed to see how the car reacted. At 84 km/h, with the shock absorbers on their ‘normal’ setting, understeer is big after the second swerve, but even at that speed we only knocked down one cone. Once again, the car reacted precisely and
without making abrupt movements. After various attemtps with the suspension on both its ‘normal’ and ‘sport’ modes, we think that these settings do not alter the car’s response on a manoeuvre of this kind. Slalom On the slalom footage it can be seen how the Civic drives smoothly between the cones with fast changes of direction and little body roll.

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  1. gladly it didn't under steered.. no problem in the rear wheels eventhough the suspension is on stiffest level.. rear freewheels makes more traction

  2. Yo todavía conservo un Citroen Xantia Activa de 1997, hace 20 años que consiguió el récord en esta maniobra ,lo hizo a 85 km/ h, con neumáticos 205/60/15 que no tienen nada que ver con los actuales ,

  3. Una pregunta; habrá mucha variación hacerlo solo con el conductor y con todos sus ocupantes?

  4. It's such a good feeling knowing that your car can do this. I wonder how all those German cars pass "official" safety tests……they are all over the place…

  5. DSTのダブルレーンテストでもそうだけど

    追記 試乗したけど特にコーナリング性能素晴らしい、楽しい。

  6. Can you please mention which Tyre brand and model your tested cars are equipped, also the size of them? Tyres are very very important, making the difference. Would be interesting to see a test like this where you replace the standard tyres with something better.

  7. Bastante impresionante para un carro 5p, lo digo porque acabo de ver la prueba del porsche, definitivamente compraría un honda

  8. Como me alegro de aver me comprado este coche! . Cuando lo lo conduces te das cuenta la estabilidad y respuesta que te da el coche .

  9. He tenido VW Golf, Toyota Avensis y actualmente Mercedes CLK, y he de decir que el japonés no tenía mucho que envidiar a los alemanes. El próximo, me estoy planteando comprar este Honda Civic con el motor de 182 CV.

  10. Civic hatchback 84 km ÖNİZLEME
    Honda Civic 5p 2017 – Maniobra de esquiva (moose test) y eslalon | km77 …
    YouTube ·
    23 May 2017

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