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How Captain America Should Have Ended

How Captain America Should Have Ended

Mr. Stark. Nope, nope, nope. You’ve seen nothing. He’s uh, not ready yet. Just aaa few more seconds and… Ah there
we go! Superhero steroids!!!! How Captain America Should Have Ended The plane’s headed to bomb New York if I don’t force it down now, a lot of people are gonna die. I gotta put her in the water. Please, don’t do this. We have time, we can
work it out. Just turn the plane around. I wish I could, but there’s just no time.
It’s just not in the cards, you know? What do you mean? Do you not have control
of the plane? No, I’ve got control. Are the bombs set to explode on a timer? Can you not disarm them? I actually got rid of most of them already.
They’re not even bombs really, more like these tiny little airplanes with ejector seats and
everything. I even flew one! You what?? Nothing. You know, they even painted the names
of the cities in bright plain english, too! Why do you want it in english, sir? We are
German. Do not question my genius! Then why cant you pilot one of the bombs back
here before the plane crashes? That sure sounds nice. It’s just too late. You turn that plane around right now! Can’t do it. You are being absurd!! I’m gonna need a rain-check on that dance,
Peggy. You’re not even going to look for a parachute?
Something, just right into the ground? I really wanted to take you dancing. I’m really starting to doubt your interest
in this relationship. Oh, I’m so alone up here. With no options are viable, it’s so heartbreaking. The plane is going down… You know what? Fine. Crash your stupid plane, freeze to death if
that’s what you want. See if I care! It’s so sad, I don’t want to freeze to death. Thanks for the muscles, but its too late now! Ahhhhh!! (crash) When Captain America throws his mighty shield… All those choose to oppose his shield must
yield… Unless you’re a plane.. Or a bomb.. Or some ice… Then he’ll choose to take a nap. Because the ice seems nice. When Captain America throws his mighty shield!! Hahahahahhahaa Haha, guys. You’re hilarious. Hey, Im Captain America, I can sock old Hitler
on the jaw. Yea, just make sure someone else pilots the
plane to get me there, right? Hahahahhahaha! You remember Hitler right? That other guy you were fighting, before you
froze yourself.. Hahaha Hey, I had no choice, ok? Haha, don’t crash the plane in warmer waters! I wanna swim when I’m chasing submarines. HAhahahaha Oh like you two could have done it any better? Are you kidding? Dude, I catch falling planes in midair like
every other week. And I’m Batman. Ok, Ok. Fair enough. But wait, huh.. Sh, sh. Do you guys hear that?? Hear what? Is that the Justice League calling? I don’t hear anything.. Yea. Me either. Exactly. Haha! Captain America burn!! Easy there major. Okay, when he gets here I’ll do my hands like
this and you do your hands the same. And on the count of three we catch him with a fence of fire. Or we could just burn him. Isn’t that the purpose of having flame thrower arms? Ow, Shizah! Fence of fire, fence of fire! HAHA! Take that hydra-nazis! Hey thanks for watching, we hope you enjoyed
it! Leave us a comment and dont forget to subscribe. click on another video if you want some more
superheroes. Yea, like mine. Or mine. Or mine. Or Iron Man. Yea, or mine. Cause I’m Batman.

100 thoughts on “How Captain America Should Have Ended”

  1. *When captain america throws his mighty shield all thoes who choose to oposs his shield must Yeldham
    Unless you a plane or a bomb or some ice then he'll choose to take a nap course the ice seems nice when captain america throws his mighty shield!*

  2. Hydra Flametrooper #2: or we could just burn him. Isn't that the point of flamethrower arms?

    Me: Hmmm…….. That is really true

  3. Correction hydras are nazis only as of WW2 times after the war i became a modern fascist terorist organization.

  4. When Cap questioned the others' ability to land the plane in a better way, Batman should refer to the ending of The Dark Knight Rises

  5. Ayyyye!!!, Superman & Batman", are singing the 1966's Captain America theme song. That is awesome! They just dissed him lmao 😂

  6. Cap: Soo
    Unless Your a plane or bomb or some ice or a Brainwash Bunny Or a Spider-man! Or A tony Stark Or a Version of yourself or Just plain Thanos! Then you wont have to Nessersly Have To Yelid!
    Falcon :Can you Stop
    Cap: i can do this all Day

  7. “So you had control of the plane, the bombs weren’t on a timer and you could’ve flown one of them back, so why didn’t you?”


  8. Literally Superman's been catching planes from the sky since the 90s Batman he's a Flippin Savage he'll drop you off a building if he wanted and if he died he'd come right back want to know why because he's the Batman

  9. ♪When Captain America Throws His Mighty Shield♪
    ♪All Those Who Chose To Appose His Shield Must Yield♪
    ♪Unless You’re A Plane, or A Bomb, or Some Ice, Then I’ll Choose To Take A Nap, ‘Cause The Ice Seems Nice.♪
    ♪When Captain America Throws His Mighty Shieeeeeld♪

  10. I know it's irrelevant but did anyone else notice that one of the controls on the plane was darker than the other at 1:30

  11. I thought this was how it should have ended you could have made him tern around but you made him fall into the ice just like he did in the movie

  12. LOL OMG LOL. I only swim when I'm chasing submarines. LOL. I so wish cap would have told war machine that in that deleted end game scene.

  13. to be fair, in most languages proper nouns are the same as their language of origin. So most American cities would be the same in German as in English. as for the "New" in New York, that should be in German

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