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How to build a bridge in ARK Survival Evolved

How to build a bridge in ARK Survival Evolved

hello everyone my name is Fresonis we are on a Manta they
are so awesome but that’s not why are you in this video are going to show you
how you can build an awesome bridge like this but just a simple rich it’s all up
to you and I gonna show you how you can make those suspension cables those
reinforced the stuff on any traits I don’t know how it’s called in English
across this excess and I gonna show you how you can make a floating bridge like
this and yeah you don’t need all the materials you normally would use but
building pls all the way up before I gonna start showing you how you can make
a bridge like this floating rates and the British technique
I wanna say if you like then check out the Facebook group Oxfam default written
explanation mark and I believe link in the description below show ticket out
they are nice people and it’s a nice group I’m also in it and yeah we have
some fun with it I picked out this spot over here it’s hopeless and let’s say
you want to build a bridge from this side to the other side the majority of
people will use this technique so you place a field and ceilings and Daniel
place more ceiling to build us all the way down well this is so deep but if you imagine
building here for example to that island to the island order before islands then
you will have to go way deep and it costs a lot of materials so my technique
is bill of you something like this because you want the
floating bridge so you need to the extent that things like this and
everything is connected to each other so all the other side so that way you can
have more support down there and of course you have a floating bridge so
that’s nice for example have your refs go on restore your muscles that kind of
stuff so it’s way better looking but you also have to know that when connection is being lost connection or
not we had a little bit leg nothing happened so far along you see if it
loses the connection which will collapse so what you have to do to have to be
sure you make everything connected and now he’s able to conceive of course you
want to build a bridge wide and then this so what you gonna do is just doing
the same technique when wanting reels than the other ones can bridge collapse
and of course on the other side dishes the other side are ready to place all
the way down here as well so we moved it goes you want that from
the bottom all the way down that’s not the case then everything will also is connected to a secure so it looked
like it was actually floating around so then this will happen ok let me get some stuff and I’ll show
you how to build a support structure on the need rich so I’ll be right back welcome back as you can see I already
built a little platform overview and visuals or just for the purpose to show
you how things can go well we want to build those sports watches over you and
what I want to show you wish you use those la Cruz and when it’s connected to
a wall like this the shootings as you can see the wrong
way because we want to have them like this so keep that in mind if you used to
own tested out his place correctly if not then you’ll just have to play some
ball like this and then you can place the shootings again the best thing is
really use metal and the difference in with the stone you
can because it’s only across so just so you know we can demolish the building to
building new sports so what I’m going to do a wall and then
we gotta play a role of ceilings and oceanic as we gonna demolish so you can
use that’s for example but you can do this which the owners will start of the
cross for me is going to be like this and then it’s a little bit finicky as
you can see it and just continue the way we gonna be able to crossers well what
will happen now if I for example the mall is this one and I will do would
over there will collapse because of them so what you need to do is placing walls
in between and you can place it here but I don’t like the fact I places here and
and yet places to play the wall on left side or
right side photo ok and if you want to have better looks can also do double so
it’s equally on each side well as the second layer now it again
this is placed correctly but now it wont to snap to all go see you see shootings
are correct so it’s just finding the right words and again you need also view so you are
gonna blaze one just so I can show you this part of the structure would be a
medal on my breaks and above throat so let’s move like I like this like this alot and it
can be frustrating to make this but I think the outcome at work stint you can
just like this there was no wall needed here but what I did was what I did was
placing the walls from one end to the other end so it looks better it also we
might time-lapse video when I for one of those sports fractious and we had the
leg again so I like this if I don’t fall of structures bombing my
dad then I will fall down into the ocean just like that let me fly show you how
it looks so yeah they need support of a wall and then you get those nice crisis
so you can do the same which operates if you like it’s and now I’m gonna continue
building the suspension cables let me prepare for it and I’ll be right back
and I make well let’s say you have your bridge ready and now you want to make it
pretty with suspension cables well what I use is the greenhouse
healing technique or whatever you want to call it I don’t know all you need is
to have intersections right here and you need a few greenhouse shootings not old
way like this but just to show you something later on but as you can see
you can’t really see it right now at least I liked it better when everything
is painted black like this you can see the difference what’s better and now I want to show you
how you can make a bigger table or at least I would looks like a bigger table
I’m not being so precisely as I normally would be just for showing around so you
can do this every time you want to have this little bit different than the time
before greedy and we had will save again hope
it doesn’t show too much in the videos now we’re going to build this it looks like you can see it almost
almost look like it’s one piece of cable from a little bit do since so that’s how
you that’s how you can do this out in section perfectly like we did
earlier but it’s just to show you and reports that they are going down an
incline electric cables though I will always used 34 can see it looks like
it’s holding on to that wall in here so yeah we’re still figuring that out for
yourself and what I would do to copy this to the other side because if you
have a place like I bills than you would think I have to do this four times no no
no no you only have to do this twice so just intersections and continue with an intersection is one
shining white one worldwide this is the other side of the bridge to meet the
bills need more of those you need to do is working like this and then those and later later if you’re finished with
building this way you can remove those intersections you can just place the
normal again I hate it sound the sound of those breaking laws removed it and Notting Hill collapse so
listen i Sport able to feel like this so I hope I explained everything good for
you and you can understand it now how to make the suspension cables how to make
this support structure well it’s not actually supporting the
bridge but it looks way better and how to build a bridge of floating rate this
technique just be sure to connect every bill of its hearings and you can
continue all the way to the other side you can continue building bridges 00
down building bridges to the other side and it’s floating so that’s it for this
video I hope you liked it I hope you enjoyed and as always leave a like and
comment if you enjoyed this video and if you have any questions well feel them in a comment below and
I’ll see if I can enter them and have solutions for you if you have any
suggestions what you want me to see bill next let it also know in a comment and
check out at Facebook group adult you earlier you really have to
check it out it’s a nice group of people and if you haven’t already been
dismissed it subscribe but like maniak and I’ll see you in the next video by

98 thoughts on “How to build a bridge in ARK Survival Evolved”

  1. Too bad foundations don't snap anymore when they get too low … otherwise you could have done it with foundations too.

  2. hey Fresonis, i built your castle on pillars into water with a waterpen underneath, its very nice looking. may it happen that you do a tutorial for this bridge aswell? greets

  3. I never thought about using the electrical cables like this. Thanks again for a great creative building idea. I can't help but think that you could use the electrical cables on your chandelier to make it look even better somehow. I'll have to play around with that.

  4. Great build, I use many of the same techniques. The cables are a great touch that I never thought of. Another cool technique I like to use is to build a pillar/foundation every 5th ceiling with no supports at all under the 4 ceiling span. Earned a sub BTW. I'll be checking more of your vids.

  5. Damn. I know you didn't go into the game on standard settings and do all of that. I'm sure that requires just so many massive amounts of materials.

  6. ez to find out whos dutch and who isnt : P so Hoii 🙂 mss keer samen ark doen? 🙂 ik ben ook een builder 😛

  7. fresonis, thanks for the tutorial man. Along with a PVP server, im in a PVE server and things are getting bored lol was looking for some cool objective to do and u jsut give me one, i just have a question about the bridge, i didnt get it on the tutorial: after the bridge is complete, and you have two pillars in both sides, top to bottom, and another in the center of the river also top to bottom, u can demolish all the ceilings and pillar under the water ? or if u do that all the bridge will crumble ? thanks

  8. I'm normally REALLY not impressed with the quality of videos and content people put up, but you consistently wow me with the stuff you showcase! Thank you for being on Youtube and playing ARK!

  9. hehe it's a great idea for bridge buildings. I once built in my server a bridge to carno island using this technique, it was so succsessful, everyone was talking about it hehe I was so proud!

  10. My Base is on the Same Position like yourse in the vid with the mega ramp.. i have a prob.. the Wood pillars dont snap on the Cliff, so i Cant build ne next wood Floor.. i used the thach Floor, can that be the problem? i hope you will take the time and help me.. thx

  11. Love your tutorial videos!  Building is my favorite aspect of ARK (as quirky as the building mechanics might be).  My projects have included an inverted glass pyramid in the sky, Chichen Itza, a crystal palace on an iceberg with a mega-ramp to the cliffs above, and a replica of my own house (my kids get a kick out of that).  I'm currently strategizing a large and iconic suspension bridge building project, though I'm still not sure where to build it (I need a sufficiently wide stretch of water, that isn't too deep to build over).  I even whipped up a spreadsheet to calculate the distance in number of foundations between two points (using the in-game GPS coordinates).  Looking forward to implementing some of your tips.  I "tip" my hat to you sir.  😀

  12. I know this will seem like a stupid question to a lot of people… but how do you place things like you are doing in the video? When i try and place walls, i have to keep pressing say "5" each time i place a wall.

  13. there is a easier way to built bridges … just do a fence snap piller on the side of it and extend the fence by 3 snap a pillar rince repeat WAY less mats

  14. You can also do this using foundations instead of the pillar/ceilings technique. Works better in more level ground under water if you want to use less materials and looks cleaner. This method works better for highly sloped areas though for sure.

  15. Honestly, the bridge looks amazing. but its not actually suspended. its just foundations in the water…. This is the only reason i disliked the video. It is misleading.

  16. What if you wanted to build pillars/ceilings over those underwater rocks that you cant place the pillars on, is there a way to get around(over) them?

  17. @fresonis on the center map there are a lot of cliffs high up. any way to make a bridge across these gaps that dont require the massive pillars?

  18. you don't have to place support under every single ceiling i think. you can place 3 ceilings connected to a single pillar

  19. hey here awesome vid, i was wondering though, does this trick also work without placing ceilings on the bottom pillars?

  20. Is there a gap limit on how high you can build up before the foundations on the ground become invalid? Example: My ceilings are about 15 walls high above the foundations on the ground. I placed my ceilings first by extending out from my base (15 wall high) and then dropped the pillars from the ceilings down to connect to the ground (wanted to make sure everything was aligned/snapped with base). Now, when I try to destroy the pillars and leave the very bottom piece (to act as the foundation), the ceiling above still gets destroyed. Am I missing something or is my ceilings too high for this gap glitch to work? Note: Using wooden pillars/ceilings, as well as building on uneven ground.

  21. nice video. this will help me a lot with my project. might i suggest getting pillar nubs on each end of the bridge. so when you place these cables. you can hide em with an extra ceiling layer ontop on the nub??. you didnt finish the bridge. nor show us in detail the finished bridge in the beginning of video so im not sure how this was done

  22. This is a pretty old video, but those "cross things" are called trusses. I, personally, wouldn't pass the X bracing all the way through underneath, though. Just one "row" of the X bracing on each side would be more realistic. Good tutorial and very unique, though.

    P.S. I'm a structural engineer. =P

  23. i was down til you said electrical cables bruhh im not about to waste a shit load of metal just so my bridge has cables

  24. I've contemplated making this bridge but even longer connecting my main base at Herbivore Island to the main island. It would be a HUGE undertaking, and involve me swimming in Megladon infested waters to make it

  25. Check here the video of how to build the bridge you saw in the thumbnail!

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  27. So simple lol I wonder why I never thought of that. Even when I already take advantage of coating structures because they are above a foundation.

  28. Good video. I want to make this. 8 made a suspension bridge a while ago but all the pillars holding it up blocked the path for my water dinos

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