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How To Build (MEGA) Ramps in ARK Survival Evolved, Building Tips&Tricks

How To Build (MEGA) Ramps in ARK Survival Evolved, Building Tips&Tricks

Hey there, my name is Fresonis and welcome to ARK Survival Evolved well I
built a little small house over here and imagine waking up like this that will be
great in real life except the Dinos of course I got a question of of some guy
named Max and he ask me to do a Ramp Build guide so in this video I
gonna show you how you can build a nice ramp on a nice word and it wasn’t sore spot
so this is my house bill for example you wake up and you decide I want a bill to
run to you because I don’t want to walk all the way around every time again so
let’s do it and that’s built around europe well as you can see I already
laid down some foundations and show you things so I have a starting point and I
extended it with two ceilings and some pillars of course because of this
pointing out criticized here and I want everything behind the rent from top to
bottom and no extra platforms so let’s get stored it with extending to force here you always have to be sure
to connect every Miller and with savings cause otherwise the game doesn’t think
it is connected to anything so you can extend and as you can see I will use to
teach now I used seat slow mo tu so everything is four times faster than
normal and I will use fly cuz i dont wanna show already so you can extend
till the point when they need foundations so at that
point another shooting you go down again also out yes that you can build a clean room top to bottom extra homes but the downside of dishes
you go up and for example of wild I know if this is also not a good idea to build
it like this this is what can happen is all gone oh no you have a problem so you
don’t want that to happen if your TV then you’re fine you just have to make
sure no diners will demolish it so you can use stone pillars also I also want
to show you what happens when the connections are going to be removed different way to do this and I’ll be
right back well the second technique I wanna show
you how to build you a more stable and not one board is going down demolished the whole ramp is going now
so first you have to build the same room as shown before and then you’re going to
look for the pillar about in the middle like this one build it up and then have a soothing and
this is not perfectly aligned so let’s take another pill of and pursuing this
looks way better so we’re going to use this and now you can do the same building
down and you can also build up all connected now you can build from top
also down and you see a little bit difference but it’s still a big nice so
what happens now if something is going to demolish up here nodding as you can
see except the dead body of God that is going to demolish but not like over the
you everything is going to demand is down so this technique is much safer and
you can also use it this way to extend the bottom also work and if I’m correct
then if you do you it stays so should yes and advise that
you will use this technique so your ramp is safe from something that they can
break it down and I also want to show you a little bit break to make this
better because as you can see it is obstructed why I don’t know things it is
obstructed so you can place foundations and also need and then you have a nice
to look at you can also like this so yeah this is a little bit of then that I
would like but it’s just for you to have an idea what you can do with your well
wishes and the most beautiful rent you can bills and I don’t like the looks of
it so I also want to show you a different ramp you can use and built and
let’s go to that one and I already built something and I can closes down so it’s
a ballroom like we did over there with a wooden one and yeah what you want to do
is place many foundations or ceilings and walls and snow falls then you can
build Snow Bruce all the way up but I also want to show you a little bit
different than the other one you can see it will
snap walls but also to slow blues snowballs I mean and what you can do is
build like this so you ever have a nice rating I think that looks way better yet
to normal without railing you can’t really built a range of different so
because that’s because of the different angle year or so that’s up to you what you decide what
you want to use I want to show you can make something beautiful as well as
functional wider inside make it five white and then the outsides of it like
this also did you can put to be moderate on top of it down you know this is
completely different you can build also think it looks way
better and you can also different still to its so let me see and i’ll be
right back and I make with some decoration IDs but you can use so this
one all you need to do is of how to build around behind it you have a nice green ramp like this
nice nice and big and how you can connect everything with ceilings and
fearless on the bottom only with bill is even with foundations you can also use
this as dead as well and i also shown you how you can build a safe room that
prevents it from collapsing if someone or some thing demolish a piece of your we’re so good
luck building nice I hope it helps you build a nice room and if you want to be
Graham and it helps you building a nice if you want any more advice or building
tips and tricks let me know if you have any problems building something let me
know so in the comments below and maybe I can fix it for you don’t forget to
subscribe if you haven’t already if you’re not then dismissed that
subscribe unlike maniak and leave a like if you enjoyed this video and I’ll see
you in the next video

97 thoughts on “How To Build (MEGA) Ramps in ARK Survival Evolved, Building Tips&Tricks”

  1. That's where my base is. I just used a ladder to get up and a quetzal to move dinos. Except my bronto and paracer which I just walked around the cliff.

  2. i like the stone ramp at the end… it could be used as a base too.. one less likely to e destroyed as it gives easy access to another area….

  3. they shuld make it so when you demo stuff it falls slowly so you can see the hole building callapsing

  4. Just a tip if you say ideas you should pronounce it as eidie-as instead of eidies, its a misstake a lot of dutchman make. Otherwise, great video! You really helped me out

  5. i use the slanted roof pieces and a 4 x 2 foundation and make a tower with "stairs" inside it, yes i know it is just a boring box but it works

  6. Hey yeah! Just had to say love this video! (like many of your others) That stone ramp is EPIC! & could make it kind of work for PvP players. When you added fence foundation's as decoration can place guns on top of them pointing which ever way like. Also torches if want to light it up in dark. Thank you very much again. My dear you have a beautiful gift! 😙 xox

  7. so basically it wont work unless you cheat and have some way to magically float in the damn air to connect all that stuff down the mountain

  8. funny, by the time i get around to building a ramp like this, gather the resources, and use it, I'm already high level enough to get elevators.

  9. Really good video. I've been looking for the answer to this question for ages. Finally got it. The problem I had was that I didn't connect the pillars with ceilings.

  10. I'm trying to build a bridge from a high cliff down to a lower cliff and it's not working properly aka not connecting with ramp use. any way you can help?

  11. Had to hit that like and subscribe button due to the fact I have absolutely heck building ramps correctly. But this video is going to help me out a lot. Good video and narrating.

  12. wooden ramps now need supports after every three ramps, but i cant figure out how to make it work. any ideas?

  13. Those aren't ramps, those are sloped roofs, ramps need to be supported by sloped walls in primitive plus, what is your accent? Reminds me of a dutch friend

  14. @fresonis hey im having a bit of trouble extending my ramp. in order for it to count as a support does a wooden post have to be touching ground so you can extend out ceilings and ramps?

  15. sigh why am I here? I just wanted to build a 4 high ramp to get Dino's into my taming trap. I had to look up a video on how to build a freaking RAMP!

  16. Heel erg bedankt! Dit heb ik gerecreëerd in Aberration single player om bij de surface te komen met al m’n spino’s. Zo’n mega ramp werkt beter dan een lift en door deze video hoef ik geen lift te gebruiken, thanks gabber

  17. I'm retarded, I can't make this work with my base. I'll be the first to kill myself over a ramp.

  18. Ugh, how can I make a ramp downwards with pillars?!

    Let me just go online…

    Hey there! My name is Fresonis!

  19. good thing im on single player doing this cause i just had to rebuild the entire thing about 15 times 😀 arks building system is trash. if they cant figure out how to make it work right.maybe they should stop with all the stupid ass rules.

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