100 thoughts on “How to Catch a Rodent with a Paper Towel Roll”

  1. step 1: trap the rat
    step 2: kill the rat
    step 3: cut its head off
    step 4: put the head on a stick and show it as a warning to others
    step 5: profit 

  2. Tried this last night with a 5 gallon bucket (but with a modified cardboard box, not a tube). Woke up this morning, heard a thunk in the bucket. Knew it was the mouse. Got up and there he was with his cookie and the box. I did add coins on the box to counterbalance the bait and add heft so the thing would be stable and the mouse wouldn't be startled away by instability of the structure. 

    I took the mouse to the other side of town and released it in an empty lot. It was like he stared at me for a bit as he exited the cup, then hit the ground, stared at me still, and ran to a tuft of grass. I just walked over, grabbed his tail and picked him up. I put him down and he just stayed there staring at me. 

    GREAT idea here! 

  3. fuck a newspaper, put some nails pointed upwards, thumb tacks and needles. then stone it to death. These pests deserves a medieval death.

  4. The thing is, releasing a mouse miles from where it was caught IS condemning it to a slow death.
    They don't simply 're-adjust' to their new surroundings, they spend their last hours trying to get back . . . and die trying.

  5. Just a heads up, cheese isn't a good bait for mice! Rodents are lactose intolerant and don't like cheese. I have had pet mice and rats, they don't eat it. Peanut butter works great though!

  6. You could put the mouse in forest or you could leave him in the solid bin pour boiling water on him leave him for a slow painful death put him in a bowl (not anything flamable) and burn in his body

  7. I live in the country and rodents are bad enough without hundreds of city dwellers releasing more of them near my place.. Eventually when they do find my place I kill them for you with poison, because there are so many rodents the cat is simply sick of them as well and ignores them. If you love the rodents you catch so much then get a tank and let them live out their lives as your pets. Death by poison is cruel but most effective.

  8. I have found that the rodents will follow the scent of other rodents believing it is a safe route. They can smell human scent on the roll and will avoid it unless you use latex gloves. Also they know their surroundings very well and "avoid" new additions to the area, so be PATIENT!!! Usually after 2 days they will get curious and fall for the trap. Hope this helps…….. worked for me

  9. great idea, but relocating a "house mouse" outdoors could mean instant death for the little guy. Instead, the Humane Society of the U.S. recommends relocating the mouse to a distant shed or outbuilding.

  10. I think the mouse can climb out of the plastic bag, but probably cannot get out of a steep walled trash can. So put water in the bottom, deep enough to drown in. (Not you, the mouse.) The paper towel roll probably will not let the mouse fall out very easily, especially if he has peanut butter to cling on with. If he gets into the trash bucket with peanut butter on his feet, his Spidey Sense will click on and he will climb out using the peanut butter mountain climbing shoes.

  11. If your rodent problem has progressed to the point where they are crawling on the kitchen table, you need to call someone. I suggest a moving company.

  12. Don't waste a gallon of fuel to transport the critter. Just attach the rodent to available Cinco brand trebuchet and launch away!

  13. Shes just killed that rat.. letting it go away from its nest.. she may aswell have used the knife.. I have a nasty noisy rodent in my attic waiting to have his neck snapped… that little git can kill my family by eating my cables.. so yes smash them over the head do as you please.. only one thing I do not need to see it lol

  14. Mice are food for many animals, especially snakes and hawks.  They do their part.  Killing for the hell of it is just sadism.

  15. I never had luck with cheese. However peanut butter or blueberry muffin always works for me! Btw while its easy to control the "wastes" and actions of a pet mouse, it is not so easy to do with "wild" mice. They chew up things and poop everywhere. And if food isn't kept put up where they can't access it they will chew holes in packages and contaminat it.

  16. This looks like the best system for the mice problem. It's cheap, easy, and nice to the animals. Besides, it's clever.

  17. first of all i go with the other comments. we should just do all the steps to step 4 and put thumbtacks, tacks, needles,nails and razor blades in the container. because the rats will just come back in your house, now matter how long it takes or how far away you put it.

  18. How to catch a rodent with a paper towel roll
    Step 1 use tolet paper
    Step 2 find rodent spot
    Step 3 cover up one side and put bait
    Step 4 when he is trapped take him outside and burn the little fucker
    Step 5 keep doing steps 1-4 until your rodent problem is gone

  19. Cute rats. Cute girl. Simple solution that works as long as you're not some sort of barking idiot and care about anything aside from yourself.

  20. At home i got very cleaver rat that came from window , never eats anything inside trap or on plate and below anything . I tried many things like plastic bottles, cages ,buckets and snap but none of them is success. so is there any way to catch it?

  21. how cruel ! how dare u! how dare u take that little lovely rodent take away from its habitat and make it bait for cruel animals!!!! hooooooooooooow!!!!

    the real humane way would be leaving the house while punching yourself in the nose . coz this is what real anima lovers would do . also crying would help .

  22. Don't set the bottom with newspaper but use the same trap take out the bag tie it up tight go outside with the bag smash that little fucker on the floor and if that doesn't work fill it with water and drown it

  23. You dont always have to use bait you can just find one of the hiding spots and place a sticktrap there 1/10 mice might die because they tried to get off and their noise got stuck but yeah

  24. I have a almost empty box of cheez its just a few feet from my bed.When the mouse jumps in it,its loud and wrinkly inside.Then I reach over and close the flaps and take it outside.I have caught six mice this way.

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  26. Thats not gonna work omg🤦‍♀️ mice r smarter than that they’ll just thake the bait and go.
    They’ll NOT fall in the trash can. But if they do for some reason they’d just jump out. Yes, they’re good at jumping

  27. As a rat owner,
    1st No I have no idea why I’m watching this
    2nd rats are gonna jump out of this
    3rd all of these “mice” are rats 😂

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