How to DIY Kawaii Watermelon Slice Polymer Clay/Resin Tutorial

Hey, everyone, this is Alex or Polymomo Tea and today I have a video showing how to make this watermelon [slice] out of polymer clay and resin as a follow-up to my watermelon popsicle jar So we’re going to make the watermelon slice template, so take some scrap clay and pinch it into a triangle Teardrop shape and once you have that you want to bake it [according] to instructions and using a mold maker and here I’m using. Oyumaru and you want to use the template and push that into the mold maker to create a nice mold Now I’m taking some resin and here. I’m using Uv resin but 2 part resin also works just as well And I’m putting in some pink printer ink. Dye into it to give it a nice pink color [and] I’m filling up my mold about halfway and once that’s halfway filled. I’m letting it cure Then I’m placing some teardrop shapes, please that I made out of polymer clay and I’m putting in a thin layer of resin and letting it cure again Then we’re going to fill up the rest of the mold with some more resin and letting that cure completely Next we are going to have to completely cure watermelon slice resin piece out of the mold and it should look like this and Then I’m using my polymer clay blade to scrape off the excess little pieces of resin at the Corners and the edges and Because the resin piece is consistent in the back. I am adding more resin [into] the bag to give it a nice dome shape Next time we rolling out some transition Clay and green clay for the watermelon rind. Which is the outer part of the watermelon and For the stripes on the water melonskin. I’m adding four green strips, and I’m using my roller to roll it out flat and I’m placing the [transition] clay on top of the green clay and I’m adding my template on the back And I’m cutting it out to the shape of the bottom of the template Then you want to carefully wrap the skin around the template Making sure it’s not blended too Well, because we are going to take it off on to bake and One baked we’re going to carefully tear off the rind off the template Next we’re going to add some super glue to the bottom [of] the inner part of the rind and place our resin watermelon slice right on top Next time give me the watermelon slice a layer of glaze and then you can give your resin just to give it that extra shine and This is a purely optional step you can give it a little face which I’m giving got eyes and a line smile And finally you want to give it one more layer [of] glaze just to make sure that the face parts don’t fall off So here’s the final product you have your watermelon resin slice and here I gave it polymer clay [seize] and some eyebrows And I also made the watermelon rinds just slightly [dripping] from my watermelon popsicle jar, and I know they’re [very] similar But I hope you guys [like] this video as a follow up, and I hope you guys enjoyed. Thank you you

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