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How To Grow Your Hair Extremely Fast Under 30 Days ~ 30 days Hair Growth Challenge Complete

How To Grow Your Hair Extremely Fast Under 30 Days ~ 30 days Hair Growth Challenge Complete

Hi family, welcome or welcome back to my channel if you’re new year. My name is Selina Zinchuk today I am done with my 30 days hair growth challenge I started the challenge on February 1st And I ended it on March 1st just in case if you are new to my channel You don’t know what all I was using I mix doo gro hair fertilizer jamaican black castor oil Sulfur 8 Indian hemp And my miracle s-secret growth oil So I mixed all of these together and then I was applying it to my hair every three days And I did shampoo my hair after every 15 days Now that the challenge is over I just wanted to come and let you guys know that I’m done with the challenge and for me to give you My feedback on it and what I think about it, I know some of you guys think these Ingredients are not great for our scalp looking at the grease part It’s true,there are some things that are mix in grease which is not good for your hair and your scalp but I don’t think it is that bad if you are using it as a sealant some people commented that The way I’m applying it to my scalp I’m going to clog my pores, I was not too much concerned about that because I already knew what I was going to do when I am done with my challenge. So if you plan on using Grease on your scalp. I will recommend that after Every 30 days that you do clarify your hair There are so many things you can use to clarify your hair If you are not into DIYs, I would say get a clarifying shampoo But I used my bentonite clay and my apple cider vinegar to clarify my scalp So, let me just show you guys what I did after the 30 days of using grease on my hair Which I know that nothing bad is going to happen to my hair, it is still going to flourish and grow So this is what I did after the 30 days. This is how I care for my hair after the 30 days So, please take a quick look at the clip and then I will come back and give you guys my final review on it To clarify my hair after my 30 days challenge I’m using my apple cider vinegar some tea tree oil my bentonite clay And just regular spring water I’m going to add in about 10 drops of my tea tree oil, which is also great for scalp health And then I’m adding in 3 Tbsp of my apple cider vinegar, and I’m going to mix that with my spring water Adding in more water as necessary until I get the consistency that I want After getting the perfect consistency of my bentonite clay I’m just going to take my time and apply it to my hair and my scalp making sure that I’m also adding it to my scalp And then I will part my hair in smaller section so that I can be able to get every bit of my scalp Bentonite clay should never be stored in a metal container oil or stir with a metal spoon The clay absorbed the metals and it becomes less effective Bentonite clay is also rich in minerals like silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and potassium After applying the clay to my entire hair and scalp Being that my hair is very thick I will leave it on for 3 hours until it dries completely And then I will go in and just rinse it out with lukewarm water Ok family it been three hours my hair is completely dry and very very stiff So I’m now just going in to rinse it out I am using my Aloe vera and avocado deep conditioner. This is a recent video. It’s also on my channel I will leave it down in the description box for you to check it out and I’ll also leave it up in the icon This deep conditioner is all-natural and very very moisturizing So that I can put the moisture back into my hair Yes, so I’m just going to continue to apply it to my hair. Oh my goodness. See length I am done applying the deep condition to my entire hair I also went in with my scalp massager for about 15 minutes I’m now just going to Cover my hair with two plastic bags so that I can trap enough heat in and then sit under my steamer for 15 minutes After I just left the deep conditioner on my hair for two hours, and then I rinse it out This is just a regular steamer that you can connect your Blow-dryer to it but I plan on looking into the advanced one Because I know that steaming your hair with your deep conditioner is very important for your hair health But I picked this up from Amazon in case you are interested in it so after my deep conditioning treatment, I just style my hair as usual like what I normally do And I just took it out and put it into this cute little Style, so the million dollar question that you guys want to know Did my hair really grow within the 30 days while using this product My answer will be yes I noticed a change in my hair and I noticed a change in my hair length this 20/20 I decided to go on the one-year hair growth journey, which I plan to do on Challenges this 2020 now when I am doing my hair growth challenge This is the time that I see that my hair really grow faster because I dedicate my time to it and I do a lot of scalp massage if You have problem with these other ingredients I will recommend even just mixing Jamaican black castor oil with a very good growth oil that you have I have my S-Secrets growth oil and my caffeine growth oil, you can just mix those three oil’s together for those of you who have my oils and then you can also use that to Massage your scalp with it which will stimulate blood flow and that will lead to hair growth So whatever product that you are using To grow your hair out. I would recommend that going in with a scalp massage That will create a big big difference in your hair growth So I wouldn’t say that because I used this Exact product my hair did grow, there were other things in which I also did like my regular Scalp massage and then I also used my DIYs deep conditioners Which I made of all-natural ingredients and those ingredients are proven to increase your hair growth rate So yes My 30 day’s challenge is over and I did get a good feedback from it Now in the future, I’m going to definitely use These mixture again But I’m going to use it as a sealant on my hair because I noticed that my hair kept Moisturize for a longer period of time you can even just mix it with a leave-in conditioner add a little bit a leaving conditioner And a little bit of grease and then massage it on your hair strands and put your hair in twists or braids if you are Suffering from dryness, who ever that join me on the challenge Can you please let me know your feedback from it? Did you notice any extra growth? Did you? Complete the challenge for the 30 days. Are you still on the challenge? I would love to get your feedback down below in the comment section and to all my new subscribers I’d say welcome am officially welcoming you to the family My channel is about diy, natural hair, and beauty if that’s something that interests you do not forget to join the family We reached 30k subscribers I’m so so excited for that and I could not have done this without You guys so thank you so much Thank you for all the shares that you did with my video, encouraging your friends and family members to join my channel I really really do appreciate That so I will see you guys in my next video Bye. Bye

47 thoughts on “How To Grow Your Hair Extremely Fast Under 30 Days ~ 30 days Hair Growth Challenge Complete”

  1. Notification squad yay I’m first! Yes I have notice growth in my hair that I am going on my second month to see how much growth I can get by my 50th bday in April!!😘

  2. Each Day you help People Grow inside and Out…You uplift Lives one Hair growth at a Time…You are like a Gardener and We Are your ROSES…Its not just You make our Hair Grow…You make our Hearts Grow Too…..Hair Uplifted…Hearts Uplifted…Love Uplifted…each Video you help us get a Inch closer to HEAVEN…❤

  3. Hey Fam 💜 You look so Beautiful and Glowing 😍 I'm still doing the challenge, but Im noticing more thickness and growth..👍🏽My hair and scalp loves ACV. May you have a Blessed Day and Weekend 💜

  4. Thank you dear for sharing sis. Dear did you Wash your hair before applying the Clay? I have braided my hair i got tired of my hair

  5. Selina the way your hair is growing is insane. You can definitely see the length on your thumbnail picture and yes the thickness is amazing. I am almost done with the challenge and I do see a difference in my hair too. I plan on going another month with it. When is your next challenge ?

  6. I can’t wait for the day my hair will reach this length of yours,am still waiting. I haven’t used this clay on my hair before but I think I will try it soon.

  7. New subbie! Great content Liberian/Sierra Leonean sister! Doing a hair growth challenge with the coffee oil!

  8. Hi Salina I did the challenge also and yes my hair has grown I ordered your secrets oil and my hair has gotten thicker I will continue until my birthday in May. Peace and love

  9. Yes!!! My hair thicken up a little and I gained 1.5 inches. Even though my hair grease mixture was a little different because I used what already had at home. Time to use your grease mixture now. You are absolutely right I use a clarifying shampoo once a month and there is no problems. My hair is past my collarbones. My hair for 2020 is have bra strap length healthy hair.

  10. You know what you're doing, because you are succesfully growing your hair longer. I assume you wash your hair weekly? Then you don't have to worry about clogged pores. Even if you wash your hair monthy, I believe you don't have to be worried aobut clogged pores. If my hair is in a protective style, I don't wash my hair for a month and my hair still grows 😉

  11. Really, thank you, you have inspired me to really go for Diy seriously this time. You are an evidence that it Works. I do really want a fuller hair. God bless you for encouraging me

  12. Hi Selina, you look really really pretty and I love your makeup and earrings. ACV is a great clarifier and so is bentonite clay so this was a great combo. Also, I love when you show us how you apply the products and your hair did look stiff when it dried 🙂 That is a great deep condition to remoisturize your hair and I DEFINITELY see length. Great video as always and I love your hair styled like this. FW & CONGRATS ON 30K!!!! Your amazing and I am so happy people are noticing that. 🙂

  13. Thanks for reminding us about what our elders said and done about our hair. I knew it was a bunch of untruths about hair grease not being good for our hair and scalp. I know when I was a child my mother and grandmother put hair grease on our wet hair as well as theirs. Their hair grew long, thick and was healthy as well as ours were too. Thanks for your timeless research and sharing it with us, your subscribers.

  14. Hi dear, am a big fan of urs.i have leant a lot from you.i would love to see a full wash day video of yours,thank you

  15. Hi Selina! Thank you for the video.
    I noticed that you didn't make a lenght check in the video, to show us the before and after the 30 days of challenge.
    It would be very interesting to know about it.
    I guess the must important part after a challenge period is the result.

  16. I would like you to make a video on how to wear cute protective styles on natural 4c hair.
    I like the hair style you are wearing. Very cute!!

  17. Hello my Sister, I did receive both of your wonderful oils and mixed everything together but I didn't have jamaica castor oil but did have now castor oil instead. I washed and condition my hair and put it into fine mini braids and still doing the 30-days hair growth challenge, looking forward to the growth. I really enjoy your videos, keep up the good work.

  18. I do not recommend using water I noticed your hair had no curl. You are supposed to use apple cider vinegar with the mother in it. Do not use it with water

  19. I been watching your vids for awhile now and realizing I didn't subscribe! You have great content!100! Now I'm a new subbie!🥰

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