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How to Pluck and Clean a Goose

How to Pluck and Clean a Goose

Greeting Gastronauts, this is Keef Cooks,
I’m Keef and today I’m going to show you how to pluck and clean a goose. If you’re squeamish or a vegetarian, I recommend
you go away now. Bye! [ MUSIC ] Right, here’s our goose. We’ve chopped his
head off because, y’know, he was done with it. It’s a quite enormous thing. So we just start
by pulling out all the big feathers. And I have to tell you this is a bit stinky
[ LAUGHS ], but there ya go. And it’s going to make a lot of mess, which is why we’re
doing it outside. The story of this is that my friend Brian, who plays an awful lot of golf, came home from golf yesterday and said he’d seen the Head Greenkeeper, who was going round culling the geese that live on the golf course and so he says ‘oh, can I have one?’ And the
Greenkeeper said ‘yes, you can’, so today he’s come home with this beast and … … it’s all a bit close to nature [ LAUGHS ] Ok, this is starting to look like a thing you might get in a supermarket, but there’s going to be bits of the short, downy stuff that you can’t really get a grip
on with your fingers, so you just scrape those off with a knife, against the grain. I’ve done about as much rough plucking as
I can, and now I’m going to take the wings off, and the head and the tail. This is a bit like doing a chicken [ LAUGHS
]. Look at these wings, they’re amazing. Ho hum,
this is fun. So I’ve cut the tail end off and now we’ll see if we can deal with the
neck. Y’know, it must be great being a goose, you’re
covered in goose down and it’s really, really warm and … … then somebody comes and eats you! Ok, here’s our goose minus nearly everything
and looking a bit like something you could buy [ LAUGHS ], still got quite a bit of stubble on it, and what we’re going to do
is singe that off, burn it off. So now we’ve got the bird hanging up and we’re
just going to burn it with some burning newspaper. You could use a blowtorch for this, if you had one available.But this’ll do the job. Don’t try this at home! [ LAUGHS ] Mmmm, roast goose. And that just burns all
the ends of the stubble and feathers and stuff off it And then we’re ready to gut the thing. So we’ve got it this way up with the breastbone
on top and we’re going to make a v-shaped incision and then my assistant Brian is going to pull the guts out [ LAUGHS ]. BRIAN: ‘Right, so, there’s a bloody eye! Looking
at me’ KEEF: ‘I don’t think so’. Ok, then you lift up the flap and pull whatever’s inside I think it’s the gizzard, first, the intestines.
Whoa, that does look like an eye [ LAUGHS ] – that’s your dinner, don’t talk about it like that. Ah well, that’s you, failed your surgery exam. BRIAN: ‘Aaah, success!’ So this is the head end and you need to pull out the oesophagus, which when I cut through it was full of grass. So basically you’re making a tunnel through
the bird. Ok, now you shove your hand in the head end
and push. And pull with the other hand. Ok, any wobbly bits left inside? Right, that looks like a hollowed-out bird, so what we do is wash this in gallons of cold water until the water runs
clear, and then we slam it in the fridge and we’ll cook it another day. So here’s the cleaned-up goose. Looks a bit messy and I did mess up, I cut the wings off at the wrong point. I should have kept a bit on, but I didn’t.
So, anyway, it’ll still be fabulous! And that’s that, I hope you enjoyed it. Now
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28 thoughts on “How to Pluck and Clean a Goose”

  1. found this channle due to searching for a ballontine, since my headchef cant roll it properly haha! do you do all the filming and editing yourself! top marks!

  2. Great video. Hard to find people who don't just breast them out and chuck the carcass. Rendered goose fat has a lot of great uses, as do the bones and legs (and wings) in a nice stock.

    For future reference, may I recommend a 20 second plunge into boiling water prior to plucking? The feathers and down come right out after that.

  3. why did you not use hot water, that is pouring or dipping the bird in the hot water over until the bird father are warm, that will be very easy to pluck them off.

  4. Put hot water in a big pot and put goose in it for a few minutes then the feathers cone off so easy. The Canada goose is so delicious better then those farm drug infused chickens

  5. Let me help you out on this Mr Keef, you really did it the wrong way. Next time deep the goose or any other bird in a pan of hot water for about 8-15 mins. Remove it and start plucking off the feathers, that way they will come off easily and you will have a clean bird.

  6. Why loose the wings from body you only need to loose the tips and steam the downing off easy, and don't cut the spleen.

  7. Not really a good idea, making a β€˜tutorial’ video about something you evidently know very little about. Poultry prep β€˜skills’ are not your thing on this video.

  8. in the old days you plunged the bird in a bucket full of boiling water for a few seconds to ease the plucking.
    silly (blonde) goose!

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