3 thoughts on “How to Prevent Mice and Rodent Damage”

  1. I have no idea if what I hear running across ceiling joist but I do know is that they dont care if they hear me talking or if TV is on. I can hear their feet when they go back and forth. Theres got to be one place they are gettin in but cant find it all I know is the ceiling bay is always the same one. I need an expert to respond because it been going on for a few years and I dont know how to stop him or her. its always sound like one but maybe they take turns. Please help me!!!

  2. I'm sorry but, it seems to me that you have a infestation. It is most likely to late to stop them. Best thing you can do is, go to the roof and check for any cracks or holes bigger then a coin. Once you find the source call an expert and show them where you think the entrance is. The expert will most likely know what to do, but if he/she is no help and if it gets realy bad I suggest to get a cat. Clean every where and the smell of mint repels rodents, and obviously the smell of cat pee as well.

  3. I'm no expert but I deal with mice everyday. I'm from New York so I got someone experience, hope my advice helped you some-what.

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