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What’s up Shaknaticz, it’s your girl Shakeira C and today I am back with another hair tutorial in this tutorial I’m going to be attempting to do the spring twist on my natural hair without using any Extension. So if you want to see how I achieve this look then keep on watching So my hair’s already in sections from my detangling process So now I’m just going over the parting to get them as straight as I possibly can So these are the products I’ll be using for this tutorial. Shea butter, water gel, edge control and Jamaican black castor oil but I will leave everything in my description bar. So you guys can go and check them out So I’m just sectioning out my hair to the size that I like and for this style I’m going to be using the Box parting So now I’m just taking the black Jamaican castor oil and I am applying it to my scalp and I’m just taking the excess that’s on my fingers and I’m applying it to the ends of my hair. So now I’m just going in with my Holy Grail the shea butter and I’m taking a generous amount and I’m going to apply it all over my hair And I’m making sure I cover every single strand with the Shea butter So now I’m moisturizing my hair with water and mind you my hair already have leave-in conditioner and hair moisturizer from my wash routine and then I’m going to apply gel as well And the gel is what is going to define my curls and give it that spring twist texture And I am braiding the roots of my hair only because I want my hair to last a little longer But you don’t have to do that. You can just start twisting right away So right now, I’m just testing to see which direction will give me the best looking twist Okay, so this is where the magic happens I’m not going to use the twist and pull method like when you’re using hair extensions Because I just feel like that will cause breakage to my hair and we do not want that So I am using a method I would like to call the anti break method In which I’m going to hold one strand firm as you see and I’m going to use the other strand Because it’s two strand. So I’m using one strand I’m holding it firm and then I’m using the other strand to twist it around that strand of hair and I’m going to just make like about three to four wrap around or twist and Then I’m going to change and then the same thing to the other strand and I’m just going to keep on changing it until I reach the end of my hair But I will explain a little bit better further down into the tutorial So now I’m just repeating every step until all of my hair is twisted My hair’s looking a lot shorter than it is, but I’m so in love with the twist with the curls So far, I’m so in love with the look Okay, so now, I’m going to break it down for you guys After you already have your section. I’m going to braid the roots of my hair because like I said, I want my curls to last a little longer But you don’t you can skip this step if you like – no problem So in my case, I’m starting with three strands of hair for my braid now, I’m going to turn it into two strands, but I’m trying to make sure that both sides have equal amount of hair So now I’m going to just begin twisting like normal And then I’m going to anchor one strand between some of my fingers as you see I’m using My three fingers and I’m using my pointing finger and my thumb To wrap the other strand around that anchored strand after I made some wraps I’m going to change the strand, anchor the other strand and I’m going to do the same thing Grab the loose strand around the one that is anchored I’m going to just make a few twists and I’m just going to keep on changing until I reach to the end of my hair You can always Slow down this tutorial you can always watch it over just so that you can get the gist So after I’m finished twisting my strands I’m going to go back over with the gel because like I said earlier that is what is going to Define the curls and give it that springy Texture and that really nice fluffy look that we are going for and now I am finished I am so pleased I’m so happy with the outcome I think my hair looks really really nice. I love the curls my hair is bouncy It’s springy, it’s fluffy. I’m just really impressed with the outcome and my method worked So now I’m just going to give you guys two quick and easy hairstyles that you can do when your hair gets a little stale Now, I don’t want to mess up my twists, but I’m still going to show you guys a little well two quick and easy hairstyles. Like I said, hope you guys liked it Thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys like this video let me know comment in the comment section and let me know if you are going to try my method and If you have tried it, let me know if it work for you also comment And let me know what other tutorial you would like to see me do on my channel. I love you guys so much Thank you guys for watching. Don’t forget to comment like and subscribe See you in my next video always remember to live love and respect peace…..


  1. I don't seem to find the difference between spring twists and my regular twists 😅 I don't know why smh … but this is cute!

  2. That is a beautiful twist out…but I'm lazy as heck..😥 I would give up half way and make them bigger or forget to use gel in some….come do mines…I'll get the snacks and the movies…😀

  3. I LOOOVVVEEE! I’m going to try this method on my hair. New subby BTW💞 Please show love on my channel❤️

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